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montmartre inspiration shoot: part un.

I’ve never felt more alive than I did when I was in Montmartre. Montmartre is about a 20 minute metro ride outside the center of Paris and is an area of the city that has this raw, dark, whimsical edge to it that just makes my heart sing. It may be the monstrous hills that make you question your choice of attire for the day; or the Basilique du Sacre Coeur which entices you to gaze up towards the heavens; or the graffiti soaked rooftops and store fronts that bring a certain juxtaposition and mystery to the all the gray; or the big red windmill that stands proudly above the Moulin Rouge almost forcefully enticing you to catch a glimpse of the most famous cabaret of all; or Place du Tertre which is overrun with artists and portraitures alike; or the rows and rows of cafe chairs that when occupied make you feel like you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones. It would be near impossible for me to pinpoint just one thing that’s most spectacular about Montmartre…put simply: it’s all fabulous, it’s all Parisian and it’s all inspiring!

For the past 5 months I have spent an immense amount of time looking inward and asking myself where my passions lie and what types of things truly fill my soul. One thing I’ve realized most is that details (and I mean every detail, down to chipped paint and busted door locks) make me truly happy – and I’m talking pure genuine, butterfly in your stomach, smiling to the point of exhaustion happy. And over the past five months I’ve realized that there was this intense need/desire/burning sense of urgency within me to create a styled inspiration shoot paying tribute to my favorite place in the world, while also celebrating all of the little details that make life fabulous!

Many of my intentions as a wedding designer and coordinator is to encourage other’s to see the beauty in life’s details and to encourage brides and grooms to intertwine these details into their wedding day. I encourage them to pinpoint the things that feed their own souls, that reflect their own personalities and relationship and to make these things known and present on their big day.

I’m absolutely giddy to finally be sharing the neverending stream of details of the design with you…can you say: french macaroons, vintage umbrellas, a big black tulle bow, antique green gloves, a red bike, a pinwheel backdrop, vintage furniture, chalk, miniature bonne maman jellies, buttons, stunning flowers, dominos, a tree-branch umbrella, mouth-watering pastries, graffiti, a yellow chandelier, and red lips?!

Along with the support of some amazing wedding creatives my little slice of Montmartre came to life, and I couldn’t be prouder! But before I let the oogling begin, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to: Monica, Teressa, Cris, Brittany, Judy, Jodell, Yachi, Gretchen, Seth, Adam and Erik – this shoot would not have come to fruition with out your amazing contributions and talent!

Oh and these photographs….compliments of the AMAZING duo of Monica and Seth Hines – you two are beyond.

My stunningly beautiful friend Gretchen. She was the absolute best person to be our model for the day as she is achingly gorgeous and was just a bride herself this past fall! Also, what is a Parisian photo shoot without a little Eiffel Tower??!

Gretchen’s makeup was flawless. Cris did such an amazing job giving Gretchen those fantastic bright red lips!

We were privileged with the most amazing lighting in Chalk Studios.

Red, green, yellow and black instantly took front stage in the design, as these colors are key players in this area of Paris. I handcrafted this paper pinwheel backdrop using brightly colored and patterned card stock…my fingers were sore for days, but it was SOOOO worth it – I loved how it turned out. The pinwheel concept was meant to pay tribute to the many beautiful windmills throughout the hills of Montmartre.

Brittany of Bartlett Bridal did an amazing job on Gretchen’s hair creating a low messy bun with just the right amount of loose pieces….so adorable!

A french shutter was an absolute MUST. And isn’t that bouquet to DIE for! Teressa from Cashmere Floral Design has some serious talent!

I’m soooo in love with this distressed turquoise green french bistro chair I found in the rain in a “junk” yard. It reminded me of all the exquisitely distressed chairs in Paris.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Calla Bridal generously loaned this adorable Priscilla of Boston gown which I chose because the silhouette reminded me of the many carousels throughout Montmartre. I added a petticoat underneath to give it even more flair.

