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week in pins: 9.12 – 9.16.

There are just those weeks where you feel like there isn’t a ton to talk about. Your life is kinda…just life. But at the same time, I feel like there are a million & one things to talk about every single day. Life is ever changing, and there are many moments throughout the day where I wish I had a place to store it all. My memory is pretty darn awful these days. I could never tell you what year I graduated from nursing school at the drop of hat, or how many weeks ago I dyed my hair. So I do my very best to keep a record of my life happenings by taking lots of pictures, regardless of how annoying this might be for friends and family who are consistently told “stay right there! don’t move! i have to get a pic of that!!”

At the core of it all I really truly believe that the details of my life (the amazingly awesome tortilla soup we ate the other night for dinner, or the way the steps to our side door are getting that “oh so yummy” chippy paint look, or the how one of my favorite sounds in the world is my bulldog sighing) are the things to be cherished, acknowledged and appreciated. It’s the little moments and little details in the day that we often overlook and let pass by without even a hesitation or thought.

For quite sometime now I’ve had a strong desire to blog on a more consistent basis with regards to the little details in my life as well as the things that inspire my everyday living. I’ve never really felt like this blog was the right place to do that and I really want a place where I can feel free to REALLY just be me.

So…long story short there is no week in “pins” post this week, but rather a week in “life” post…chronically the little details that matter most to me. Like how my bulldog B-Bug sometimes likes to watch Ellen Degeneres when she’s bored with her basket of toys OR how some of my saddest days are a direct result of the wheat thins being all gone OR how my hubs just made me aware that he not only can do an Elvis impression but he’s stinking hilarious when he does it OR how my current toenail polish (corally-pink) is making me miss summer already. Ya know – the details…the one’s that make life worth living.

During the rest of September and probably much of October I’m planning on making some significant changes around here. Bow Tie & Bustle: the blog will stay where it is, but I’ll be focusing a heck of a lot more on…you guessed it! Weddings! The majority of the rest of my life will switch to a new blog (title a secret!) which is currently in the works. I’ll keep you updated when the new blog is up and running : )

photo cred: {my iPhone using Instagram}

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week in pins: 9.5 – 9.9

monday: woke up on monday morning and hauled ass out of a campground we snuck into the night before. okay…i know “sneaking” is not good. but come on! what in the heck am i supposed to do at 11:3opm when there is no one at the entrance to take my $40? leave? drive the 2 1/2 hours back to seattle after an AMAZING concert at the gorge?

heck no. you stay. you park. you camp. and then you wake up SUPER early to avoid trouble.

p.s. i TOTALLY would have paid up if we’d been asked : ) 

tuesday: i try not to think about it. but sometimes i have to. tuesday was one of those days when i have to think about it: my little sister coli lives far away from me and it hurts my heart. i used to think hugging her goodbye would get easier. now i’m realizing it will never be easy, but that hugging her goodbye ensures that i will cherish every second of our time together the next time i see her. missing you coli!

wednesday: i need glasses. never mind that i have a pair that sit unused in the kitchen most days outta the month (okay ALL days outta the month) but i really need to start wearing them. i used to have perfect vision and over the last couple of years my 20/20 peepers have gone down the tubes. i’m dying for some new glasses though…ones that make me look smart, chic and gorg all at the same time…

thursday: i wanted to do something BIG. i mean you only turn 30 once right?! sooooo i decided to take adam on a surprise trip to vegas for his 30th birthday this weekend and although the “surprise” was blown by none other than myself, he still has no idea which friends are joining in on the fun! it should be a great time! so excited to celebrate my best bud. 

friday: vegas. sun. gigantic margaritas. pool. great friends. adam. booyah.

photo cred: m {desire to inspire via apartment therapy} t {via house talk n original source unknown} w {peut etre magazine} th {via etsy} f {via aubrey road original source unknown}

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week in pins: 8.29 – 9.2

monday: college seemed liked a decade ago. oh wait. it practically was! i spent monday gazing nostalgically at my old campus. it’s amazing how many memories come rushing back when you spend a little time around your old stomping ground. made me realize how much i really miss my years in fort collins.

tuesday: adam and i celebrated year #2 today and we couldn’t be happier. the past 2 years have been some of the most rewarding and life altering thus far, and i could not have survived the many, MANY transitions without adam. so grateful for him. also was stoked to find some of our wedding pics while pinning…pleasant surprise!

