I didn’t know what it was going to feel like to be an aunt. When I got married last year, I was so excited to know that along with marrying such a wonderful man I would also have a new title! I am now lucky enough to be called “Auntie Jenn” and I have two BEAUTIFUL nieces, Izzie and Brooklyn. Brooklyn was born last December and it has been excruciating not to have had the opportunity to meet her yet. My sister-in-law Caryn and brother-in-law Steve live in Arizona with their adorable girls, and I do not get to see them as much as I would like. BUT this weekend, I finally get to meet Brooklyn after 7 LONG months of waiting!

I cannot wait to pick her up and engulf her in hugs and kisses. I have no doubt that she has just as much personality and spunk as her older sister, and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have another niece. Brooklyn is also getting baptized this weekend during my trip to home to CO, and I am so thrilled to be present for such an important occasion.

I decided to get Brooklyn a little gift as a way to say, “so nice to finally meet you!”  While shopping at one of my favorite stationery stores, I happened upon an elephant-print paper and immediately gravitated towards it. I loved the rich colors of the paper, and although it’s not a traditional “baby” looking design, I somehow got a feeling that it would be just perfect for Brooklyn. I had this fantastic orange and white striped ribbon at home that has been waiting to make its mark and I just loved how it looked in contrast to the little elephants.

I can’t wait to meet Brooklyn!


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4 responses to “Brooklyn

  1. Barb


    Another delightfully wrapped gift. . .so very thoughtful. I am dying to know what is inside that lovely package. . .Plus, I would be tempted to rewrap an empty box once Brooklyn opened it and keep it as a decoration in her room! Well done. . .again!

    • Awww thanks Barb! I actually found the most adorable little furry giraffe stuffed animal that is so precious. It’s one of those that doesn’t have an excessive amount of stuffing so its kinda limp and just so sweet and simple. Perfect to cuddle with : )
      Thanks for keeping up with my blog! You’re the best!

      • caryn

        thanks so much jenn for the cute, cuddly gift. brookie just loves it. i loved the wrapping also and did actually save it. the brooklyn card is hung up in her room and i am going to make something with the elephant wrapping. so great the gift just keeps giving. thank you and love you caryn

      • Yay! I love hearing that you loved the wrapping so much! It was so wonderful to finally cuddle with Brooklyn…she is too adorable! Miss and love you guys!

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