The black bow! OOOHHHH! I couldn’t imagine this shoot without a humongous bow on top of Gretchen’s head. I used black tulle to create a “headband” sort of piece with the tulle singing loud and proud atop her head. I wanna wear this thing around town!

Nothing says “french” more to me than a gigantic baguette! The adorable wicker basket is actually a purchase from Paris.

AND the umbrellas. Aren’t they just fantastic?!! All the umbrellas are vintage and were provided by Bella Umbrella in Seattle. I wanted to incorporate the umbrellas because they reminded me of the intricately decorated carousels in Montmartre. I’m so head over heels for the yellow one above!

This “umbrella” on the other hand was a fantastic piece found by Erik who owns Chalk Studios where the shoot took place. Us Seattleites couldn’t imagine not using it in the shoot….so cool!

I was so excited about these green gloves. I found them at an antique store and just had to incorporate them. The number 13 in dominos represents the “wedding day” which took place on February 13th.

Judy from Tallant House was able to craft the most adorable French macaroons…yummy!

There was no way I could design a Parisian shoot without incorporating a bicycle! This one an old vintage Schwinn that I had painted red.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the details including a graffiti wall, desserts and more!

Event Design, Styling and Coordination: bow tie & bustle | Photography: MoHinesPhotography | Floral Design: Cashmere Floral Design | Desserts: Tallant House | Makeup: Glamour Cris | Hair: Bartlett Bridal | Dress: Pricilla of Boston courtesy of Calla Bridal | Vintage Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella | Studio: Chalk Studios | Hair accessories and veil: bow tie & bustle | Paper Goods: bow tie & bustle


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I had the pleasure of assisting in styling a newborn photo shoot a few months ago with my dear friend Monica of MoHinesPhotography. Our friends Huong and Eric just recently welcomed their new twins: Ava and Lucas into their family, and it was such a joy to spend time with them! They are an incredibly beautiful family (doggie included!) and I am so honored to have been a part of their shoot. I got pretty skilled at counting “1, 2, 3!” then removing binkies before crinkly faces and whimpers ensued.

Congratulations Huong and Eric – they are too adorable!


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S + T = Love

I’m flying to CO this morning for my sister Sarah’s wedding. I’m super excited and honored to stand beside her on her big day!

It’s hard for me to imagine that the little girl that I grew up pushing and shoving, laughing with, and loving, is all grown up and about to say “I do”. I have MANY fond memories with her, but one of my all time favorites is a home video where she turns to the camera, and in the sweetest voice at 3 years old says “Mom, can I have my birthday now.” 20 years later she is on her way down the aisle…amazing.

Being a big sister is the best. I’ve gotten the opportunity to witness all of my sister’s triumphs and tribulations, and have watched her mature into such a beautiful woman. Sarah is one of the most caring, kind-hearted, determined, self-driven, uber-talented, generous, thoughtful, and inspiring people I have ever met. I’m proud to call her my sister, and I’m excited to see her grow alongside Tristan in their new lives together as husband and wife. I know Tristan and Sarah will take good care of one another, and I look forward to having a new brother : ) Never had one of those before!

I created a box for Sarah and Tristan to hold all of their most cherished wedding memories. I used turquoise and red (their wedding colors), and included a “5 of hearts” for their wedding day (August 5th) and each of their names as a way to personalize the box.

I hope this box is a reminder of the love, laughter, tears, excitement, exhaustion, joy, and thrill that they are sure to experience and share on their wedding day. Congratulations you two!

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Keepsakes in a Keepsake

My good buddy Emma asked me a bit ago to create a “keepsake box” for her friend Jen. Jen is getting married this week (July 17th to be exact), and Emma is a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding back in Philadelphia. Jen and Emma have been friends for many years and Emma wanted to give her something extra special on her wedding day.

I had told Emma awhile back that one of the most amazing and emotional gifts I had ever received was a box with the name “Blake” on it given to me by my sister Sarah just moments before I walked down the aisle. Sarah had advised me that the box represented who I was about to become, but that it should also hold keepsakes and treasures in it that represented who I was in my past: an “Elliott.” That box, to this day, means the world to me, and I was so honored when Emma asked me to create a keepsake box for her friend Jen, since I knew how much I loved the one that was given to me.