wednesday: my sweet tooth has been off the charts this week! this donut cake (for real??!??!) doesn’t help.

thursday: as things start to wind down from the wedding season i’m beginning to evaluate how this 1st year of biz went. lots of things are swirling around in my mind…”how would i have done things differently?”….”what things need/must change?”….”what things went well?”…but mostly “am i doing what i really WANT to be doing?”. after leaving a nursing career to pursue a passion, i’m doing my very best to be honest with myself, and evaluate if my biz is where i really want it to be. more and more i feel this draw towards full event design/prop styling etc. and more and more florals keep poking at me. i love flowers and had the time of my life doing the full event design and florals at my sisters shower last saturday. contemplating whether florals should make more of a mainstay in my design efforts….LOTS to think about.

friday: coli is coming into town today!!!! yahoooooo! coli is my rad 19 year young lil’ sis and i’m so stoked to have her in town for a few days. i have a full weekend planned for us…beach…scouting…yummy eats…and DAVE! i’ve waited for 4 years to see dave matthews at the gorge and the time is finally here!!! dave. coli. sunday. gonna be bananas!

p.s. WEEK IN PINS UPDATE! last friday i was contemplating whether or not to go red or ombre…well…i went RED! still adjusting to the color shift and planning to share pics soon! happy weekend friends!

photo cred: m {sarah b. via flickr} t {becky young via style me pretty} w {sweet and saucy shop & gabriel ryan photographers via camille styles} th {zinnia floral designs} f {patrick smith}

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week in pins: 8.22 – 8.26

monday: ugh. monday’s are awful aren’t they?! i just despise them…i really, really do. and i think everyone else does too! this monday i did EVERYTHING to try to get motivated for the week and i failed pretty miserably….can you say “still in pajamas at the 6pm hour?” ouch.

tuesday: on tuesday while i was procrastinating i got to thinking about how many half read books i own…i can count 6 off the top of my head right now and that’s just the first stack! it’s a total shame that i have such little time for reading and an even bigger shame that i don’t MAKE time for reading. i have many goals for september and one of them is to read more books (okay maybe i should say: “finish more books”). does anyone else have this problem?

wednesday: sometimes (okay more often then not) my creative juices don’t start flowing until pretty late into a project. i’m usually wide awake ’til the wee hours of the morning the night before an event/party/wedding finishing last minute design details because for whatever reason my best ideas usually come just hours before i’m ready to get the party rolling. unfortunately a bright neon pink horse never came to mind this go round…although i wish it had!!!

thursday: hopping on a jet plan for the big CO today. i haven’t been home in months and i miss it ALOT. i’m pumped to host my sister’s baby shower this weekend although wish i’d had even more time to add details…details and MORE details!

friday: it’s time for a hair change & i wanna do something a little crazy. i have had my hair practically the same for the last 3 years and i’m b-o-r-e-d. i’m really tempted to go red or ombre, hoping i don’t just end up settling for the same ol’ same o’l thing. luckily i have a sis who’s a rocking hairstylist so if i wanna take a risk she’ll be able to bust out whatever i request…yay!

photo cred: m {heather pauline} t {vintage books by samantha lamb} w {pink horse via etsy} th {colorful colorado via words and eggs} f {drew via fashion fame and last look blog}

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week in pins: 8.8 – 8.12

monday: still attempting to get over the worst cold ever i spent monday craving the perfect cup of soup. if i’d had the energy i would have attempted to make my lunch presentation as gorgeous as this. unfortunately, soup out of a can was the best i could do.

tuesday: i morphed into what i like to call: “a crafting maniac”…my favorite thing to be! i spent the day cutting, stringing, folding, evaluating, brainstorming, and trying and retrying things for the design details i’m handcrafting for jon and ann’s wedding next week. at the heart of it all is that innate desire to craft something new from scratch. i always love seeing my idea come to life : )

wednesday: for the first time in weeks it actually feels like summer is REALLY here. the sun has been shining for a few days consistently and i couldn’t be more happy about it. these cherries reminded me of seattle summertime. love them!

