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inspired by : the cover.

There is something so inspiring about simplicty. Not too fussy. Not to outspoken. Just straight forward & uncomplicated.

I’m downright obsessed with these stamped covers by Publication Studio with which Matthew Stadler describes the aesthetic of the studio as “minimal and uniform” with all of their books made from file folders and simply the date of publication and book title stamped on top.

Put simply? Pure design genius.

Happy weekend friends! May you find something that inspires you.

photo cred: {matthew stadler & publication studio via zero 1 magazine}

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defined : lounge.


verb. to rest or recline indolently; loll OR noun. the most comfy way to make your guests feel right at home.

photo cred: {kate harrison via green wedding shoes} {sunny 16 photography via green wedding shoes} {gabriel ryan photographers via 100 Layer Cake}{ace hotel by lane dittoe via wedding chicks} {via 100 Layer Cake by gabriel ryan photographers}

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friday find : something to celebrate!

It’s Friday! AND… was SUNNY today! Yippee!

I couldn’t help but do a little happy dance in my driveway this morning when I stepped out and felt that glorious warmth touch my face. It felt as though there were so many things to celebrate this Friday:

1. Sun! It deserved a second mention.

2. It’s Superbowl weekend! What does that mean? A super chipper hubby and a no-guilt weekend full of non-stop mini-bites, pizza and beer. Who are you rooting for?

3. Tomorrow is Blog Brunch! If you’re a blogger and are looking to learn more about sponsorship and monetizing then stop by for brunch!

4. My adorable new vintage glasses above! They just sing “celebrate with me!” and were definitely a highlight on a recent estate sale trip.

5. Some pieces from my scout. collection get to come out and play this weekend at BLOGSHOP!

6. Despite waiting a loooonnnnggg time at the doctor’s office this afternoon (2 hours to be exact!), I found out that hip surgery might not have to happen! I’ve been struggling with significant hip pain for over a year now, and was SUPER relieved to find out that a shot of pain killers might just do the trick. Cross your fingers for me on Monday!

7. I’m planning a trip to Europe with my little sis! Coli and I will be spending 6 weeks traveling Europe this May/June and I CANNOT wait! I’ll be mapping out our route this weekend.

8. Oh, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What do you have planned?

Happy Weekend friends!!



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friday find: take a seat.

some fresh finds. that super tall (perfect for a bar area!) chest is one of my favs! the brass detailing is insane!

happy weekend friends!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}


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friday find: dressing the tabletop.

I’ve been dying to get back into full time scouting. My vacation and a couple new (although VERY exciting!) projects have slowed me down a bit from finding new items to add to my collection, but yesterday I hit the pavement again in search of some pretty tabletop wares to add to the mix.

My goal is to get plenty of adorable china in all mismatchy patterns, so that any guest count (1 – lots) can enjoy the prettiness that can come from an eclectic table setting. There is such an unexpected charm that comes from mistmached china on a tabletop and I’m so excited to be offering more options to my clients.

I’m actually delivering a bunch of china pieces to a baby shower this weekend and I’ve had so much fun tonight picking out the exact pieces to take. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are all unique – they’re all bring their own little flair to the party.

I hope you have a great winter weekend!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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scout. launch party!

It’s always the best feeling in the world when a design you’ve spent many months tossing and turning about in your mind finally comes to life! Last month, I had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Trophy Cupcakes and showcased my scout. vintage rental co. collection in their adorable party room. The whole evening was SUCH a blast and I was so excited that so many of you came out to see my loot!

When dreaming up a way to share my collection my 1st thought was: “oh my gosh, how will I ever make it all fit?!” and 2nd…”I want people to be inspired.” The whole intention behind my vintage rental biz is to encourage others to find beauty in things that might otherwise be considered past their expiration date. I absolutely adore repurposing old items into new designs, and threaded that passion into a lot of the party details for the launch.

I wanted the overall design to emphasize the immense amount of color that I have within my collection. Blue chairs, green tables, orange enamel colanders. I’m obsessed with color and the party was nothing short of a color explosion!

My dear sweet friend McKenzie who also happens to be one of the most AH-MAZ-ING floral designers in Seattle, was kind enough to offer her own dose of color to the party with some stunningly gorgeous florals. The second McKenzie arrived the morning of setup I was flabbergasted by her floral choices for the party. Are those gigantic neon pink peonies not the most amazing things you’ve ever seen?! So so good. Thank McKenzie!!!

The entire design for the room started with the ceiling. I’ve been collecting vintage fabric for sometime and I really wanted to create a vibrant fabric canopy over the party. After many tireless hours of knot tying the canopy came to life. I also incorporated an installation in the center of the room using the wire skeletons of old lampshades. Thank you Adam, Heather & Kate for your additional hands with setup & prep! Couldn’t have done it without ya!

