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a tuesday reflection.

I’ve spent the morning reflecting on self care vs. the big “G” word: Guilt. For me the two go hand in hand. On the days when I take a break, set personal boundaries, even go on a run, I usually have this overwhelming sense of guilt – a guilt resulting from the feeling that I’m not fulfilling the need of someone or something else far more important.

Example 1: You may or may not have noticed, but for the first time in 22 weeks there was no Sunday dreaming post on my blog on Sunday. Why? I was quite simply too darn tired to post. And guess what I ended up feeling? Guilty. Yep, I woke up this a.m. feeling absolutely horrible. I had made a commitment to myself and my short list of followers to post on my blog everyday except Saturdays, and for the first time in a long time, I failed. AND instead of being proud of myself for listening to my personal needs and resting, I ended up feeling guilty.

Example 2: After spending the entire month of August pouring my heart, soul and personal energy into my business and the lives of others I felt it imperative to celebrate my husband; the man in my life who often gets little praise or celebration even though he is the backbone of my life. I took him on a whirlwind 30th birthday surprise this weekend to Vegas, while also making a commitment to myself and to Adam, that minus a little instagram play I would avoid my email and social media at all costs. Well, little did I know the biggest cost would be my sanity this week. My inbox is ugly (pressing deadlines, missed party emails, a feeling of being WAYYYY behind), forcing me to run screaming in the other direction and rationalizing another day of vaca. All of this despite a 72 hour period of straight fun was overshadowed by recurring feelings of guilt for not responding to my emails and voicemails while on vacation.

Example 3: On Saturday my husband turned 30. On Saturday I also had a horrific stomach ache – too much fun, too much casino smoke, too many buffet like meals…too much Vegas. Sooooo I ended up leaving the partying early (2 am), heading back to our hotel room to crash and nurse my nagging naseau. Instead of being proud of myself for saying “you know what I’m not feeling well, so I’m gonna leave and allow my hubby to end out the night having fun instead of worrying about me” I left feeling like the worst party pooper of all time AND surprise, surprise! Feeling guilty.

Example 4: My sister is turing 25 tomorrow. She lives in Denver. I live in Seattle. Her birthday card is currently suffocating under the massive pile of papers and miscellaneous things on my desk. Her birthday card and gift will never make it to her by tomorrow. Feeling? You guessed it: Guilt. And LOTS of it.

Example 5: I haven’t worked out in a LOOOONNGG time. Enough said.

Example 6: Dinner should technically be in the works in the next hour or so. Problem? I can’t cook worth a darn and we are out of groceries. Yep…G-U-I-L-T. Guilt that I’m a horrific housewife, and guilt that I didn’t grocery shop today, but instead caught up on work/sleep/Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Example 7: I woke up this morning to a “less than happy” email from our landlord. Our surrounding neighbors are mad because we park in front of their houses even though there is little street parking and no where else to park. I felt angry/frustrated/annoyed this a.m. when I read the email. Now? Feeling guilty that I haven’t been more considerate. Is it really that big a deal to park around the corner and walk a bit to our house? Probably not.

Example 8: I’ve wanted to change up the look/feel of my blog for a really long time. I haven’t recorded business receipts in my darn quick books for more weeks than I’d like to admit. I still have a pile of thank you cards that need to go out to clients, colleagues, friends etc. Laundry? What in the heck is that? My dog needs her teeth brushed…really bad….guilt. guilt. guilt.

Example 9: I have no idea what is really going on in the lives of my 3 closest friends. The worst kind of guilt.

Example 10 – 3,000: Believe me. The list could go on that long.

I’m beginning to REALLY wonder where all this guilt comes from. Was I born with it? Do I purposely allow it to follow me around in my life like a lost puppy begging for a home? Do I secretly enjoy the feeling (god I hope not!)? Is it because I’m a woman? Is it because I’m an oldest child? Is it because my parents are good people who ingrained good morals and values in me? Is it because I’m a perfectionist? A worry-wart? An entrepreneur? An overachiever? Is it because I’m a wife? Or is it because at the heart of it all I’m a nurse? Or is it just a simple characteristic of being an adult?

Why the heck do I feel so darn guilty all the time!? And how the heck do I solve this problem?!?!?

For those of you who read this entire post to the dreadful end…thank you. To those of you who struggle with this feeling as much as I do, I feel your pain. For those of you who have the answer to the big “G” word, WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? S-H-A-R-E!

