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friday find: the gold goblet.

I couldn’t pull my wallet out fast enough last Sunday when I snagged these little vintage gems. Aren’t they pretty?! I’m so thrilled with them that I can’t even wait to get home and have some gal pals over for a little dinner party! It’s so fun when finds can inspire you to celebrate!

Speaking of celebrating, there is SO SO much to celebrate this year! As 2011 winds down I’m beginning to reflect on how life altering this past year has been. Business. Life. Family. So many changes! Sweet baby Emryk is definitely my favorite of those changes. He is 5 weeks old this week and his Auntie Jenn gets to spend all day tomorrow snugglin’ him! I can’t wait! Mama Sarah is returning to work for the first time tomorrow which will no doubt be a difficult transition, but I feel so honored to be little Em’s 1st sitter. Boy is that babe gonna be spoiled!!! Love this little man SOOOO much!

Happy Friday ya’ll! I hope you find something to celebrate this weekend!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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blog brunch.

I’m getting super duper excited for this Saturday. Not only are Adam and I making the trek to Leavenworth to celebrate Octoberfest with some of our closest buddies, complete with lederhosen & lots of beer, BUT I’m also gonna be partipacting in the very 1st blog brunch! {Crossing my fingers for a decent internet connection!!}

Blog Brunch was created by the blogging masterminds of the pink and blue blog and the fresh exchange. Katie and Megan are both super inspiring in their own right and by puttin’ their two noggin’s together they created a super rad collaboration. The intention behind blog brunching is to allow bloggers to come to one place to bounce ideas off one another, get inspiration and advice from fellow bloggers and learn some new stuff…ummmm let’s just say I’m pretty freaking stoked about it!!! The first brunch is this Saturday and is all about content. I can’t wait to hear what my fellow bloggers have got to say about it.

If you are interested in attending the first blog brunch head over here and here. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for twitter if you don’t already have an account. See you at brunch!

photo cred: {megan gilger of the fresh exchange}

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bow tie wednesday / 04.

him vs. her

photo cred: 1 {bow tie and suspenders by braedon photography} 2 {original source unknown, found via pinterest} 3 {henry amouriq by juliette villard via morphosis} 4 {vanessa jackman via kisses and cross stiches}

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where i should be.

It’s typical right? You leave home on a trip you’re super excited about, you end up having a great time & then when you return home it hits you like a ton of bricks. You’re sick. Boo.

After 4 amazingly eye opening days in LA this week during which I attended coordinator confab, I’m now back in Seattle fighting off feverish feelings and trying to gather my thoughts enough to be semi-productive. My intention for the trip was to figure out exactly where I should be with regards to my biz, and all I know for sure is that the only place I should be right now is: in bed.

So that’s exactly where I’m headed. I’m in dire need to be back in full swing by tomorrow so I can enjoy 2 days of floral fun with my good buddy teressa. I’ll be assisting her with a wedding she has this Saturday, and I’m super excited to see what she has up her sleeve!

Wish me full energy, a happy throat and decongested motivation tomorrow!

photo cred: {pretty bedroom details via pie wacket}

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afternoon snack-a-roo: forage.

Ummmm. Obsessed is all i can say.


Yep. Obsessed.

FORAGE bow ties are darn near the cutest thing I’ve seen to date. And for the bow tie lover inside me this means LOTS of trouble.

These puppies are like lays potato chips…just one? Yeah. Right.

Shauna and Stephen of somethings hiding in here are creating these little pieces of art in their philadelphia studio, and I couldn’t be more impressed or inspired by their gorgeous work. Bow ties in my opinion are some of the happiest and cheeriest things one can wear, and I’m so excited to see this couple catapulting the bow tie to a whole new level!

Check out the adorableness that FORAGE has to offer for guys AND GALS too!

Oh and of course add one of these gems to your wedding day attire and shazam! You’ve got yourself one stylish shindig!

for the guys:

and for the gals:

the “elsie” is my favorite! hint…hint hubby.

photo cred: {all bow ties via somethings hiding in here for FORAGE}

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summer school!

Summer school. What a drag. Right?


It’s June…and June means: summer school in Portland! Yipppppeeeee!

And I’m not talking about the kind of summer school where you sit in a stuffy classroom gazing out the window while cursing yourself for choosing lame-ass chemistry over a summer in the sun with your gal pals (been there, done that!), but the kind where you jump out of bed and practically run to school pencil in hand (although, I’m not suggesting the running with a pencil part).

In a couple of weeks I get to attend the most SUPER DUPER OVER THE TOP RAD type of summer school anyone could possibly dream up…and believe me, these gals dream BIG! bri of DESIGNLOVEFEST and joy of oh joy! (seriously, if you don’t know who these chicks are…check out their blogs. I promise you won’t regret it!) are two of the many lovely ladies sharing their wisdom with eager learners like me. chelsea from {frolic!} is also going to be teaching some of her mad flower skills too!

Oh and it’s located at the ace hotel for crying out loud! Sounds pretty nifty to me!

So so so excited! Can you tell?

Summer school here I come!

p.s. if you live in the Portland or Seattle area, you’d be crazy NOT to check this out!

photo cred: 1 {logo by oh joy! flyer by DESIGNLOVEFEST via oh joy!}

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oh pretty please?

Please, oh pretty pretty please will a neon obsessed bride drop from the heaven’s and land in my lap?

photo cred: 1 {tumblr via unknown source} 2 {neon coffee via apartment therapy} 3 {neon pink vs. camel via elle} 4 {pretty art via show and tell gallery}

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afternoon snack-a-roo:

As a means to relieve my frequent afternoon slump’s and to curb my shopaholic tendencies I’ve decided to start a new blog series called: afternoon snack-a-roo. Catchy, right?!

Sooooo, whenever there is an afternoon where I’m getting antsy, and strugglin’ to stay focused, I’ll treat myself to a little past noon-o-clock shopping snack…

1st up:

If you have never seen the amazing accessories duo that is jamie coulter and jen gotch of {I featured a few of their amazing pieces here} you really, REALLY should.

Fancy fascinators are all the rage right now, and these gals are on fire, with everyone from Taylor Swift to Carrie Underwood to the girl next door wearing their whimsical pieces. launched their new bridal line yesterday, and I’m wishing and hoping and praying one of my brides struts her stuff in one of these adorably gorgeous details…they are that yummy.

gorgeous right?

snacking guide: 1 {organza bow headband $225} 2 {paramount jeweled headband $350} 3 {pop flower $75} 4 {bridal classic bow $45}

photo cred: {photography by this guy: max wanger for these gals:}

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friday find: tortured trunk.

Found this beauty for $12.99 at the local Goodwill last week. Yep – Goodwill! If you’re willing to do a little bit of diggin’ you can find some really fantastic stuff…much of which you didn’t even know you needed until you’re shoving it into the back of your car.

I couldn’t resist this little guy for $12.99 (yes, you heard me: twelve ninety nine!) and can’t wait for the opportunity to clean him up and use him in an upcoming shoot. Doesn’t he have the most fantastic character!?! Definitely been around the block once or twice – making him all the more interesting!

Happy weekend!



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for japan with love.

Besides these few words, I will be joining my fellow bloggers today in a day of silence to send warm thoughts and prayers to those affected by the horrific tragedy in Japan. Please do what you can and donate to the relief efforts, as well as share the link below with anyone else who might be interested in supporting the cause. For Japan, With Love.


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