look what i can do!

Blogshop this past weekend in Berkeley was one of the best, most advantageous experiences I’ve had since following my heart and launching a new career. In the midst of starting up bow tie & bustle + scout. I’ve been really determined to continue blogging throughout the entire process. Blogging has become one of those things that’s extremely important to me with regards to inspiration, and self exploration AND is something I’ve found a ton of joy in.

I had ZERO clue how much of a creative outlet blogging could become, or how rewarding it would feel to blog on a daily basis. And it wasn’t until I attended blogshop that I realized my blogging could go to a whole new level visually once I learned the ropes of photoshop. I’m so excited to finally be feeling like I can make my blog feel AND look the way I really want it to : )

Thanks to bri and angela photoshop became something I was no longer intimated by, but rather something I was energized by. We learned how to create layouts, edit photographs (you know removing those less than desired skin blemishes), how to make mood boards (soooo excited to start creating them!) and how to make blog headers etc. etc.

One of the most exciting things I learned at blogshop was how to make an animated gif. In the most simple terms, an animated gif is: the best thing EVER. We were gifted cute vintage scarves on day 1 of blogshop (hand picked by bri herself!) and asked to create a little animation using our scarf. Check out my animated gif and new red scarf below! p.s. you’ve gotta click on the picture for now to see the animation…working out the kinks as we speak!

Oh and if you are even thinking of attending this amazing workshop by bri and angela…honestly, what is there to think about?! It’s beyond worth it!

I learned so many rad things this weekend, and am so excited to begin applying these new tools to my blog! I’m super excited in the new direction(s) my blog will be going in the coming months (details coming soon!) and I know my new photoshop skills will totally enhance the experience! Yay for blogshop!

photo cred: {all photos shot by the amazingly gifted photographer angela kohler at blogshop}



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3 responses to “look what i can do!

  1. So incredibly excited for my upcoming workshop in NYC!

  2. love it! PS, your GIF looks great while playing to the temper trap beats on the Bowtie & bustle mainpage. I opened both sites at once and was pleasantly surprised 🙂

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