In all honesty, I’m beginning to realize that my guilt is distracting me from enjoying life to its fullest. I used to laugh a whole heck of a lot more, taking things a lot less seriously…I got best sense of humor in high school for crying out loud!!! Now my face is overrun by worry lines and constant assessment and scruitinization of every action I make. Good grief….it’s exhausting!!! Who the heck cares if we have pizza 3 nights in a row (Adam enjoys this anyways!). Who the heck cares if I respond to an email in 36 hours vs. my goal of 24? Who the heck really cares if I choose to sleep in vs. run at the crack of dawn? And who the heck really cares if I wash my hair only twice this week? I’ve gotta set myself free from all this guilt all the time.

As with any problem the first step is acknowleding that you have a problem, right? So here I am acknowledging my issue with guilt. Next step?? Your guess is as good as mine.

photo cred: {UUPP}


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windy city + my best bud + my camera.

1 kick ass city + 1 best bud + a wedding celebration + yummy food + photo taking = Yahoo with a BIG capital Y!

I was asked by my best buddy V to come out to Chicago this weekend to snap some pictures of her wedding reception today in Chicago. I couldn’t be more excited, but I’m a tad nervous too!

During my time in Paris last fall I fell head over heels for taking pictures of pretty things, and I’ve wanted to take any chance I can get to expand my photog skills. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to take pictures of my pretty BFF as she celebrates tonight with her friends and family.

Wish me luck!

photo cred: 1 {vintage smile maker by simply hue}

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“Nooooo!” my mind screams.

I attempt to drown out the profuse shrieking with Pandora, runs around my neighborhood, sun soaking on my back porch, work/work & more work and social media scrolling.

No! Not 28.

Yep. That’s right. I’m dreading turning 28.

Why? I have no friggin’ clue really, but I just never wanted to turn the big 2-8. I remember thinking at the ripe old age of 13 that 28 could be the worst age. EVER.

So as I sit here willing tomorrow away, I thought I would get over my apprehension to turn yet another year older by taking a moment to make a list of all the things I’m most thankful for on this year, with the hopes it will turn my frown upside down:

1. A new niece or nephew thanks to Sarah + Tristan!

2. A new industry…and new opportunites….yahooooza!

3. A husband who supports me being me despite my long list of flaws.

4. An amazing and loving family.

5. Seattle. Seattle. Seattle.

6. Opportunities for travel.

7. Friends who are there for me through my ups and downs.

8. My doggie.

9. Working vehicles…stick with us Explorer…just stick with us.

10. An ability to create and be me.

-you can’t see it, but my frown just did a 180. 28 here I come!

Photo cred: 1 {2 via Jake Dugard} 2 {8 via Jan Avendano}

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starting anew + risk.

I read a post last week by the amazingly fabulous Jasmine Star and was rocked to my core by a comment she made on her blog. She was talking about her choice to leave law school to pursue her dream of becoming a wedding photographer and the “risk” she took to do so:

“People often assume the risk I took to start my business was not returning to law school. But that’s far from the truth. I would have taken a larger risk staying in law school knowing just how unhappy I was. Sometimes we risk our dreams for safety and comfort, but I was ready to risk safety and comfort for my dreams.”

Wow. Is that what I was doing? Risking happiness for safety and comfort? It sure felt like it at the time…

As I sit here day after day engulfed by the hypnotizing light of my computer screen, I contemplate this risk over and over in my mind. I contemplate it most on the days when I reach for answers to what I have yet to know or learn. But I, like Jasmine, believe there is something to be said for happiness and seeking the fulfillment of your dreams, regardless of how frightening, anxiety provoking or uncomfortable this quest may be. Even when it means obtaining this happiness on a winding road that withholds guarantee, promise or certainty.

Starting anew has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting tasks I’ve ever taken on, and without a doubt full of some type of risk. This risk has actually become my ally as it is what propels me on those days when my rational mind attempts to catapult me back to more familiar days of comfort and safety.

Next week I will embark on my next challenge. My next big risk. My very first full design destination wedding, and as of now I am channeling that girl…

Which girl you ask? The girl in the picture you see below. The one who isn’t afraid of anything, and certainly is not afraid to start anew, follow her dreams and laugh confidently in the face of risk. That girl was the same girl who came home from Paris last year to leave a life of safety and comfort for happiness and dreams…I want to be that girl…now and always.


