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TC Creative snapshot.

What a busy busy week this has been, hence my lack of post yesterday…my apologies! My little Scout. Vintage Rental Co. is in full swing and I’m doing my best to stay on top of my beloved blog in the process.

Sharing a few shots today that I nabbed (isn’t instagram the best?!) during the TC Creative Studio Opening last week. Had a total blast participating in this one! Creating little vingettes with my collection is my favorite part of my job!

Also included some hilarious (and slightly embarrassing) Smilebooth shots above from the fab Sarah & Chris Rhoads. Such a fun night!

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!

xoxo! JB

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pic me a palette: detox.

i’ve been in colorado for nearly 2 1/2 weeks and after a weekend of non-stop calorie consumption it is DEFINITELY time for a major detox! i do my best to eat healthy but many many more meals that look a lot more like this are in my near future. 

photo cred: {whole living}

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a zoo themed baby party.

With only a little over a week to go until my sister’s anticipated delivery of baby Emryk I am over the moon excited with anticipation. As the days have ticked closer and closer, and as Sarah’s belly has grown bigger and bigger, the realization that my sister is about to embark on this grand new adventure in her life is becoming all the more apparent. And it is SUPER exciting!

Back in August I had the total pleasure of co-hosting her baby shower (although we called it a baby party) along with my Ma and little sis Coli and it was SO much fun! I was given full creative liberty which felt nothing less than AWESOME, and was totally stoked to really see where the zoo animal theme could go. The whole design was inspired by these adorable cardboard cutout zoo animals my Mom stumbled upon during her last visit to Seattle, as well as an animal invite I had fallen in love with from my favorite paper company: rifle. Lucky enough for us Sarah was also decorating her nursing in cuddly animal prints so the theme just made total sense. I wanted the party to be personalized and unique but most of all I wanted my sister to feel loved and adored.

I envisioned the use of a bright primary color palette (think red, blue, yellow, green) and intermixed unique and whimsically textured florals as well as little paper details for unexpected pop’s of color. I was so excited about the possibility of doing not just the paper details and decor but also to dip my hands into the floral aspect of the event as well. Let’s just say I loved EVERY second of it. It was one of those designs and weekends that just made me feel totally alive and bubbly with excitement! It was MOST exciting to see the total shock and awe on my sister’s face when she walked into the party. B-E-S-T feeling in the world to have your “client” thrilled with your design!

I used milk glass, as well as eclectic jars and bottles from my scout. vintage collection to sporadically place cheery florals around the party. I wrapped the eclectic vases in varying colors of yarn for added texture and a little extra whimsy. I continued the zoo animal theme onto the paper details by labeling each “station” or table with a different animal….i.e. “w is for walrus, w is for wishes” or “g is for gorilla, g is for grub” for the entrance and food tables.

One of the little details I was most excited about was the cake push pops. I’d found these super rad containers through the adorable party supply company shop sweet lulu. Aren’t they fun?!

We baked some confetti cake, punched out the cake in circles to fit down in the containers, and then squeezed in yummy icing to the containers. Finished ’em off with some sprinkles and voila! SUPER EASY!

I did have to get a little creative to get the little suckers to stand up, but with a little floral foam and one of my antique pepsi crates from scout. they were a HUGE success at the party. Everyone was so delighted by them! The kiddos were gobbling them up!

With sewing help from my ma (I have never been a wiz with the sewing machine) we hand-crafted little favor bags and attached thank you tags to them. I placed them atop the antique high chair that has been passed down for generations in our family for that extra special touch.

I loved the idea of decorating both the inside and outside areas of the party with paper chains. I stocked up on tons of bright colorful patterned paper, as well as a bunch of solid sheets and got cutting. A bazillion hours later I had NO clue how many pieces I had actually cut, but we ended up having enough chains to decorate the entire dining area and the outdoors…3 gigantic fences in all! I also cut smaller pieces to create tiny chains that could be used to accent the chandelier over the food as well as to hang from the umbrella tables outside as a substitute for centerpieces.

The one thing that Sarah said she absolutely had to have at her baby party was a “onesie” station. I will admit that I was just a wee bit nervous to see what type of “artsy” creations Sarah’s nearest and dearest would come up with but I was actually pleasantly surprised! The tiny tees were super personalized and were the sweetest touch to the day.

