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travel essentials.

It’s here! It’s here! The week is finally here! In just a little under 2 days I’ll be lugging my gigantic bag onto a flight to Dublin, Ireland. My European adventure with my little sis will have officially begun and it’s finally just setting in that I will be away from home for the next 6 weeks. Ireland, France, Italy, Greece & Switzerland….CAN.NOT.WAIT!

In the midst of doing insane amounts of laundry today, and starting the preliminary packing stages, I can’t help but ponder the perfect travel accessories. It’s kinda weird to admit it, but even with all of my travels in the past I’ve never used one of those neck pillows – is that odd?! Do those things even really work?? Worth the investment??

I’m certaintly on the hunt for the perfect bag to lug around all my stuff in while we are exploring all the cities – the one I took on my last trip abroad didn’t do the trick. What are your fav travel accessories? If you’re like my Mom you travel with your own bed pillow. What are your travel must-haves??

photo cred : bag {lola bits & pieces} swimsuit {madewell} sunglasses {bleu dame} scarf {mod cloth} camera {urban outfitters} dry shampoo {jonathan} book {cb smith} headphones {the future perfect} watch {kate spade}


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bow tie wednesday / 43.

I’m downright obsessed with the way Tommy Ton captures style details – bow ties included. These menswear looks from Europe have me rummaging through my closet for the perfect topcoat for this rainy day weather.

I’m endlessly inspired by fashion and these detail shots absolutely make me swoon. Those floral patterned gloves? The multi-colored buttons? A feather bow tie & a neon pink hat? Yes. Please!

photo cred: {tommy ton via}

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bow tie wednesday / 42.

I’m a big believer that chicks can pull off bow ties just as well as any fella out there and Blaire of Atlantic – Pacific is the perfect example. If you haven’t come across her blog yet, you are in for quite the fashion treat. I love the idea of bow ties any day of the week, cause keeping them tucked in a drawer and just as an event wear seems like a waste of a pretty amazing accessory, right?

Happy Wednesday friends!

 photo cred: {atlantic – pacific}


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bow tie wednesday / 39.

I’m always looking for fun ways to spruce up an outfit and these bow ties are just perfect. Wishing I could snag one in every color! Claudine & Compagnie certainly are proof that bow ties are DEFINITELY not just for him!

photo cred: {claudine & compagnie}


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bow tie wednesday / 38.

Okay call me ridiculous if you’d like, but I love me some reality t.v.

There is nothing better than ending a super draining day by zoning out to some reality trashy goodness. One of my fav new shows is It’s A Brad Brad World. Yep – you can judge…cause I don’t care. I love Brad Goreski even if he caused drama-RAMA-RAMA with one of my other fashion favs Miss Rachel Zoe.

Okay in a nutshell this is how the story goes…Brad used to be Rachel’s assistant. Brad leaves Rachel. Rachel doesn’t like it. Brad starts his own styling biz. Rachel doesn’t like it. Brad doesn’t care. Brad starts his own show. Jenn loves it.

So long story short, I think Brad is adorable and the fact that he is often strutting around while wearing a vintage bow tie makes him that much more lovable. Oh, AND the finale of the show this season made me cry my eyes out. Gary’s 10 year anniversary gift to Brad was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. Their love for each other is absolutely inspiring!

photo cred: {mike rosenthal via refinery 29}


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bow tie wednesday / 37.

Summer will be here before we know it and although I dread the thought of pulling my hibernated winter white skin out for all to see, I imagine that these little bow tie bikinis by eva elz might be the perfect way to help me forget about my pasty white legs and remind me that summer is all about fun in the sun.

Would these not be the perfect wedding/honeymoon attire for those warm weather destinations?? LOVE these!

photo cred: {amourouse}

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sunday dreaming / 39.

dreaming of…

the perfect valentine’s day dress.

photo cred: {ASOS SS12 via park & cube}

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valentine love.

Why is it that I always wait until the last minute to figure out something to wear for Valentine’s Day? Red? Pink? Just a little pop of color? Hmm. What to wear this year…what. to. wear?!

I’ve rounded up a few must have accessories and gift ideas for this year’s LOVEfest. How are you celebrating the day of love? Dinner? Low-key movie? Trip away? Night out with friends? The possibilities are endless!

photo cred: lips {via i heart makeup art} bag {marc by marc jacobs via net-a-porter} valentine accordion {the craft dept martha stewart} lace plunge {mimi holliday by damaris via net-a-porter} sequin hearts {} pink bamboo utensils {core bamboo via} xo earrings {cocodot} cupcake {georgetown cupcake} greeting card {rifle paper co.} off pitcher + cup {branch home}

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wears to weddings : golden globes.

I know, I know. It’s been over a week since the Golden Globes, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few “wears to weddings” inspirations. I had every intention in the world of touching base earlier on all the celeb gorgeousness, but with the craziness of ALT things are a bit delayed – whoops!

Usually I’m excpecting quite a few “misses” amoungst award show nominees, but this year I actually enjoyed most of the looks that came down the red carpet. I would have liked a few additional “wow!’s”  but overall was pleasantly surprised by all the fashion choices.

Instead of doing the traditional “hits & misses” post, I thought I’d instead correlate some of the most talked about dresses of the night with some wedding detail counterparts…in this case, CAKE! I honestly believe a gorgeous dress can be the overall inspiration to a wedding day even if it’s not ultimately the one (or color) a bride might choose to wear on her big day.

What were your fav looks of the night? Which could you have gone without?

Favs for me? Emma Stone, Piper Perabo & Charlize Theron. What were they thinking moments? Zooey Deschanel (that hair drove me nuts!), Sarah Michelle Gellar & Madonna.

photo cred: all golden globe pics {via e online} wed pics {beaux arts photographie via style me pretty} {sweet and saucy shop via candy and cakes} {platinum weddings by kerrie via style me pretty} {sweetapolita} {via style unveiled} {once wed} {via ruffled}


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bow tie wednesday / 31.

how fun are these bow ties from BILLYBOWTIE?

ummm…i think i need all of them!

photo cred: {billybowtie}


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pic me a palette: silent beauty.

photo cred: {2012 Clair Pettibone via wedding chicks}

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bow tie wednesday / 30.

inspired by these wallpaper to wear designs by twenty-seven names.

photo cred: {twenty-seven names via thaeger}

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bow tie wednesday / 29.

bow tie blouses.

photo cred: orange {far fetch} green {mod cloth} blue {romwe} yellow {chloe via net-a-porter}

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bow tie wednesday / 27.

fashion icon + bow tie.

photo cred: {by sasha simone via house of paillon}

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not so ugly.

Ooooooh I’m getting so excited! Not only is the season beginning to ooze of fresh Christmas trees, sparkly lights, and yummy smelling hot cocoa, but one of my most favorite things is just around the corner! Ugly sweaters!

Every year Adam and I search for the ugliest knitted wonders we can find. I not only love the hunt but I can’t resist the ones complete with tassels, buttons or working lights….so much fun!

In the midst of searching for this years uglies, I stumbled across these NOT so uglies. I’d love for the polar bear one to land in my closet.

Do you find yourself wearing ugly sweaters this time of year?

photo cred: {jonathan saunders} {burkman bros} {3.1 phillip lim} {proenza schouler} {vanessa bruno athe} {stella mccartney}

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