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trader joe’s = savior of dinner details.

Oh my gosh. It’s no wonder I love the place. I mean seriously?! Every time I visit I am given a taste of another scrumptious sample du jour. And what this means for a gal like me is complete indulgence in something I would otherwise be totally clueless in creating.

Here’s where I admit that I am a total disappointment in the kitchen. No really. Complete failure. If I’m not burning something by leaving it for too long because I lost interest or became distracted, or if I’m not staring into the fridge for 15 minute increments empty minded and uninspired, then I’m begging Adam to make us something for dinner. Thank gosh for non-traditional roles, and for being light years away from the 1950’s because I am NOT housewife material. And even despite spending most of my time at home these days, I cannot find the will to create a masterpiece in the kitchen…cue: Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s is the mecca for fabulously delicious and culturally stimulating frozen food YUMMINESS! I’ve found many a meal while scouring the frozen food aisle, although admitting that most of my dinner purchases are a direct result of the sample booth – yes I’m admitting it once again, totally clueless.

Tonight for example, I had settled on salad (blah I know, but Vanessa and Tony’s wedding in Mexico is right around the corner and that bathing suit is calling my name despite being shoved in the deepest, darkest corner of a dresser drawer). I was settled on greens until I grabbed a red basket and peered out across the store, spotting the sample booth in all its glory. Oh, and that darn sign – talk about brilliant marketing…if it ain’t samples to get my belly juices flowing it’s stellar lettering.

Not yet able to visualize today’s offering, it was that adorably written and colorful sign which enticed me to approach…and approach I did. Sample 1…yum. Sample 2….double YUM. Sample 3…..ooooh YUMMERS! And, yes! I admit it! I am guilty of stealing too many samples from the sample booth, all the while hoping and praying that the Trader Joe’s employee doesn’t call me out on it.

By sample 3 I’m pulling everything out of the little freezer placed conveniently next to the sample booth, and I’m no longer fearing that retched salad. Tonight dinner is settled: tandoori naan, balsamic glazed onions, and baby swiss cheese (I did not know swiss could be classified by “baby” and “adult” swiss – I continue to grab nonetheless).

All too excited to get home, I dump my new dinner details on the counter and get prepping, while thanking the Trader Joe’s gods for helping me once again combine scrumptious ingredients into something edible for dinner.


Step 1: Turn on the stove. Unfortunately, because I was too focused on stealing samples, I forgot to ask the chick behind the sample booth at what temperature she recommends I cook my meal…hmmmm…wild guess….350 degrees?…sounds about right.

Step 2: Place frozen tandoori naan on pan.

Step 3: Cut open bag of frozen onions and spread a generous amount on top of the naan (boy is Adam lucky he’s got a company dinner to attend tonight cause my breath is gonna be……lovely!).

Step 4: Shred swiss cheese.

Step 5: Give your cooking buddy a sample of the menu (in this case baby swiss cheese to my baby B-Bug).

Step 6: Place shredded cheese atop naan and onions.

Step 7: Place yumminess in the stove for…I don’t know…7 minutes?

Step 8: Check, check and check again that your creation isn’t burning since Step 1 and Step 7 weren’t incredibly helpful.

Step 9: Switch to a high broil for 3 minutes to give the top and sides a little golden brown glisten. Brilliant housewife in the making I tell you.

Step 10: Remove.

Step 11. Cut.

Step 12. Eat.

Step 13. Prance around the house while joyfully wallowing in your housewife success.

Step 14. Thank Trader Joe’s for once again saving dinner.

**Disclaimer #1: My previous life makes me well aware that this is NOT in fact a meal that supports the 5 major food groups. Solution: a salad stand in to make up for the lacking groups……darn salad still made its way to my dinner plate.

**Disclaimer #2: Yes, Emma. That is your plate. I will return it to you on Saturday.

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details in the dark.

Here I am. In bed. Eyes WIDE open, pondering what the future holds. And as I lie here I find myself doing what I usually do when I’m floating around aimlessly in my own head: I’m honing in on the details.

At 2:52am I can’t help but notice:

1. The sound of my english bulldog as she breaths in and out deeply. Big sighs. Little sighs. Long pauses. All signs of a dog perfectly content in her current state.