thursday: i love those days where you have a moment to sit back and really evaluate where your life is and what you are most grateful for. being on orcas island this weekend (honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been) i’ve had more than one opportunity to really soak in all the beauty that surrounds me in my life, and smile, thanking my lucky stars. adam and i ate the most scrumptious lunch today at Mia’s, we drove through winding roads lined with humongous trees, we listened to sheep “baahhhh” outside our inn, we watched a deer snack on grass right outside our window, i met my bride and grooms family and friends who are awesomely kind and welcoming, and i’m enjoying those precious moments with my hubby. i was super thankful for lots of things on thursday.

friday: today is “lounge” day a.k.a. the calm before the storm. tomorrow i’ll be coordinating a wedding for 16+ hours, so i’m intending to spend as much time as possible today relaxing. if there was a hammock available i’d be in it, but the nap i took midday today with the breeze coming in through the window of our room was pretty awesome too.

photo cred: m {via creature comforts} t {oh hello friend} w {shannon blue} th {laura george via running on happiness} f {via a cup of jo}


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week in pins: 7.25 – 7.29

monday: i’ve set a goal. i need to stick with it. and i’m trying…really i am. my husband is turning 30 on september 10th and i’m throwing him a surprise location birthday party at a destination with which i will need to be in a swimsuit. i hate wearing swimsuits. a lot. goal is to get fit…STAT. monday was my first run in weeks. it hurt. bad.

tuesday: wedding season is officially in FULL swing. i spent the day with ann one of my lovely brides, doing a venue visit, talking design, and planning out the next couple of weeks. it was awesome. so stoked for her and jon’s big day!

wednesday: a slave to my computer screen. wednesday was themed “get serious. new website must launch tomorrow.” i sang that tune most the day just to survive. these are the days i wish i had an IT guru BFF.

thursday: scout. is here! my newest venture finally came to fruition with the launching of my website. scout vintage rental company was definitely a labor of love…so excited to offer my antique pretties to all the creative peeps in the seattle area! check out scout. here! oh and it’d be a total dream and a half if i could deliver my scout pieces in a scout! on the prowl…

friday: seattle -> oakland -> berkeley -> san francisco. i’m in california today and i’m so pumped! i forgot how much i missed this state. i feel as though i must have left my heart in san francisco…cause being back feels AH-MAZ-ING! so excited for blogshop tomorrow!

photo cred: all pics found via pinterest m {running in the woods by llore87} t {jesi haack design} w {ffffound – original source unknown} th {anythingscout} f {20×200}

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week in pins: 7.18 – 7.22

monday: one of the most exciting things about pursuing my dreams in event design & styling is the daily ability to create details from scratch and build on an idea that was inspired by something. i spent the majority of monday handcrafting paper details for my photo shoot this week and was on cloud 9 the entire day.

tuesday: i don’t think you can ever say “thank you” enough to someone who has taken the time away from their own lives to support you in obtaining or accomplishing something that is important to you. on tuesday i had the utmost gratitude and appreciation for adam, mo and lee. tuesday’s photoshoot would not have happened without them…so thank you dear ones. thank you for loving me enough to support me on tuesday.

wednesday: it’s crazy how fast the wedding season is flying by! it’s nearly the end of july and august is looming in the not too distant future. i’m getting excited for the weddings i have in august and can’t wait to see the days play out!

thursday: i learned this week that working like a crazy obsessed workaholic is not healthy and yes: surprise surprise! burnout is possible. it took my 19 year old sister warning me to remember to “take breaks” and feeling incredibly ill yesterday (fever, wicked headache and blurry vision) to figure out that sleep, water and self care are NOT something to take for granted or live without.

friday: someone came out to play today…mr. sun! yip yip yippedy deeee! finally! after a week of less than stellar weather it was the most amazing feeling in the world to play in the sun with my nieces today. looks like it’s going to be an amazing weekend!

photo cred: m {la boom} t {sarah abbott} w {michael + anna costa photography via style me pretty} th {twig hutchinson via very loveleigh} f {triangulation}

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week in pins / 7.11 – 7.14

monday: i was so fortuante to spend the day with my sis who is expecting her first baby in october! i spent the whole day rubbing her belly, asking her all sorts of pregnancy related questions and wondering what my little nephew emryk will look like : )

tuesday: there is nothing like having guests to make you question whether your current decor status is a-ok. it always seems that i analyze my home the most when i have visitors and I wondered this week if my living space is toppling over the fine line of too much color…the answer? uh. heck no. color rocks.

