Birthday Trio

I am so excited for dinner tonight! I’m celebrating my birthday with 3 fabulous women I work with at Becoming Parents Program.  It just so happens that Melissa, Apple, Emma and I all have April birthdays which are within a week of each other (Em and Melissa on the 16th, Apple on the 20th and myself on the 21st!).  We decided to celebrate our birthdays together by having an office dinner party tonight at Via Tribunali (a pizzeria on Capitol Hill near work).

I wanted to not only make birthday cards that represented the personality of each gal, but also create a sort of card “trio” that complimented each other as well.  My goal in the future is to create greeting cards that can be part of a set or package, and I thought this might be a great opportunity to try out some of my ideas.

I fell in love with a dark purple color (which is weird b/c I usually hate purple) while looking through cardstock colors this weekend, and decided to make it the signature color for all 3 of the birthday cards.  I chose a paper design that I felt was unique to each personality and added both green and black to complement the color scheme.  I also added Apple, Emma and Melissa’s names to their respective cards as a way to personalize the cards a bit more.  The birthday cards also have inserts inside each one to write a birthday greeting on, and I carried the color schemes of the front of each card onto the insert as well.  Take a look!  : )

Happy Birthday Em, Melissa and Apple!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! JB

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  1. what beautiful cards! I wish I had your talent!!

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