I wanted everyone to have the chance to display their masterpieces so Coli helped me create a “clothesline” effect with mini clothespins and some string.

I’m so thrilled with how the party turned out and was so grateful for help with the day of prep from my family. So excited for Sarah and I can’t wait to meet Emryk next week!!!

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake} event & floral design + styling: {bow tie & bustle} vintage rentals: {scout. vintage rental company}


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happy october {fest}!

Holy macaroni! It’s October already?!? How did that happen! Well, let’s just say I’m not complaining. October is one of my favorite months of the year…I drown myself in pumpkin pie from now until January and I just LOVE watching the season change. The leaves are always so pretty right about now – they’ve always got that gorgeous red hue to them and everything just seems so crisp! I don’t even necessarily mind the darker evenings…it makes me wanna light up the fireplace and snuggle with my hubs complete with hot chocolate and my bulldog snoring at my lap.

Adam and I are spending the weekend with friends in Leavenworth soaking in the mountain air and appreciating the beauty of the PNW. Leavenworth is this super adorable little Bavarian town that is just bursting at the seams with charm and fall festivities. I’m so excited to have a carefree night of beer steins, lederhosen (better believe it!) and good company.

Hope you all are enjoying this October weekend!

P.S. Pics of Sarah’s baby shower coming next week. SO many pics to share!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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a year gone by.

I cried when I realized it this morning.

I cried from exhaustion. Joy. Remorse. Excitement. Relief. Complete astonishment.

Today marks a year. 365 days ago today I said goodbye to the only career I had ever known. I spent 6 years in school to become a registered nurse and a year ago today I walked away. The decision has not been an easy one, and there isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not really scared and frightened by that decision. I left stability. Colleagues. Security. A routine. But for a really really long time I knew that nursing, although incredibly rewarding, was just not where I wanted to exist. Was I happy? Kind of. Was I satisfied on more days than not. Sure. Was I comfortable. Pretty much. But was I the real, true me? Absolutely not. And THAT didn’t sit well with me.

On the day I left nursing I honestly had no idea what the future held for me. I knew I needed something different, but I didn’t really know what that might look like. I knew that my creative ambitions were screaming from my insides but translating that into something successful and just as rewarding seemed like the impossible. 2 weeks after I made the decision to not settle until I found that certain something that fed my soul in an honest and truthful way I took a trip. I packed up a crazy large backpack, said goodbye to my husband and puppy dog and left for 7 weeks. At the time the decision felt really selfish, greedy…maybe even wrong. But my intention was simple: find me. Find what really makes me happy. Find out why for so many years I’d felt hopeless, sad and lost. I set out to open my ears and my eyes to all the things my heart had been saying for so long, to really listen. To really see. And this I felt was a selfless decision, because in my gut I knew it would make me a better person not only for myself but for those who loved me.

I slept in. I watched French music videos to the point of verbal and choreographic memorization. I ate an amazing amount of pastries. I stared at art. I walked and walked and walked. I teared up at the beauty that is Europe. I sang. I grocery shopped. I rode trains. I drank yummy wine. I explored. I laughed with friends and family who visited me. I spent money. I wrote a travel blog. I practiced my French. But mostly I took pictures and wrote. I used my camera to open my eyes to all the things that really inspired me. The things that made me feel alive. And I wrote to hear what my own voice had to say.

Writing and photography never were as important as they were during those 7 weeks. I honestly and miraculously found myself while looking through my camera lens and while writing til’ the wee hours of the morning. I had found the answer I’d always been searching for for so long, and although it scared the crap out of me, I came home and pursued that answer. I started my own business and leapt into the craziness of being an entrepreneur. For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I listened to what MY heart was telling me. Not what anyone or anything else was telling me. And today, I celebrate that. I celebrate being me and for the first time really living.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, pushed, and loved me during this past year. Thank you for not calling me crazy to my face, or telling me to run back to a career that seemed a lot more logical. Thank you for loving me enough to wish the very best for me and for my future. Thank you for cheering me on and for hugging me during those moments when I was really scared. Thank you for being proud of me – this life alteration would not have happened without your support. Thanks for celebrating with me today!