I asked Emma to share a few things with me about Jen (her hobbies, occupation, wedding colors, likes/dislikes), and got going on creating a box that could be passed from one friend to another on her wedding day. Even while making this box I got emotional thinking about how excited Emma has been to present it to her friend. I cannot wait to deliver it to Emma today and I hope that this box has as much meaning for Jen, as my box did for me. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Jen!

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I didn’t know what it was going to feel like to be an aunt. When I got married last year, I was so excited to know that along with marrying such a wonderful man I would also have a new title! I am now lucky enough to be called “Auntie Jenn” and I have two BEAUTIFUL nieces, Izzie and Brooklyn. Brooklyn was born last December and it has been excruciating not to have had the opportunity to meet her yet. My sister-in-law Caryn and brother-in-law Steve live in Arizona with their adorable girls, and I do not get to see them as much as I would like. BUT this weekend, I finally get to meet Brooklyn after 7 LONG months of waiting!

I cannot wait to pick her up and engulf her in hugs and kisses. I have no doubt that she has just as much personality and spunk as her older sister, and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have another niece. Brooklyn is also getting baptized this weekend during my trip to home to CO, and I am so thrilled to be present for such an important occasion.

I decided to get Brooklyn a little gift as a way to say, “so nice to finally meet you!”  While shopping at one of my favorite stationery stores, I happened upon an elephant-print paper and immediately gravitated towards it. I loved the rich colors of the paper, and although it’s not a traditional “baby” looking design, I somehow got a feeling that it would be just perfect for Brooklyn. I had this fantastic orange and white striped ribbon at home that has been waiting to make its mark and I just loved how it looked in contrast to the little elephants.

I can’t wait to meet Brooklyn!


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Just For Dad

This weekend has been a great one. Not only is my Dad in town visiting (for the very first time since Adam and I moved to Seattle), but I also get to celebrate Father’s Day with him….IN PERSON! We’ve spent the weekend sightseeing, including a day trip to Vancouver, B.C., shopping the market, riding the duck boat, viewing the Seattle skyline from Gas Works Park, gazing up at the Space Needle, seeing the boats go up and down in the Ballard Locks while the salmon swam the fish ladder, and today riding a ferry boat to Bainbridge. The list goes on and on…

For as long as I can remember, my dad has always had a passion for physical activity and it’s something for which I truly admire him. If I had half the drive he has when it comes to exercising on a daily basis, I would be in the best shape of my life. My Dad is a HUGE fan of biking (and of course Lance Armstrong), and is an avid rider, riding an average of 6-7 days per week. So, imagine how stoked I was when I found this amazing paper with bikes on it! I couldn’t wait to use it on a gift for my pops, and how perfect that Father’s Day was just around the corner!

I love my Dad and am so thrilled that we got the opportunity to spend some quality time together in Seattle. I look up to him for many reasons and am so grateful to have him in my life. Happy Father’s Day Dad!

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A New Addition

Our good friends Brendan and Steph are expecting their second child this summer and I couldn’t be happier for them. This past weekend Adam and I drove down to Portland to attend a baby shower to celebrate their new addition, and we had such a great time!

Brendan and Steph do not know whether they are having a baby girl or boy yet (yay for a baby girl!), so I decided to use some pink AND blue wrapping paper to wrap their gift, and personalized it with their last name, “Murphy.”  I found some super fun “fuzzy” letters to include, that seemed to just make the gift pop! No pun intended Steph : )

We had a wonderful time playing games, sharing possible baby names, visiting, chalking the sidewalk with adorable Eamon (Brendan and Steph’s son) and eating great food with fabulous friends. I cannot wait to meet new baby Murphy! Congratulations Brendan and Steph! I’m so thrilled for you!