2. Light. Even in the dark, my bedroom curtains are iridescently visible in part to the back porch light I once again forgot to turn off.

3. Adam’s sleeping position: not quite on his back, not quite on his side. Both arms overhead. Head turned slightly to the right. Blankets strewn.

4. Tummy grumbling. It’s mine. And TOTALLY typical even after a filling dinner of spaghetti 7 hours earlier.

5. The lively sound of our neighbors wind chims as they swing to and fro in the wind, all the while competing with the sound of the rain painting the window.

6. A momentary creek of the house settling as it too takes a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the day.

7. Hair dancing. Yep, hair dancing. Thanks to the bit of light peeking in through the window I can see my hair gently moving to the song of the heater across from the bed.

6. Laundry. A detail, that although NEVER really goes unnoticed, rarely gets tended to these days. The 3 tops hanging from the side of my closet door definitely have zero chance of finding their place INSIDE my closet tomorrow, or anytime soon, for that matter. My apologies dearest clothes.

And even as I lie here, noticing the details of my life in the dark, I am transported back to my time in Paris. I go there in my mind. Remembering. Reminsicing. Feeling. Really letting in what it was that made me feel so alive. So full. So content. So genuinely happy.

Again and again, I find myself noticing, appreciating, absorbing, cherishing and grasping for the details. I continue to listen to the dark. I continue to really feel, letting the details wash over me until the only details that really matter are my own: eye lids closing, breath slowing, muscles relaxing…ah, finally. Sleep.

Jardin des Tuileries on my most favorite and last night in Paris.

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sunday, oh sunday!

It’s Wednesday and I am finally regaining consciousness from this weekend’s styled inspiration shoot. Words cannot even begin to express how intense, exciting, thrilling, monumental, exhilarating, and exhausting the Montmartre photo shoot was! I’m so proud of how it turned out! I couldn’t have imagined putting anymore love, heart or soul into this shoot and BOY OH BOY did it pay off! The photographs from the shoot (shot by Monica and Seth of MoHinesPhotography) are UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I can’t wait to share the entire shoot with you, but for now, just a little peek to get you begging for more!


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sneak peek: montmartre shoot

After 6 weeks of making new friends in the wedding industry, hours and hours of scouting for antiques and fresh ideas, crafting to the point of blistered fingers, an array of restless nights, and a house that continually looks like a bomb of craft supplies exploded inside it, the time is almost here! 4 days to go!

Yep, this Sunday I’m putting my heart and soul into a bridal inspiration shoot. The intention of a “styled shoot” is to showcase the work of the various businesses that contribute their talents and services to the shoot itself. I’ve coordinated an amazing team of women (9 to be exact) and I’m so excited to be jumping feet first into the industry!

I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to design a shoot that is wholeheartedly inspired by my time in Europe and my love for Montmartre. I’m excited to share something that is quirky, colorful, eclectic, whimsical and a spin on the traditional “Parisian” look. Montmartre is hands down one of my favorite places in the world and is the place where I built the confidence to start Bow Tie & Bustle. It only seemed fitting that my first inspiration shoot was all about the land of Montmartre.

Here’s a “sneak peek” of what’s to come (I’m squealing inside!) and of course a pic of my dedicated assistant and sidekick B-Bug Blake.


My inspiration wall…


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building a business

I returned home from a holiday in CO to the most immense New Year’s Resolution I had EVER attempted to take on: become a full-fledged business owner by the end of January. Well, this past Monday marked the end of my first month in business, and I couldn’t have imagined how life altering and time intensive this resolution could have been.

Business owner. Yep. That’s me! In just 31 short days I made it happen, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I won’t pretend that leaving my previous career to a life of home business was an easy transition (it was actually the most physically, mentally and emotionally demanding journey I have ever attempted) but it has been well worth it. I have never felt this complete…ever.

And along with this transition came a multitude of decisions. Oh! The decisions! From website design, to business account type, to client proposals, to the arrangement of my home office, to business card formatting, to my daily schedule…the list of decisions goes on. My days are filled to the brim with emails, phone calls, blog scrolling, scouting for antiques for upcoming projects, meetings, crafting, planning, organizing, talking to brides and grooms and vendors alike…and I just LOVE it!