P.S. How crazy fitting is it to have Vanessa & Tony’s wedding featured on SMP today to mark the occasion?!?! So proud of where this past year has led me!

P.S.S. If you’re interested in following the travels the helped me find my way start by clicking here.

year gone by photo captions:

september: moonlighting with paper. realizing that i was suffocating without a creative outlet. jb papier was born.

october: my trip to europe began. i snapped pictures of everything i could. big ben was one of my fav shots.

november: being alive in paris.

december: when i really started carving out my new business. took the leap of faith and admitted that i was ready to start a new journey.

january: bow tie & bustle was born. participated in my very first styled shoot. bun in the oven concept.

february: gathered an amazing team of wedding creatives for montmartre shoot i dreamed up while in france.

march: very first big time feature for my lil’ business on green wedding shoes.

april: vanessa & tony’s wedding in cabo san lucas. my first BIG design and first international destination wedding all wrapped in one.

may: drove a farm table from denver to seattle. started thinking about launching a vintage rental company. scout. was officially launched on august 6th.

june: headed to beverly hills to get my learn on at coordinator confab.

july: felt like a full fledged blogger after attending blogshop in the bay area.

august: one of MANY projects in august: ann & jon’s wedding day.

photo cred: {personal pics and mo hines photography}


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right hand man.

Going into this new adventure of mine I never really contemplated the fact that I’d need an assistant. I’ve always been one of those gal’s that is incredibly challenged in the “delegation” department, and will do everything in my power to do, do, do prior to EVER asking for help. But, what I’ve learned over the past few months is that delegation is an imperative, and necessary part of being an event coordinator and/or designer. And, as much as I would love it, I am admitting here and NOW that NO, I can’t do it all on my own…and yes, this is actually a BIG shocker to me.

Lucky enough for me, and unfortunately not so lucky for him, I have a man in my life that supports me 100 bagillion trillion gazillion percent (yes…I’m aware that that number does not actually exist…but if it did it would describe the love my husband provides me everyday without pause, hesitation, or question). He is my rock. He’s supportive. Selfless. Patient. Comforting. Encouraging. Loving. Never pushy. Rarely lazy (okay that’s the wife talkin’ there). Generous. Kind. Personable. And a million other things that will bore you to pieces. Long story short, without Adam I have no idea where I, OR my business would be.

He’s the guy that woke up with me at 4:45am this morning to drive 2 hours to catch a ferry boat ride to Orcas Island for a wedding I’m coordinating. He’s the guy that helps load a car full of the bride’s gear even when he hasn’t been asked to do so. He’s the guy that will sit on Saturday for 3 hours alone, just in case someone needs something at the reception site while I am away. He’s the one who will calm me, when I’m wild with fear that this just might be the wedding that I screw up, or forget something. He’s the one that lugged my entire inventory for scout., taking a day off of work and renting a U-Haul truck for me so that one of my dreams could come true. He’s the one that will remind me to charge my phone. And drink water. And eat. And all of those crazy important self care activities that my self-care challenged self always forgets. And he is certaintely the one that will smile at me, and tell me I did an amazing job after a 16 hour wedding work day, even when he’s already worked a full week at his own job prior to the wedding madness.

My right hand man, my assistant, my husband-in-tow, my business partner, my hauler/loader/schlepper/trash picker -uper, my best friend, my biggest fan…is simply amazing. And I have no idea what I would do without him.


my right hand man getting some much deserved zzzzzz’s on our way to orcas.

photo cred: {moi iphone}


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family + seattle + food.

Living in Seattle is pretty darn amazing. It really is. I’m always so proud to say where I’m located, as Seattle is just one of those places you can’t help but adore (okay minus the darn weather!). It’s far different than where I grew up, in that there is always something spunky and hip going on, with scrumptious food as the mainstay at any one of the million hot spots in the city. Seattle is even MORE amazing when you have family in town to share the beauty of the city with…it’s always so fun to explore Seattle with a fresh set of eyes!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister Sarah and brother-in-law Tristan decided to stop in Seattle during their road trip up the west coast (little did they know this is what you call a “babymoon”) and I was oh so thrilled that they decided to share their “last trip before our lives change forever” moments with us. Adam and I were super excited to have them for a few days, and we luckily had “decent” enough weather during their stay, so we could get outside and really enjoy some of the beauty that Seattle/Washington has to offer.