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A Birthday Box

I was REALLY excited last week when my good friend Apple asked me if I could make a little box for her stepdaughter Kameko for her 9th birthday. She was planning to give Kameko some little Japanese trinkets, and wanted something in which to place them. I asked her to give me an idea of who Kameko is and what she likes, and after Apple listed off a few things I immediately had something in mind.

When I was younger, my grandmother taught me how to decoupage and I have adored it ever since. That same year, I made a special wooden box for my mom that included 3 little wooden eggs inside it, representing one for myself, and one for each of my sisters. I decoupaged the outside of the box with all the things that my mom loves and also decoupaged each egg with things that represented each of her daughters. I remember my mom really loving the gift, and to this day she still has the box sitting on my grandmother’s hutch in her bedroom.

I wanted to make a box for Kameko that would hopefully be something she treasured and would keep for many years to come, just like my mom. I started with a plain wooden box that I found at a craft store and used some bright and colorful Japanese, Italian, and Indian papers to decorate the outside of the box. I also included various beautifully ornate paper pieces that I was gifted for my own birthday this year.

To top the box off, I included Kameko’s name on the side of the box using these fantastic cardboard vintage school letter cards I found while browsing an antique fair in Chicago last month. I also added a gorgeous gift tag to the box so that Apple could write her own personal greeting to Kameko.

I had a total blast making this little birthday box, and look forward to hopefully creating more in the future. I want to wish Kameko a VERY “Happy 9th Birthday” and thank Apple for giving me the opportunity to create a personalized gift for someone so dear to her.


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Tools and Gadgets

I was so excited to receive an invitation to Anna and Lars’ “Tools and Gadgets Shower” because I LOVE themed events! When I first read through the invite I thought “hmm tools and gadgets eh? What to do? What to do?” but after hemming and hawing I came up with a plan. I sent Adam out to the store thinking “I’ll let Adam take care of this one, cause men like tools right?” Well, yes, but my dear husband, although adorable, doesn’t have the most creative bones in his body and returned home with a pizza slicer and a bag of “just add water” pizza dough. For Adam this was actually quite good, but it didn’t quite cut it in my opinion for our friends Anna and Lars.

Lars is Adam’s best buddy from law school and he has become somewhat of a “brother” figure for me. I’m really happy for Lars because he has found a woman that loves adventure, laughter, doggies, the outdoors, and sporting events just as much as he does. Anna and Lars will be married on July 24th and I can’t wait to see all of the details of their big day.

After Adam’s return home with the pizza slicer I decided to call Lars and ask him what “gadgets” he was in need of. To no surprise, Lars answered “Uhh, I don’t know. We don’t really need anything.” Wrong answer Lars. Everyone needs fun kitchen gadgets! I finally decided to leave the men out of it, and headed to Crate and Barrel to begin my search for the perfect gadgets to supplement the theme of the shower.

While exploring the immense array of gadgets at Crate, I came upon an adorable strawberry huller and the idea popped in my head…”how about a basket full of gadgets related to fruits!” I quickly added a gadget perfect for an orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple to the strawberry huller already in hand. Voila! Who doesn’t love a fruit basket? Especially one representing all the amazing gadgets available for our fruits!

Here’s the basket I created for Anna and Lars’ shower this weekend. I hope you enjoy the gadgets you two : )

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Girls Night In

I love any night when I can just sit and relax with girlfriends, veg out, and talk until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer.  It just never seems to happen enough, and when it does there are always stinky boys around to ruin all the fun!

So, I decided a few months ago that I wanted to have a great group of gals over for a night of just girl time. I kicked Adam out of the house (not really, he went to hang out with Kadi’s husband Bryan for a poker night) and invited my best buddies in Seattle to come over for a “Girls Night In” sleepover at my house last night. It was so much fun! We drank cosmos, flipped through tabloid magazines, listened to 80’s classics, and watched “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker – total 80’s teen movie that I had never seen before….so good! It all brought me right back to those years of slumber parties as a kid, minus the cosmopolitans of course! I’ve included some pictures of the goodie bags I sent the girls home with this morning, because what’s a slumber party with out goodie bags, right?!