wednesday: was this me in bikram yoga this week? um, no. i was the chick next to this chick panting like a dog and praying i would survive the 90 minutes of torture. my first attempt at hot yoga in nearly 2 years was borderline: failure. my body resisted with all its might against 24 of the 26 yoga poses and the heat made me wonder why i chronically don’t drink enough water. goal for next week? find the courage to return to class.

thursday: with plans to launch a new venture in the next week or so, it’s becoming quite clear that my ducks need (actually, must) be in a row. i’m dying for a chalkboard wall to add all my to-do’s on, cause the list is NEVER ENDING!

friday: so pumped to assist carna with her wedding today at the edgewater hotel! can’t wait to see all the lovely details and the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle…it’s my FAVORITE part – get’s me every single time! i’m just hoping this pesky rain stays away for the day.

photo cred: all photos found via pinterest m {be in the moment photo} t {isabella van reeuwijk for hk living via decor 8} w {james w vinner} th {bash, please workspace by laure joliet via rue mag} f {vesic photography via shimmer and silk}

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week in pins / 7.4 – 7.8

monday: there is honestly nothing better than a good old hot dog to celebrate the 4th of july. hot dogs always signal the start to summer and my 4th of july hot dog was absolutely scrumptious!!!

tuesday: i spent the day dreaming about a rental or studio space large enough to house my ever growing inventory of vintage and antique pieces. adam and i moved out of a “shoebox” studio apartment 3 years ago because we felt like we were living on top of all my stuff and the same feelings are beginning to creep up on us again…too much stuff!

wednesday: after a much needed midday stroll with my buddy teressa around greenlake, I returned home with a wicked sunburn…ouch! and i’m figuring that if i would have dressed a bit more like the smart girl above i wouldn’t be applying aloe this week like it’s my job.

thursday: just when i was beginning to feel like there aren’t really any fantastic celeb weddings happening…bam! kate moss. wow. STUNNING. love the dress, love the veil, love the hair, love the “on the verge of cheesy but he can soooo pull it off” suit, love the glow…love it all.

friday: mission? find some super rad, funkified antiques today. woke up bright and early to hit up an estate sale to try to nab some new treasures. i would actually throw elbows for chairs like these.

**oh! and this officially marks blog post #200!!! cool right?! thanks to everyone for reading my posts over the past year and a half and for encouraging me to keep at it. blogging is something i do because it feeds my soul. i love having my own little itsy bitsy web haven where i can share all of my current inspirations and be inspired to continue creating and living out my dreams. wherever they may lead me…**

photo cred: m {food network} t {pieter estersohn photography via modern hepburn} w {trever hoehne photography} th {xposurephoto via daily mail} f {souder photography and love bird style}

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week in pins / 6.27 – 7.1

monday: marriage for all. it’s about darn time! so in love with these gorgeous photos of jose villa + joel serrato captured by elizabeth messina.

tuesday: i spent all day monday and tuesday at coordinator confab learning how to be an awesome coordinator and eating some super duper yummy grub at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

wednesday: i had been dying to try pinkberry ever since i became obsessed with red mango here in seattle. well…i finally got my chance at LAX and although i hate to admit it…pinkberry might have the edge!

thursday: i remember it like it was yesterday. the way he held my hand as we walked home in the dark. the way i snuck looks at him from across the table. i remember thinking that this guy could be “the guy.” 6 years ago today i met my best friend. he’s the person i look to for advice, humor, peace of mind, affection and most of all comfort. i love him more today than i did then, and i know i’ll love him more tomorrow.

friday: i’m super excited today! i’ll be helping my dear friend teressa set up her floral designs at a wedding today and tomorrow in woodinville. i’m so thrilled to support a friend, but also to learn more about working with florals…as it’s one of the areas of design i’m interested in learning more about. i’m so crazy fortunate to have art play such a major part of my daily life now and these paintings made me smile happy.

photo cred: m {love by elizabeth messina via style me pretty} t {be awesome poster via etsy} w {yogurt yumminess by mrsmcporkchop} th {me and adam by sarah rhoads} f {art by james gulliver hancock via decor 8 photo by decor 8}


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week in pins / 6.20 – 6.24

monday: i learned something really valuable about myself. i do NOT work well in clutter. i felt really paralyzed this week by the array of crap spread out all over my house that it was preventing me from being productive with work. solution: spend all day monday cleaning and tues – fri will feel much better & MORE productive – score!

tuesday: summer is FINALLY here! yippeeeeee!