We started the weekend off with a trip the the West Seattle Summer Fest…think rows and rows of booths filled with local vendors selling yummy goodies and cutesy baby crafts/clothing…Sarah was in heaven! We immediately gravitated towards the local market to snag some fresh fruit/veggies for dinner, pretty florals and GASP! to try out a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yep, you heard me…DEEP FRIED PB & J. I’ll admit that I was a bit disgusted by the thought of it, but my inner unhealthy…”give me the GOOD stuff!” self wanted to try it…really, REALLY badly. So we did. And it was…awesome! BUT awesome in a – you can only have 3 bites cause you feel super nauseous if you have anymore – types of ways.

So 3 bites we had and then we moved on to…BBQ sauce! (great combo right?!). We were having chicken kabobs for dinner so BBQ sauce sounded like the perfect compliment. So we sampled, and sampled some more, before settling on the spicy option…yum. Ended the day with a few moments in a CRAZY comfortable hammock, swayed to the beat of local jams and drank some chocolate milk. YES, I’m all about the random these days!

Snoqualmie Falls was our next stop. About an hour or so drive outside the city of Seattle…Snoqualmie is absolutely breathtaking. The falls give you that little reminder that there is a world of nature far bigger than yourself, right outside your doorstep. It makes you stand in silence for a moment, and really reflect on the exquisite beauty of the place with which you live. I was totally in love with the adorable mini daisies scattered along the grasses surrounding the falls, and laughed hysterically as my hubby tried to compare baby bumps with my little sis. Can you tell how excited we both are to become an auntie and crazy uncle to little Emryk?! October can’t come soon enough!!!

Oh and who could forget Pike Place ? No way!

Often times cities have that typical “touristy thang” to do, which always makes the locals cringe, and steer as far away from the area as possible. They dread even the thought of it, knowing that their next visit will be their billionth and they’d rather set their hands to a burner than go once more….okay a bit dramatic, but that’s the sort of day I’m having : )

You would think Pike Place Market was one of those places, but even to this day I’m still so in love with its vibrancy, even despite the throngs of people always swarming its best spots. It’s always such a blast to explore the market with friends or fam, and we had SUCH a good time this go-round.

We sampled fruits, quenched our thirst with yummy smoothies, sampled mini powdered donuts, picked up the perfect flowers for the dinner table, gobbled down Beecher’s famous mac n’cheese (no brainer!), scouted my favorite antique shop, and cringed at the site of the infamous gum wall. I made my sister laugh harder than I have ever seen her laugh before, when I attempted to toss my gum on the wall, only to have it fling back towards me like a boomerang. This left me with nothing to do except leap to retrieve my stringy piece of gum (gross right!)…sending my sunglasses topling from my head and the crowd behind me gaping in horror. I mean, I couldn’t let a perfectly good piece of chewed up grossness go to waste, now could I? Nonsense.

Gum. Wall. Done.

Oh and this very last pic is my MOST favorite from our time with Sarah and Tristan. I’m totally infatuated with baby bumps especially when they are attached to my sister Sarah. Since I love the market so much…this pic just makes me so happy and giddy inside.

We had a great time with S & T and can’t wait to have them (and baby Emryk!) back again soon. Love ya guys!

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}

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look what i can do!

Blogshop this past weekend in Berkeley was one of the best, most advantageous experiences I’ve had since following my heart and launching a new career. In the midst of starting up bow tie & bustle + scout. I’ve been really determined to continue blogging throughout the entire process. Blogging has become one of those things that’s extremely important to me with regards to inspiration, and self exploration AND is something I’ve found a ton of joy in.

I had ZERO clue how much of a creative outlet blogging could become, or how rewarding it would feel to blog on a daily basis. And it wasn’t until I attended blogshop that I realized my blogging could go to a whole new level visually once I learned the ropes of photoshop. I’m so excited to finally be feeling like I can make my blog feel AND look the way I really want it to : )

Thanks to bri and angela photoshop became something I was no longer intimated by, but rather something I was energized by. We learned how to create layouts, edit photographs (you know removing those less than desired skin blemishes), how to make mood boards (soooo excited to start creating them!) and how to make blog headers etc. etc.