After plopping myself down on the couch this morning after the girls left, I thought about when Adam and I first moved to Seattle. I didn’t know anyone except Rachel (my buddy from nursing school and the maid of honor in my wedding last August) and now I have an AMAZING group of girls whom I’ve become so close with. Over the years I’ve met them through either work, mutual friends, or Adam’s best buddy Lars.  I am so lucky to have Kadi, Esther, Emma, Rachel, Alison, Alexis and Hadley in my life and I want to thank you girls so much for spending a night at my place, and giving me that reminder of how truly lucky I am to know each one of you! I love you girls!

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Wee One

It’s not too too often that I get to wrap a baby gift, but when I do I am over the moon! Babies are awesome. They just are. And lucky for me I am surrounded by babies on most days; yes I do have a fantastic job! : )

I haven’t had too many close friends give birth yet, so when Amanda told me last August that she and Ryan were expecting in March I was so thrilled! Amanda was one of my closest friends in nursing school and boy did we go through a lot together. There were so many ups and downs, and highs and lows throughout school, and Amanda was right there beside me to either cry/whine with me, study beside me or doodle during class right along with me. We even held some of our first nursing school babies with each other during our rotations on labor and delivery.

Adam and I were fortunate enough to be invited to Amanda and Ryan’s wedding a few years back and I just couldn’t wait for them to get pregnant. And hip hip hooray! They did, and now baby Oliver is here!

I got to meet Oliver today during my trip out to Colorado and he is SOOOOO cute!!  Here’s a few pictures of my gift for Oliver. LOVED wrapping this one! Congratulations Amanda and Ryan!

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Beginning the Celebration

I never feel like engagements are celebrated enough. A couple usually gets engaged and the first question is: “when are you gonna get married?”  It’s soooo important and fun to celebrate the engagement itself, and really relish in all the joy that comes from it! I get really excited when a couple decides to have a party to celebrate their engagement before moving into all the “craziness” that is wedding planning.

My sister Sarah got engaged a couple of months ago, and I wanted to, in some way, celebrate Sarah and Tristan’s engagement itself with a little gift. I decided to incorporate Sarah and Tristan’s wedding colors into the wrapping of the gift (red and turquoise) and also included a sneak peak at their wedding invitations that I’m working on through the gift tag design.

I can’t wait to do some wedding dress shopping with Sarah this weekend back home in CO and congratulate the happy couple on their engagement in person! Congrats you two!

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Something Nontraditional

Now this may sound like an odd statement coming from a person that outwardly expresses a love and passion for all things paper, but I have to admit that I am not a fan of the envelope. Yes, I said it. Envelopes.

Envelopes are boring. Plain. Usually one color or solid white without character, expression or attitude. Envelopes are lame.

Now, my mama didn’t raise no fool either. I am fully aware of the importance of the traditional envelope. How would the postman know where to send a thoughtful greeting card if it wasn’t wrapped in a plain envelope with the receiver’s location on it. And of course the infamous stamp that is needed on top of the envelope in order for the card to make it to its final destination. An envelope may also be necessary atop a birthday, wedding or shower gift in order to denote who the gift is for, right?

Well yes of course, BUT in my eyes there are other ways to personalize a gift, a card or just about anything else that needs to “traditionally” fit inside an envelope.

A couple of blogs ago, I don’t know if anyone noticed but I never mentioned using an envelope for the birthday card I created for Alexis or the thank you card for Emma and Jason. The envelope wasn’t mentioned because (eek!) I didn’t use one. These cards were hand delivered and I felt that the envelope would only take away from the personality of the cards themselves.

I am the biggest fan of leaving out the envelope all together or replacing it with something unexpected.  Every time I wrap a gift or make a card I make every effort to avoid the traditional envelope. I want every detail of a card I create or a gift I wrap to be seen in its entirety. We spend so much time and love trying to find the perfect card to go along with our gift or capture whatever moment is going on in the life of the person receiving our card, only to then cover it up by a solid and plain envelope. Why?

