sunday dreaming / 23.

dreaming of…

the perfect farm table.

I don’t know what the deelio is, but finding some gorgeous (and affordable) farm tables to add to my growing scout. collection is becoming increasingly challenging. It appears that everyone is currently looking for the same thing as I and it’s looking like a trip out to the good ol’ country is becoming a necessity instead of just a desire. I’ll be spending the entire afternoon elbow deep in antiques and am hoping that that perfect table miraculously appears…cross your fingers for me!

photo cred: {british vogue via a lovely being} {stuart mcintyre via kml design} {lisa warninger & chelsea fuss for kinfolk magazine via frolic}

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One response to “sunday dreaming / 23.

  1. christa

    hi jenn…
    check out this antique mall in thorp on I-90. it’s the one i was talking about, attached to a ginormous fruit stand. hope you found a good farmhouse table!

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