One of the most exciting things I learned at blogshop was how to make an animated gif. In the most simple terms, an animated gif is: the best thing EVER. We were gifted cute vintage scarves on day 1 of blogshop (hand picked by bri herself!) and asked to create a little animation using our scarf. Check out my animated gif and new red scarf below! p.s. you’ve gotta click on the picture for now to see the animation…working out the kinks as we speak!

Oh and if you are even thinking of attending this amazing workshop by bri and angela…honestly, what is there to think about?! It’s beyond worth it!

I learned so many rad things this weekend, and am so excited to begin applying these new tools to my blog! I’m super excited in the new direction(s) my blog will be going in the coming months (details coming soon!) and I know my new photoshop skills will totally enhance the experience! Yay for blogshop!

photo cred: {all photos shot by the amazingly gifted photographer angela kohler at blogshop}


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meant to be.

For as long as I can remember it’s all she has wanted to be. She had a passion and a gift – something everyone saw in her. She had compassion and an ease about her that people, especially little ones, gravitated towards and gobbled up. She had a laugh that was infectious and a smile that felt as genuine as a hug from your best friend. She had set her sights on the bigger picture of life: a family. And nothing would stop her from someday creating her own.

My sister Sarah was destined to be a mom. I don’t think there has ever been a day when I doubted her desire to be one, and I’ve always anticipated that she’d do a far better job at it than I ever would. Kids love her. A LOT. And not in one of those “oh she’s so nice” kinds of way, but in a “this person is something special – someone I want in my life always.”

I’ve always assumed that as a Mom she’d love harder, play wiser and encourage louder than anyone I’ve ever known. She’d be one of those women that just knew what to do for her children without ever being told how to do so. She’d love her kids with every fiber of her being and without a question or doubt in her mind that a mom is what she was meant to be. So on the day that I found out she was pregnant I knew her biggest dream had come true – I could hear the joy in the way she said the words. It was one of those moments that I wished I could actually see the look on her face vs. settling for what my imagination provided me from miles away.

Last week I saw my sister for the first time in months and she looked more in her element than I have EVER known her to be. She had an air about her that just rang “this is exactly where I’m supposed to be” and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I was so happy to see her so happy, and it was the craziest experience in the world to feel this little person that she’d waited so long for kicking inside her. And despite my years of interacting with expecting couples this was different – it felt different and it was different. There was a connection I had to this belly, to this baby, to this joy that I’d never felt before and it was totally amazing.

And since Sarah was absolutely glowing during our two days together, I just had to snap some pictures of her growing belly and she and Tristan’s love for their soon to be little man.

Sarah and Tristan I am beyond thrilled for you both. I can’t wait to meet Emryk and watch you grow together as a couple and as new parents. This new adventure will come with challenges, but I see you flourishing in your new roles. I wish you a lifetime of family joys and adventures. Love you both and Emryk too! xoxoxoxo – jb.

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}


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real wedding: vanessa + tony in cabo san lucas.

Vanessa and Tony are truly some of my most favorite people in the world. They are genuine; loving; witty as hell; crazy intelligent (they are both doctors in Peoria, IL – Vanessa in obstetrics and Tony in emergency medicine); they are both admirably athletic; and when they tell me they love me and care about the success of my business I REALLY believe them.

Their wedding is one I will FOREVER hold near and dear to my heart. For starters it officially marked my very 1st international destination wedding. 2nd I was given full design liberties which felt increadibly refreshing and exciting, and 3rd I was able to support my best friend in walking down the aisle to the love of her life.

So it should come at no surprise that my responsibility to plan and design their destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this past April came with just a wee bit of pressure as well…just a tad. I wanted their day to be perfect on all fronts…guests gettin’ down on the dance floor til the very last song; design elements that spoke to who they are as a couple and as individuals; a relaxing atmosphere full of fun in the sun; an overall crazy fun time and of course Vanessa and Tony grinning from ear to ear at the end of the night. Well I’m thrilled to say that all of my wishes came true!

