bun in the oven.

Back in January I was asked by my friend Monica of MoHinesPhotography to style and design a maternity shoot for her friend Jenn and Jenn’s husband Ryan. I’d met Jenn in passing once before, but did not get a chance to really get to know this fun loving couple until the day of the shoot. Upon arriving to their beautiful home in North Seattle, I was immediately greeted with warm smiles, and was instantly drawn to the adorable personalities that are: Jenn & Ryan. It was clear in the first few moments of meeting them, that they were up for anything, and that the shoot would be a total blast…and boy (in this case girl!) was it!

About two weeks prior to the shoot I had a vision that made me jump straight out of bed at two in the morning. I ran to my office and started scribbling my ideas ferociously onto a scrap piece of paper…”vintage timer”…”pregnant belly”…”couple”…”cooking supplies”… I could not get the vision of a cute yellow kitchen timer right on top of a beautiful baby bump out of my head and so the shoot: “Bun In The Oven” was born.

Monica and I spent the next two weeks piecing together our personal collections of antiques, vintage finds and kitchen wares, while I also gathered the brightest colored kitchen accessories I could get my hands. We scouted antique shops for days searching for the perfect vintage decor to add to the shoot, and lucky enough for me I found that perfect vintage kitchen timer (this one yellow and from England!) the day before the shoot…phew!

Congratulations to Jenn and Ryan on their new bundle of joy! Sophia is so precious and I am so thrilled to have been a part of your maternity shoot!



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4 responses to “bun in the oven.

  1. Beautiful! A lot of maternity photoshoots I see are a little awkward and too intimate, but this is perfect.

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