My green hutch is definitely one of my favorite pieces and I was so excited to use it as one of the focal points of the room. The cocktail & cupcake party wouldn’t have been complete without some champagne and little mason jars & thanks to Hads, Emma & Christa everyone had drinks in hand through the night! Thanks gals!

One of the things that I was really adamant about with regards to my scout. marketing is that I didn’t lose the vintage aspect of the brand in the details. I cringed at the idea of using a modern looking business card to promote my business. So after a bit of deep thinking I came up with the idea of using vintage used postcards (some of the one’s I’ve found have dated back to the early 1900’s!) and placing a sticker on top of them with all my info.

I have this really crazy rad mint colored mattress frame that worked perfect for displaying my biz postcards during the event. I filled the mattress with a bunch of pillows I’ve found while scouting and a few I made on my own from leftover fabric.

I also really wanted the party to be a direct reflection of the personality of the pieces. I’d been dying to name each piece for sometime and figured the party was the perfect way to kind of say “hello my name is” for each unique piece. My buddy Amy (a stellar graphic designer who is currently revamping the scout. brand) suggested I use library cards in bright colors from the adorable paper co. Knot & Bow to display the names and details of my items. GENIUS! I was swooning over the library cards when they arrived in the mail, and after multiple attempts to get that “vintage typewriter” look (I actually begged my printer to cooperate during a 4am debacle) I was incredibly pleased with how they turned out!

Overall, I’m ecstatic with how the party turned out, and I was so grateful for the generosity of all of the people that stopped by. The party left me with visions of my own storefront one day, and I can’t thank Jennifer and her team at Trophy enough for all of their help in making the party a total success!!!

P.S. Thank’s to Mo for all the great shots and for being there to capture the night!

photo cred: {Mo Hines Photography}


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friday find: the parisian flea.

One year ago this week I was frolicking through Europe solo, soaking in every last drop of gorgeousness that I possibly could. The one thing that I loved the most about my trip was the aged textures, century old architecture and nostalgic feeling of every last corner and crevice. Europe is just oozing with a distressed lovliness that is unmatched by any other place I’ve ever visited and I’ve reminisced about the “oldness” daily since my trip.

I didn’t have many regrets about my 7 week adventure but the one thing I wished over and over again was that I had a whole truck load of room to ship home tons of parisian flea market goodies. Since launching scout. there have been multiple moments when I wished I had access to those endless piles of treasure. Luckily there’s etsy where fantastic vintage finds direct from France are only a few clicks away.

Some of my favorite vintage french finds while perusing etsy today…

photo cred: tins {marmamamma} bottles {vintagefrenchlinens} cookie tin {sweetbrocante} dress form {paris couture antiques} pink buttons {ruby beets} cafe table {maison de larue} chandelier {paris couture antiques}

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2nd saturdayz.

Holy Flea Market!

Today I woke Adam up bright and early (okay. no. really he woke ME up as I slept right through the first and apparently, second alarm) at 7:22am so we could head over to our very first attendance to 2nd Saturdayz.

For more than two years I have been searching for a flea market opportunity in Seattle that happened on a consistent basis and was near my neck of the woods. Now don’t get me wrong, the Fremont Sunday Market is a great place to scope for antiques, but it just wasn’t feeding my soul in the way I expected, nor needed it to. I stumbled upon 2nd Saturdayz while following rabbit trails on other’s blogs (blog rabbit trails = my daily dose of happiness) and was immediately champing at the bit to attend.

My first opportunity to attend came in February but was overshadowed by my diligent prep around the Montmartre shoot (I wanted it PERFECT and therefore was all consumed – not the best business strategy I’m learning, but it’s where I was nonetheless). My second opportunity came in March, but my in-laws were in town that weekend and the last thing I wanted was for them to watch me hem and haw for 6 hours over a tattered railroad trunk – fun for me…NOT so fun for them. So….THIS Saturday marked my very first opportunity to excitedly and eagerly attend the market.

Adam and I arrived early with hopes to be the first peeps in line so I could: #1 – get first dibs at the best stuff (um, of course!) and #2 – to get the door prize (a goodie bag full of easter goodies – okay not an outrageously amazing thing, but who doesn’t like free stuff? – score!). Well #1 definitely happened, but #2 not so much…this thing is P-O-P-U-L-A-R!

We arrived to a line waiting outside the door and as we stepped in line I felt the rush. That rush. My rush. The rush I get when I know I am about to do something that truly, deeply, and insurmountably makes me excited and exhaustedly happy. Scouting for antiques and vintage pieces has to be one of my MOST favorite things to do and fortunately I have a husband/best friend who will bear it (*to an extent and most of the time).