Since Tony and Vanessa’s professions are a GIGANTIC part of their lives (we’re talking 100’s of hours a week at the hospital people!) and they met in medical school, I couldn’t resist incorporating multiple “medical” details into their day. I hung antique stethoscopes from their reception chairs, shredded an old medical book and placed the shreds in both their “message in a bottle” invitations, as well as in the base of the cake stand and on the reception table.

I incorporated an abundance of antique medicine bottles on their reception table adding florals to the vases the morning of the wedding. I accented the medicine bottles with flag bunting, buttons and twine. A 27 foot burlap runner ran across the entire length of the reception table providing an amazingly organic feel to the day. Each place setting was highlighted with a gorgeous calligraphied place card and wine cork (Vanessa loves wine), an individual menu tucked into a burlap colored napkin, and a teeny succulent on top.

Succulents were the one thing that were an absolute must for Vanessa and they were definitely the most beautiful floral detail of the day…just gorgeous!

Vanessa really liked the idea of getting married in a small intimate affair away from home and she and Tony couldn’t have done it in a better way! Cabo Surf Hotel was an absolutely amazing venue (staff, food, guest services…you name it – this resort has it going on!) and the destination wedding lends to a significantly relaxing experience for the bride and groom. There is WAYYYYY less pressure on the couple to entertain and mingle with 100’s of guests and I mean who doesn’t want to come home with a new husband AND a killer tan?!

I loved Tony and Vanessa’s guest book table which included square pieces of fabric for each guest to sign well wishes on. The pieces will be sewn together to create a lasting momento for the couple…love it!!!

Vanessa and Tony were super excited about the idea of having a dessert table and I’m so glad they did one! Whoopie pies, fruit tartlets, mini brownies, cheesecakes & key lime pies were the perfect addition to their tiny wedding cake. I accented the dessert table with hand marbled dessert card labels, more medicine bottles and antique platters & stands. Each mini dessert had a curly paper flag on top as a means of tying in the pretty color palette of the day. I added fabric flag bunting, a butterfly & a tiny mountain bike (Vanessa means “butterfly” and Tony is a crazy, mad talented mountain biker) to the cake itself. Butterfly accents were also included in the ribbon tied to the back of Vanessa’s chair.

Could she be any more beautiful?!??! Simple stunning.

The ceremony site was kept simple with an ivory satin covered canopy as the focal point, which was tied off on all 4 corners with burlap. The aisle was lined with various colored wine bottles and more curly paper details. The ocean was the most perfect backdrop! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

Tony and Vanessa, thank you so much for allowing me to play such a major role in crafting your wedding day. Thank you for trusting in me and for allowing me to create a day reminiscent of who you are. Thanks for a week full of laughter, love and friendship – I enjoyed every moment in Cabo with you! I wish you mountains of happiness and a lifetime of adventure together! Love you both!

event design, styling & coordination: {bow tie & bustle} venue: {cabo surf hotel} photographer: {mo hines photography} calligraphy: {letters by ellen} paper goods including invitations: {bow tie & bustle} floral design: {mazarte floral} bride’s hair: {mandi rhodes} floral concept & styling: {bow tie & bustle} bride’s dress: {jim hjelm}

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day for the pop.

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“Nooooo!” my mind screams.

I attempt to drown out the profuse shrieking with Pandora, runs around my neighborhood, sun soaking on my back porch, work/work & more work and social media scrolling.

No! Not 28.

Yep. That’s right. I’m dreading turning 28.

Why? I have no friggin’ clue really, but I just never wanted to turn the big 2-8. I remember thinking at the ripe old age of 13 that 28 could be the worst age. EVER.

So as I sit here willing tomorrow away, I thought I would get over my apprehension to turn yet another year older by taking a moment to make a list of all the things I’m most thankful for on this year, with the hopes it will turn my frown upside down:

1. A new niece or nephew thanks to Sarah + Tristan!

2. A new industry…and new opportunites….yahooooza!

3. A husband who supports me being me despite my long list of flaws.

4. An amazing and loving family.

5. Seattle. Seattle. Seattle.

6. Opportunities for travel.

7. Friends who are there for me through my ups and downs.

8. My doggie.

9. Working vehicles…stick with us Explorer…just stick with us.

10. An ability to create and be me.

-you can’t see it, but my frown just did a 180. 28 here I come!

