right hand man.

Going into this new adventure of mine I never really contemplated the fact that I’d need an assistant. I’ve always been one of those gal’s that is incredibly challenged in the “delegation” department, and will do everything in my power to do, do, do prior to EVER asking for help. But, what I’ve learned over the past few months is that delegation is an imperative, and necessary part of being an event coordinator and/or designer. And, as much as I would love it, I am admitting here and NOW that NO, I can’t do it all on my own…and yes, this is actually a BIG shocker to me.

Lucky enough for me, and unfortunately not so lucky for him, I have a man in my life that supports me 100 bagillion trillion gazillion percent (yes…I’m aware that that number does not actually exist…but if it did it would describe the love my husband provides me everyday without pause, hesitation, or question). He is my rock. He’s supportive. Selfless. Patient. Comforting. Encouraging. Loving. Never pushy. Rarely lazy (okay that’s the wife talkin’ there). Generous. Kind. Personable. And a million other things that will bore you to pieces. Long story short, without Adam I have no idea where I, OR my business would be.

He’s the guy that woke up with me at 4:45am this morning to drive 2 hours to catch a ferry boat ride to Orcas Island for a wedding I’m coordinating. He’s the guy that helps load a car full of the bride’s gear even when he hasn’t been asked to do so. He’s the guy that will sit on Saturday for 3 hours alone, just in case someone needs something at the reception site while I am away. He’s the one who will calm me, when I’m wild with fear that this just might be the wedding that I screw up, or forget something. He’s the one that lugged my entire inventory for scout., taking a day off of work and renting a U-Haul truck for me so that one of my dreams could come true. He’s the one that will remind me to charge my phone. And drink water. And eat. And all of those crazy important self care activities that my self-care challenged self always forgets. And he is certaintely the one that will smile at me, and tell me I did an amazing job after a 16 hour wedding work day, even when he’s already worked a full week at his own job prior to the wedding madness.

My right hand man, my assistant, my husband-in-tow, my business partner, my hauler/loader/schlepper/trash picker -uper, my best friend, my biggest fan…is simply amazing. And I have no idea what I would do without him.


my right hand man getting some much deserved zzzzzz’s on our way to orcas.

photo cred: {moi iphone}


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2 responses to “right hand man.

  1. Kirstin SMITH!

    Wow! What an inspiring blog for a newly wed!! In the few hours I met and got to spend with Adam, I would have to agree wholeheartedly that he is a rock star and stud!!! You both are amazing and are an inspiration to the wedding community! Cheers!

    • Awww thank you so much Kirstin! It was so much fun being a part of your day! I hope you and Jordan are enjoying your much deserved honeymoon, and I LOVE the Smith with an explanation mark!!! Yahooooo!!!! 🙂

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