My first month has come with many accomplishments, some of the largest including:

1. Launching my website:

2. Attending my first wedding show

3. Booking 2 destination weddings: 1 on Orcas Island and 1 in Mexico (yahoo to Kirstin & Jordan and Vanessa & Tony! Cannot wait for your big days!)

4. Coordinating 8 different vendors on a Montmartre bridal inspiration shoot I designed and styled. Shoot coming on February 13th – wahoo!

5. Turning our dining room into my new home office – thanks for the help hubby!


6. Purchasing my business licenses and officially becoming: Bow Tie & Bustle LLC

The things I’ve struggled with most in my first month of business:

1. Self care – what’s that? Oh yeah, that’s things like drinking water, exercising, eating more than one meal a day…you know, those sorts of things.

2. Connecting with friends and family. Sorry to all who I have neglected over the past month. My goal for February is to dedicate more time to catching up with friends and my dear loved ones.

3. My business cards. Small and seemingly insignificant I know, but uber important with regards to branding! I’m a self-declared “paper snob”, and the paper just, well, isn’t cutting it! New business cards, coming soon!

4. Transitioning my blog. One of the things that I feel is most important with regards to my new business is blogging, and I haven’t dedicated as much time as I would like to this part of my business. My goal is to launch my new “bow tie & bustle” blog in February as well as another blog focused on the PNW…we shall see!


5. My office chair. Really! I had no idea how horribly my back could hurt without the right type of chair. I’ve had the hardest time finding an office chair that is both comfortable AND cute. It practically doesn’t exist.

So, the biz is off and running and there are still many more decisions to be made. My primary focus today, and for the next week will be the upcoming Montmartre photo shoot (super stoked!) and then it’s time to focus on blogging. I would love to blog a couple of times a week including posting about the things that are inspiring me at the moment and my current projects/weddings. I’m planning to sync my jbpapier blog with my new bow tie & bustle blog and am hoping you all will continue following me on this journey! Thanks again to everyone for their continued support! Much love!


Oh and I couldn’t imagine blogging without a few pics to go along!

Here’s what’s currently inspiring me: a Chevy truck I run past on my morning runs. Love, love, love the rusted color combo. Wouldn’t these colors be fantastic for a wedding design! Crossing my fingers for the bride and groom that choose this color combo!


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bow tie & bustle

It’s official! bow tie & bustle is here! Yep! After months and months, and weeks and weeks of working on this new business, my website is officially launched! Check it out at: Bow Tie & Bustle is an event design and coordination business in Seattle, WA with a focus on the unique details that make us who we are. My time in Europe reminded me of how much I love the little details in life and this business is a clear reflection of that love. My hope is to continue incorporating my love for paper as well, so if you know anyone who is in need of a unique design or decor styling for a wedding, photo shoot, party or paper product, keep me in mind : )

There is still much more to be done: a new blog (coming soon!), a networking and inspiration blog for brides/grooms and vendors alike with a focus on the Pacific Northwest, an upcoming Parisian inspired (who could forget about Paris!) photo shoot with my dear friend and photographer Monica Hines and much, much more! I can’t wait to share all the details of the new biz, and am so excited and thrilled to be following my heart AND my gut! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bow Tie & Bustle!

Thanks to all who have supported me in getting here. I couldn’t have done this without the love, hugs, listening ears, and word of mouth that so many of you have kindly offered! Thank you! Thank you!

For now, a sneak peak at the “Bun in the Oven” photo shoot I was involved in a couple weeks ago…thanks to MoHinesPhotography for the amazing photographs!

Me setting up the shoot at one of the most adorable couple’s home. Thanks to Jenn and Ryan Strom for allowing me to be involved in their baby bump shoot!

The entire design for the shoot came from an idea that literally made me jump out of bed one morning…bun in the oven…a vintage timer…baby bump…oooooh! Look for an upcoming blog post on this adorable photo shoot!


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board number 1: inspired by home

Just a few of the things that inspired me during my trip home to Colorado for Christmas…

1st row: gingham | colorado sunrise | nature against architecture | naked tree branches

2nd row: my sister coli | street signs | red brick | chautauqua park in boulder, co

3rd row: vintage clothing | the old with the new | family traditions (donuts every saturday morning for as long as i can remember thanks to my dad) | eclectic architecture

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What's Next?