Photo cred: 1 {2 via Jake Dugard} 2 {8 via Jan Avendano}

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friday find: itsy bitsy medicine bottle.

I figured with the amount of hours I spend scouting for antiques and vintage pieces for upcoming shoots, weddings, parties & personal satisfaction, it would be fun to post a picture of my favorite antique find of the past week. Sooo, every Friday I will post about my new favorite find under the post titled: friday find.

This week, a Midol glass medicine bottle I found while scouting for Vanessa and Tony’s upcoming nuptials in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on April 26th! You might be cracking a joke, while thinking “a midol bottle! what?! why?!” Well, being the nurse that I am I too giggled when I found the adorable little bottle but immediately gobbled it up.

Vanessa and Tony are both doctors (she in obstetrics, he in emergency medicine) so I’m planning on incorporating medical details into their wedding day design. This particular find will be included in a vignette on their family style reception table, with a few teeny pretty flowers peeking out the top.

Happy Weekend!



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bun in the oven.

Back in January I was asked by my friend Monica of MoHinesPhotography to style and design a maternity shoot for her friend Jenn and Jenn’s husband Ryan. I’d met Jenn in passing once before, but did not get a chance to really get to know this fun loving couple until the day of the shoot. Upon arriving to their beautiful home in North Seattle, I was immediately greeted with warm smiles, and was instantly drawn to the adorable personalities that are: Jenn & Ryan. It was clear in the first few moments of meeting them, that they were up for anything, and that the shoot would be a total blast…and boy (in this case girl!) was it!

About two weeks prior to the shoot I had a vision that made me jump straight out of bed at two in the morning. I ran to my office and started scribbling my ideas ferociously onto a scrap piece of paper…”vintage timer”…”pregnant belly”…”couple”…”cooking supplies”… I could not get the vision of a cute yellow kitchen timer right on top of a beautiful baby bump out of my head and so the shoot: “Bun In The Oven” was born.

Monica and I spent the next two weeks piecing together our personal collections of antiques, vintage finds and kitchen wares, while I also gathered the brightest colored kitchen accessories I could get my hands. We scouted antique shops for days searching for the perfect vintage decor to add to the shoot, and lucky enough for me I found that perfect vintage kitchen timer (this one yellow and from England!) the day before the shoot…phew!

Congratulations to Jenn and Ryan on their new bundle of joy! Sophia is so precious and I am so thrilled to have been a part of your maternity shoot!



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bow tie & bustle

It’s official! bow tie & bustle is here! Yep! After months and months, and weeks and weeks of working on this new business, my website is officially launched! Check it out at: Bow Tie & Bustle is an event design and coordination business in Seattle, WA with a focus on the unique details that make us who we are. My time in Europe reminded me of how much I love the little details in life and this business is a clear reflection of that love. My hope is to continue incorporating my love for paper as well, so if you know anyone who is in need of a unique design or decor styling for a wedding, photo shoot, party or paper product, keep me in mind : )

There is still much more to be done: a new blog (coming soon!), a networking and inspiration blog for brides/grooms and vendors alike with a focus on the Pacific Northwest, an upcoming Parisian inspired (who could forget about Paris!) photo shoot with my dear friend and photographer Monica Hines and much, much more! I can’t wait to share all the details of the new biz, and am so excited and thrilled to be following my heart AND my gut! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bow Tie & Bustle!

Thanks to all who have supported me in getting here. I couldn’t have done this without the love, hugs, listening ears, and word of mouth that so many of you have kindly offered! Thank you! Thank you!

For now, a sneak peak at the “Bun in the Oven” photo shoot I was involved in a couple weeks ago…thanks to MoHinesPhotography for the amazing photographs!

Me setting up the shoot at one of the most adorable couple’s home. Thanks to Jenn and Ryan Strom for allowing me to be involved in their baby bump shoot!

The entire design for the shoot came from an idea that literally made me jump out of bed one morning…bun in the oven…a vintage timer…baby bump…oooooh! Look for an upcoming blog post on this adorable photo shoot!


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