As we entered the flea, I did what I always do….blink frantically, walk in a zig-zag pattern, and touch/feel/prod/and grab anything that sparked that creative rush inside me. Well lucky enough for me I found what I was looking for….a flea that gave me that rush on a consistent basis for almost 3 HOURS! Yep, for 3 hours I scavenged…picking things up, turing them over, asking about their history, brainstorming where the piece would fit (in my life? in my home? in my business? in my designs? in future weddings/shoots?) because although I wish I could buy everything that my eye touches, it’s of course just not possible…why? Cost. Cost. Cost. Antiques are cool…not so cool 10 years ago to my generation, but REALLY cool now, AND with that cool = huge markups and some serious bartering from me. So much bartering in fact that I often spend the drive home debriefing about my bartering skills. “Did I push too hard? Did I not push hard enough? Should I have bartered from the get go? Should I not have bartered at all?” I agonize over these details because as with anything social there appears to be a standard practice. And although I consider myself a “seasoned antique shopper” I am not an expert on the standard practice including bartering just yet, but someday I will get there, why? Because I love this scouting SO SO much that I won’t stop til’ I am the *expert scouter* – plus all those episodes of American Pickers aren’t hurtin’ either!

All of these thoughts fill my brain as we drive home with our trunk (in this case car) full of goodies.

And as I find my way in my business, and in my new path, I constantly question where this passion, rush and obsession with antiques will lead me. I know it can only lead me somewhere if I actually listen to this passion. I of course do my best to incorporate all of the pieces I buy into my designs, but I feel like there is a BIGGER and BETTER way to share my love for antiques with others. There is just something so honest, so raw and so beautiful about a second hand vintage piece…it has a story; it has a life of its own. And THIS deserves to be shared.

Sharing coming soon…

For now, check out a few pics from my attendance at 2nd Saturdayz. For those of you in the Seattle area 2nd Saturdays happens on the 2nd Saturday (um well, yeah!) of every month from January through December, except May. Check it out! P.S. There is an entrance fee of $10 before 10am, $5 after 10am…but believe me, you WANT to be there before 10am. You just do.

how perfect is this location?! antiques = re-cyling & re-loving!

2nd Saturdayz is very much in the direction of a rustic/distressed vibe. I’m eager to find other fleas around the Seattle that offer pieces of different genres/eras too…wanna diversify my collections for sure but this was a great flea to hit up!

My most favorite finds of the day! These seltzer bottles immediately became prized possessions for me for a couple of reasons: 1. They remind me of Paris. When I was in Paris last fall wandering the fleas, I stumbled upon an ENTIRE table filled with these beautiful bottles. I stood in awe of them for many minutes even snapping one of my most favorite detail pics from my trip in their presence (see below). When I look at these bottles I am catapulted back to a time that made me feel so alive and so free…that’s a great feeling; 2. I bartered my tail off for these babies! Count out 1 1/2 hours of dancing with the vendor, leading to a 21% savings from the originally marked price. Heck yes. Go me!

Parisian bottle love.


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friday find: a bit of burlap.

One of the things that I’ve realized in the past couple of weeks is how much I tend to recycle, reuse and refurbish items and objects that would to some be considered trash or something to be disposed of. I find so much beauty in things that are tattered, well worn and on the verge of being forgotten. I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving new life and new purpose to these objects, and I have found an extreme passion and purpose in being eco – friendly in my business practices.

This past week I visited this *SUPER DUPER* amazing warehouse in Ballard called Seattle Burlap. Seattle Burlap, which is a division of UpCycle Northwest, is a non-profit organization that offers beautiful coffee burlap sacks to any customer willing to give them new life. I was in complete and utter shock when I walked into the warehouse and was greeted with thousands of bags all covered in these incredibly beautiful graphics. The bags come from the most exotic of locations ranging from Brazil to Costa Rica to Guatuamala to Mexico… What’s even more amazing, is that these HUGE bags are incredibly affordable ranging anywhere from $2-5 each for the art quality bags. Awesome, right?!

I gobbled up a ton of them, and am so stoked to incorporate them into Vanessa and Tony’s upcoming wedding in Mexico this month. The coffee bags are a perfect touch for the coffee lover that is: Vanessa. I’m super excited to reuse these beauties, and they will definitely be my big project next week…yipee!!

***If you want to do your part to reuse and recycle and if you’re in the Seattle area, visit Seattle Burlap by emailing: The warehouse is located conveniently in Ballard and is just east of the Ballard Bridge.

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