wednesday: addiction to cheese has reached an all time high this week. i don’t think i can live with out it. really.

thursday: sooooo many lightbulbs went on this week with regards to photoshop. that blogshop sure does a blogger good!

friday: today i’m packing for my trip to L.A. i’m so stoked cause california is one of my favorite places in the world and it has been WAY too long since i’ve been back. i can’t wait to soak up some rays and learn some fabulous new skills from coordinator confab! oh and check out the burning house: this totally rad blog by foster huntington where he asks “if your house was burning, what would you take with you?” the above materials are from leila peterson an L.A. based wedding photographer.

photo cred: mon {caitlin mcgauley} tues {ferris wheel bywildflowers photography via green wedding shoes} wed {cheese board via a cup of joe} thur {alita hanging lamp} fri {travel or fleeing companions via the burning house}

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week in pins / 6.13 – 6.17

monday: brush cup as vase? brilliant. and that arrangement…no words.

tuesday: during a week with fleeting moments of geographical uncertainty, seattle really feels like home. it’ll be 4 years in august…wow!

wednesday: bravo dude. bravo.

thursday: adam and i watched, count it: 10 episodes of mad men this week…can you say obsessed? this adorable western electric ad made me think of none other than: don, roger, pete, peggy, joan & betty.

friday: i need to eat more fruits and veggies.

photo cred: m {painterly florals via once wed } t {heart for seattle via etsy} w {super stylish dude via glam canyon} th {pastel talkers via well medicated via classic rotary} f {good eats via sara cwynar tumblr} … all pins found on pinterest

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week in pins / 6.06 – 6.10

This week I officially introduced the madness that is: Pinterest to the blog and made a vow to post some of my favorite “pins” of the week each and every Friday.

Here’s my 1st official week in review pinning post!

Happy Friday!

monday : obsessed with finding the perfect pair of scissors. i hate when i’m in the middle of a project and all i have is a dull pair – the worst!

tuesday : this vase is to die for. i’d love love love to use it in a styled shoot or at an upcoming wedding with some gorgeous blooms popping out the top….so cute!

wednesday : fringe is back and i’m totally loving it! saw it all over the place this week…anthropologie shopping trip…us weekly perusing…

thursday : this pic got me so stoked for summer and an upcoming project i’m working on…doesn’t it make you thirsty just looking at it?!

friday: this atlas tapestry made me want to book the first flight to anywhere. love the orange color against the wood floors.

photo cred: all photos originally found on pinterest 1 {gold scissors via oh hello friend} 2 {striped vase via stilleben shop} 3 {fringe art via solcalero} 4 {quenched thirst by the nichols via style me pretty} 5 {world in orange via urban outfitters}


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pinning addict…ruh roh.

Ruh Roh is right. Really REALLY right.

I’ve never classified myself as a person that is prone to addictions…although cupcakes, anthropologie, vintage shopping, french inspired details, travel, ponytails and a few other things come to mind a tad too quickly…

Well, since admitting I have a problem is the 1st step, I’m not afraid to admit right here and right now that I indeed have a serious addiction. And when I say addiction I mean: an abnormally strong craving. And when I say craving I mean: in the car, at the grocery store, in front of the t.v., at the airport, during sleep, lunchtime, dinnertime and any other ol’ time for that matter.

Pinterest has taken ahold of me. And it won’t let go. Over 3500 pins in, and I just keep going, and going and going, and…I’m LOVING it!

Pinterest, for those of you who haven’t already immersed yourself in all the visual goodness, is an online warehouse (at least that’s what I’m calling it) of pictures. Lots and LOTS of pictures! All for your pinning pleasure.

It’s that one place that I visit everyday and am instantly inspired. I mean how couldn’t you be inspired by thousands upon thousands of gorgeous images!

AND not only do you get to “pin”, but you getta follow your friends and other fabulous pinners too!

Some of my favs you ask? Check out this gal, this galthis gal and these gals too!

Sooooo what are you waiting for?! Pin away my friends!

Oh AND don’t say I didn’t warn you:

***WARNING*** Pinterest is VERY ADDICTING.

*Please re-read the line above*

And be sure to check back on Fridays for my end of the week series called: WEEK IN PINS. I’ll be posting some of my favorite pins of the past week!

 OH! And if you’re interested in following me on own my pinning adventure: click here!


photo cred: 1 {snapshots of my pinterest page}

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