friday find: itsy bitsy medicine bottle.

I figured with the amount of hours I spend scouting for antiques and vintage pieces for upcoming shoots, weddings, parties & personal satisfaction, it would be fun to post a picture of my favorite antique find of the past week. Sooo, every Friday I will post about my new favorite find under the post titled: friday find.

This week, a Midol glass medicine bottle I found while scouting for Vanessa and Tony’s upcoming nuptials in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on April 26th! You might be cracking a joke, while thinking “a midol bottle! what?! why?!” Well, being the nurse that I am I too giggled when I found the adorable little bottle but immediately gobbled it up.

Vanessa and Tony are both doctors (she in obstetrics, he in emergency medicine) so I’m planning on incorporating medical details into their wedding day design. This particular find will be included in a vignette on their family style reception table, with a few teeny pretty flowers peeking out the top.

Happy Weekend!



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3 responses to “friday find: itsy bitsy medicine bottle.

  1. johnny_b

    how much did u pay for the bottle

  2. Kimberly Sue

    Is it worth anything? I found one recently, unopened, with the midol and cotten still in it, and lables can be read clear as day!

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