about moi

Details. Thump Thump. Beauty. Pitter Patter. Love. Whoosh Whoosh.

An amazing photograph: serious heart attack.

I find that my mind and my body work better, more effectively and more efficiently when I’m immersed in life’s details. I have a wicked habit of honing in on the things that for others might go unnoticed. And after a lifetime of calling this habit: wretched perfectionism, or an obsessive-compulsive tendency, or a passion, I have decided to label it: just me. My path.

This path led me here: Weddings. Couples. Communication. Paper. Design. Photos. Life’s Grandest Events. Travel. Antiquing.

I am a firm believer in all things beautiful; all things unique; and all things with a story. Through event design, I work to share my love for details with others by encouraging them to share their own story through life’s details.

Whether it’s brainstorming an invitation suite that speaks to a couples love and unity, or creating a vision for a photo shoot while incorporating a family’s most precious heirlooms, or designing & crafting a wedding day full of the details that make a couple scream: “you, me, us!” I’m hands down, without a doubt completely obsessed with details.

My blog in turn is my oasis of all the details in my home, my life, my career, and my world that make my heart sing – put simply: the details that inspire me. I also often share current musings in the land of weddings, as well, this is where my heart really gets singing.

Thanks for allowing me to share my details with you, and if you ever need me to assist you in creating a day, an event, or a photograph that bursts at the seams with the details that make your heart go pitter-patter, please let me know! Check out bow tie and bustle here and scout. vintage rental company here!

*photograph by the uber talented sarah rhoads*

13 responses to “about moi

  1. Hadley Martineau

    What a wonderful venture! When the entire table was in awe of your gift wrapping, I hope you knew we were impressed! I can’t wait to see more of your creations…

  2. Bree

    I am beyond excited for you! You’ve always had a creative talent and I’m glad you’re prusuing this, paper/stationary etc. is perfect. Congratulations in taking the first step, that’s the hardest part! You have my complete support and I’m looking forward to your beautiful creations! Lots of love! xo!

  3. Barb


    What a natural fit for you. Thinking of your amazing inventiveness, organization and follow through around multiple events for our couples, it is easy to see you developing your own “papier” business. So many of us are already in love with your creations and gifts in this area, you have a ready-made clientele. Already thinking of upcoming events requiring decorations/gifts for which I may enlist your savvy and sage advice. You go, girl!!

  4. Linda Blake

    We are so excited for you and your potential in your new endeavor. This is a wonderful start to a great new challenge in your life. We are so sure you will do well in anything you decide to do. You have our utmost respect and support, but most of all our love. Love, Pete and Linda (Mom and Dad Blake)

  5. Ellen

    Jenn, this is so awesome!! Can I please work at your paper store?? I think it’s great that you have found your creative outlet, it’s important to have in life!! Let me know if you ever need a partner….we make a great team!!! I’m so proud of you!

    love ya, ellen

  6. Jeff Elliott


    The jblake papier blog is a very nice start on your business and creativity goals. Mom and I are looking forward to having you “work your magic” for Sarah and Tristan’s upcoming wedding in about 4 months! Let me know how we can assist you and keep it going.

    Love Jeff and Janice (Dad and Mom Elliott)

  7. How lovely. I fully agree that a beautifully wrapped gift is a wonderful expression of care and love. When I receive a package with nice presentation, it lifts my spirits. Best wishes on your quest for a little papier venture!

  8. Aly

    When Jenn created the baby announcements for our little girl, June, I was simply blown away. Her style carries a subtle sensibility with an offbeat flair that felt tailor-made for us. It’s the Haute Couture of the paper world!

    June’s nickname throughout pregnancy was “ladybug,” and Jenn presented an announcement that had hints of ladybug whimsy on an expertly chosen black, grey, red, and white palate. The Pièce de résistance was a petite ladybug button tastefully tied with red and white string. They were the perfect combination of class and style. I felt so proud to honor June-bug’s arrival with one-of-a-kind announcements full of such poise and perfection! THANK YOU JENN!!!

  9. Audrey

    Hi Jenn,

    after reading and checking all the pictures you’ve been posted, i would say that you might want to try yourself as a photographer.

    I’m working in advertising and honestly some of your pictures could easily work for some of my clients.

    just a thoughts !!

    see you later in Paris
    Audrey (a french girl born and raised in beautiful Paris)

  10. I love how you think outside the box and make your weddings both personal and creatively unique. You do a great job of incorporating vintage treasures… clever AND green! Best wishes for continued success… your website/blog are both beautiful!

  11. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog! Fabulous!

  12. Hey! I really enjoy your blog. So I’ve selected you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Click on my link to read my post about the award and why I think your blog is awesome!


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