So, I encourage you to skip the envelope the next time you give a gift. Just tuck the beautiful greeting card into the top of the ribbon on the gift and let it sing in all of its glory. Or come up with a way to omit the envelope all together, by putting something new in its place such as a gift tag, or something that could be substituted as the envelope.

For example, a couple of weekends ago Adam and I drove to a little town called La Conner up in northern Washington to do some antique shopping (one of my all time favorite things to do…you find the BEST stuff!)  While rummaging through one of the adorable antique shops I came upon a large basket full of old empty/never used seed packets. You know the packets you buy that hold the seeds of either vegetables, fruits, or flowers so that you can plant them in your garden?

I immediately fell in love with the bright colors and vintage look of the empty packets and bought as many as I could before Adam cut me off. I thought the packets would be a lovely addition to a birthday gift or housewarming present and the perfect substitution for the traditional envelope. I couldn’t wait to get home and attach one to a gift with my greeting tucked inside.

Here’s a few pics of the adorable seed packets that I picked out. Keep an eye out for my use of these nontraditional  “envelopes” in my next blog! : )


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Pepperoni and Olives

If you don’t like pizza raise your hand….what??!!! No seriously, I have NEVER met a soul who doesn’t love a good old slice of pizza or wouldn’t at least eat a slice if it was offered to them.

Pizza is amazing. Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. When Adam and I were on our honeymoon in Italy last summer we got to indulge in some of the most fantastic pizza I have ever tasted, while in Venice. One slice of this scrumptious, gooey, yummy smelling (and tasting) delight was as large as a whole pizza here in the states….it was HUGE!!! And did I mention…AWESOME?!!!

Lucky for me I’m married to man who cannot get enough pizza, EVER. He is nearly begging me every night to have nothing other than “pizza for dinner”. This man is also obsessed with playing games…ya know, board games. So I decided what better way to spend time with great friends and also make my hubby REALLY, REALLY happy than to have a good ol’ pizza party/game night!

We did just that last night. We invited the Anderson clan over and had a blast playing games and eating…you guessed it…pizza!! The Andersons have truly become our family away from home and we love them so much. Bill and Krista actually took Adam in like a stray puppy during his time studying for the bar and he couldn’t have been more grateful. Lars was the best man in our wedding and his sister Kadi has become one of my most favorite people in Seattle.

I wanted our “pizza party” to feel like one of those fun parties I went to as a kid, so I ended the night with “goodie bags”/party favors complete with a pizza gift tag!  Here’s a few pics of the favors I created for our guests and a snapshot of the amazing pizza we ate in Italy…yummy!

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A Lime Green Affair

When Evan and Amy’s Save the Date came in the mail a few months ago my first thoughts were:

1)     “Hooray for these two!  They are perfect for each other!  Can’t wait for their big day!”

2)     “Aaahh I LOVE their color combo: lime green and white!” and

3)     “I cannot wait to wrap their wedding gift!”

Well, the time is here!  Evan and Amy are getting married next Saturday (March 6th) and I just finished wrapping their gift.  I knew from the get go I wanted to include shades of green in the wrappings, but it wasn’t until I found some adorable lime green buttons that I was truly inspired.

Now as far as wedding wrappings go, I will admit that I love a traditional beautifully wrapped wedding gift in all it’s glory (white, maybe shades of gold or silver, with a big white bow on top).  BUT I also love plopping a wedding gift down on the gift table that is unexpected in detail, bright and vibrant in color, and represents the couple and (perhaps boldly) celebrates the amazing commitment they are making to one another on that day!

If you were to ever meet Evan and Amy one the of the first things you would notice is the complete charm, comedic wit and outgoing personality of Evan and the cheerful, ambitious, and optimistic personality of Amy. This is a couple that will entertain the crowd for hours…they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

So…here is their wedding gift all wrapped up:

Congratulations Evan and Amy!  I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness!  I see only the most amazing things in your future together as husband and wife!

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