For the past 3 weeks I have been sitting in my pajamas in front of my iMac, snacking endlessly, avoiding exercise like the plague, tossing Bailie’s “toy of the hour” to her when she asks for it, wrapping presents with the largest ribbons I can find, creating Christmas cards from scratch, having meet-ups with friends I haven’t seen for a while, decorating my house for the holiday, interviewing here and there for various nursing positions, but mostly I’ve been contemplating the future. No matter what I do to fill the time in my day, I can’t stop focusing on the nagging feeling inside me to start something new…to go into that “oh so scary” uncharted territory.

I went on my trip to Europe with the hopes of having some life altering, mind-blowing, soul-searching, “pick you up by your boot straps” kind of experience. I had an expectation that the universe would hand me my next steps on a silver platter…yes, I know, not the most realistic expectation ever expressed, right? BUT, in many ways my trip did just that. It pointed me in the direction of my next steps, by reminding me of that gut response. MY gut response.

I have never been a person that whole heartedly follows their gut. Anytime I made a decision following my gut response I always hid behind it, fearful that this response might, “gasp!” be the wrong one. I always had this aching feeling that although my gut was telling me something, there had to be another, far better, more correct response to whatever I was facing. But fortunately enough for me, over the past several years my gut response has continued to prove itself, time and time again. My gut response was the one that told me to pick up everything and move to Seattle; my gut response was the one that told me to take Adam’s hand on our wedding day; my gut response was the one that told me to leave a job that was making me feel miserable and worthless, for a job that I knew nothing about, but was hopeful would inspire and fulfill me; my gut response was the one that told me that if I took my Europe trip I would find myself; my gut response is the one telling me to write these words into this blog right now; my gut response is the one telling me to leave the past behind, and start fresh.

And so, a fresh start it is. I am following my gut. And as much as my “rational” mind is trying to override my gut, I’m not listening. Nope, no more.

So, where does my gut lead me? What’s next? Well that’s actually seemingly simple. Weddings. Yep, good old-fashioned weddings. BUT, anything but old. I want to create a wedding business that focuses on the modern couple. And when I say modern, I mean many things: I mean a couple that doesn’t necessarily follow traditional roles but creates a relationship that best suits THEIR needs; I mean a couple that isn’t afraid to break free from traditional norms and create a wedding day that is as unique and special as they are; I mean a couple that steers clear of anything but “cookie cutter” in their life and in their wedding details; I mean a couple that isn’t afraid to openly face the emotional, physical and mental challenges of not only planning a wedding, but of sharing their lives with one another.

I’m currently working on immersing myself in the wide world of weddings and in doing so I am attempting to incorporate all of the things that inspire and create passion within me: travel, blogging, writing (who knew?!), photography, antiques, flowers, paper, working 1:1 with couples, creating something new from scratch and by hand, re-using used and bruised items, eclectic colors and designs, nature, shabby chic things, Seattle and the PNW…the list goes on and on. By scrolling and reading as many books, blogs, and inspirational stories of both wedding vendors and local brides and grooms alike, I am trying to expand my knowledge of the industry itself. I am meeting with small business counselors and coaches; I am reaching out to friends and family members for support, advice and guidance; I am attending wedding events and expos in the Seattle area; I am traveling along with a photographer friend of mine (Mo you rock!) to support her in her shoot styling and design; I am taking a mental and emotional break from nursing to focus all of my energy, time, and creative juices into this new business; I am traveling home; I am looking to the great outdoors for inspiration; I am exploring areas of Seattle that I’ve never seen before, but mostly I am doing whatever I can to inspire, motivate, and encourage me to continue on this new and exciting journey.

So long story short, I am launching my own full-fledged wedding & event design and consultation business (name coming soon!). I am hopeful that along with this new business, I can also launch a new wedding blog (title currently in the works!) that will hopefully inspire many brides and grooms in the PNW and beyond! I am seeking out any advice, direction, support and friendship from any and all who are interested. If you know anyone who is about to be married, tell them about me. If you know anyone who is a kick-ass entrepreneur, tell them about me. If you know anyone in graphic or web design who may be able to lend their knowledge, tell them about me. If you know anyone who loves weddings as much as I do or is a vendor in the business, PLEASE tell them about me. I need all the love and support I can get my little hands on, during this exciting and challenging transition in my life. I look forward to keeping everyone updated on my progress, and thanks in advance for all of your love! Toodles for now!

A picture of my own wedding in the background for continued inspiration to do this!


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