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sunday dreaming / 40.

dreaming of…

a new pair of specs.

Yep, the time has come. I cannot wait any longer.

It’s time for a new pair of glasses.

After getting lost at least 10 times yesterday simply due to the fact that I couldn’t read the street signs (yikes!) I realized that I cannot possibly hold off any longer.

So this Sunday as I wait for the Oscars to start, I dream of a new pair of frames.

photo cred: {warby parker}


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sunday dreaming / 39.

dreaming of…

the perfect valentine’s day dress.

photo cred: {ASOS SS12 via park & cube}

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sunday dreaming / 38.

dreaming of…

a super bowl.

i know. SUPER cheesy, right? but i couldn’t resist when the words came out of adam’s mouth when i asked “what am i dreaming about today?” i have been on the hunt for some new pretties for our kitchen anyways…hmmmm.

happy super bowl sunday friends! go giants!

photo cred: {bright bazaar via west elm}

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sunday dreaming / 37.

dreaming of…

some fab new throw pillows for the living room.

photo cred: 1 {ferm living} 2 {crate and barrel} 3 {ferm living} 4 {anthropologie} 5 {urban outfitters} 6 {chiasso} 7 {anthropologie}

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sunday dreaming / 36.

dreaming of:

a nap in my own bed.

* disclaimer – my own bed is no where near this stylishly disheveled ; ) *

I just woke up. BUT, I’m not in my bed or even the bed at the Grand America in SLC where I’ve rested my head for the past 5 nights. But rather I’m at the airport. All 5’11 of me scrunched up in an uncomfy black leather club chair, with a horrible crick in my neck, my mouth wide open & my laptop teetering on my lap. I’m tired. SUPER tired. Exhausted really, but exhausted in one of those make you feel SO good sort of ways. In a “that was totally worth it!!” kind of ways.

I just spent the past week at ALT Summit and met some of the most amazing and inspiring people I’ve ever had the good fortune of being in the same space with. I spent moments of the past days feeling confused and perturbed by the lack of direction and accomplishment with my blog, but also moments of feeling like I’d finally found a community that “gets me” – really understands who I am and WHY I blog.

Not many people in my life have a blog or even understand the purpose of a blog for that matter, but ALT provided me with a significant lack of sleep caused directly by the drive to connect with other bloggers. I wanted to meet the people, who like me, feel it necessary to say something. BUT not just something, but say something that is important to them.

I left ALT this morning dreaming of a resting spot in my own bed and dreaming of the ability to take my blog in a direction that feels more like me. There have been many days in my 2+ years of blogging where I wondered why I’ve sacrificed hours of sleep, moments with friends & family and episodes of the Real Housewives to sit and blog. ALT reminded me why blogging is worth it and why I will now not only call myself a wife, friend, sister, designer, vintage fanatic, nonstop cheese consumer, or Seattleite but give myself permission to also call myself a BLOGGER.

photo cred: {interiors porn}


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sunday dreaming / 34.

dreaming of…

summer temps.

photo cred: {minked}

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sunday dreaming / 30.

dreaming of…

that thanksgiving feast.

I’m in Colorado this week to celebrate thanksgiving with my family, and I’m already salivating from the thought of mashed potatoes & gravy and that pumpkin pie! Yum, yum, YUM!

This Thanksgiving feast collaboration featured on design sponge last week got me all the more excited for the grub to come. If only every celebration could look this gorgeous, right?! Oooooh my word! This spread is definitely inspiring me to really hone in on those holiday details this season!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

photo cred: {braedon photography via design sponge}

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sunday dreaming / 29.

dreaming of…

multi colored braids.

i’ve been missing my dirty blond hair. the kind of hair that gives ya braids full of dimension.

p.s. wouldn’t this be the most gorgeous bridal hair? must learn how!

photo cred: {via modern girls and old fashioned men}

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sunday dreaming / 28.

dreaming up…

the perfect shindig.

As my scout. launch party quickly approaches, I’m dreaming up creative ways to introduce my collection to the Seattle event industry.

Vintage + color is where it’s at.

photo cred: {}

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sunday dreaming / 27.

dreaming of…

paris details.

when i think of about paris my heart aches.

must. go. back. soon…

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}


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sunday dreaming / 26.

dreaming of…

the perfect comfy grey sweater for every moment of the week.

photo cred: {isabel marant} {helmut lang} {thakoon} {doo.ri} {les prairies de paris}


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sunday dreaming / 25.

dreaming of…

a cabin in the mountains.

There is just something about a cozy cabin in the woods. The trees. The flannel. The serene quiet.

After spending a weekend lounging in a lovely cabin near Leavenworth, I couldn’t help but dream of one day having my own little sanctuary in the woods.

photo cred: {lainey1 via flickr} {architectural digest} {kim krans via design sponge}

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sunday dreaming / 24.

dreaming of…

the perfect shade of mint.

photo cred: {stolen inspirations original source unknown} {reverie market} {newsman} {corbin gurkin via style me pretty} {jill thomas photography} {sarah ryhanen & sabra krock for design spongevia oh joy!} {refinery 29}

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sunday dreaming / 23.

dreaming of…

the perfect farm table.

I don’t know what the deelio is, but finding some gorgeous (and affordable) farm tables to add to my growing scout. collection is becoming increasingly challenging. It appears that everyone is currently looking for the same thing as I and it’s looking like a trip out to the good ol’ country is becoming a necessity instead of just a desire. I’ll be spending the entire afternoon elbow deep in antiques and am hoping that that perfect table miraculously appears…cross your fingers for me!

photo cred: {british vogue via a lovely being} {stuart mcintyre via kml design} {lisa warninger & chelsea fuss for kinfolk magazine via frolic}

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sunday dreaming / 22.

dreaming of…

living in the now.

Something I’ve really been struggling with over the past couple years is living in the present. I’m constantly (in every moment of every day) looking to what comes next…what now. AND it bugs me. A LOT.

I’ve always dreamt of being one of those people that can really breath in the current moment, lock it up in their memory and retrieve it in the future to share or use in times of needed comfort. I, on the other hand, am a person that can remember only the most minuscule things from the most precious times in my life (which is probably why I’m addicted to taking photographs – the memories tend to last longer), and I’m beginning to chock it up to my inability to REALLY be present.

I seem to be able to reign this desire in a bit during my travels, but I want it to become part of my everyday living. My goal this fall is to really live and breath the “here and now.” To put down my iPhone; to stop checking email; to really stop and LISTEN when someone is speaking to me; to open up my senses;  to stop frantically looking for what is to come next; to read a book or flip through a magazine without becoming instantaneously bored; to sllllooooooowwww down. To really just BE.

I had the most amazing dose of what this could be like last night as I warmed my tootsies next to a bonfire my husband made, poked marshmallows in the flames, gazed up at the stars and soaked in the precious moment with my sister and our dear friends Emma & Jason. These are the moments – the “here’s and now’s” that I don’t wish to forget because I was too busy looking for what is to come next.

Dreaming of living in the: HERE AND NOW.

photo cred: {katiedaisy}

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