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friday find : take a guess game!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of thrifting through the slushy Salt Lake City snow with another vintage loving Seattleite: Miss Danae of Gather & Hunt! We were able to snag a cab from The Grand despite the snow accumulation and ended up spending the afternoon rummaging through one of the local vintage malls and Decades (only the most gorgeously fabulous vintage clothing store I’ve ever seen!). I’m obsessed with the details, so I snagged a few up close and personal shots of some of my favorite shop finds and I’m hoping you might be able to guess what each item is! ***Answers below : )

I also took home a new yellow enamel pitcher to add to my growing kitchen collection, as well as a super duper fun sequined top in my favorite shade of blue. Let’s just say it was one successful afternoon! I definitely could have come home with a whole heck of a lot more, but my suitcases couldn’t handle the extra LB’s!

Looks like a roadtrip out to SLC is in the imminent future!

Anyone wanna tag along?

Happy weekend friends! *JB


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details in the dark.

Here I am. In bed. Eyes WIDE open, pondering what the future holds. And as I lie here I find myself doing what I usually do when I’m floating around aimlessly in my own head: I’m honing in on the details.

At 2:52am I can’t help but notice:

1. The sound of my english bulldog as she breaths in and out deeply. Big sighs. Little sighs. Long pauses. All signs of a dog perfectly content in her current state.

2. Light. Even in the dark, my bedroom curtains are iridescently visible in part to the back porch light I once again forgot to turn off.

3. Adam’s sleeping position: not quite on his back, not quite on his side. Both arms overhead. Head turned slightly to the right. Blankets strewn.

4. Tummy grumbling. It’s mine. And TOTALLY typical even after a filling dinner of spaghetti 7 hours earlier.

5. The lively sound of our neighbors wind chims as they swing to and fro in the wind, all the while competing with the sound of the rain painting the window.

6. A momentary creek of the house settling as it too takes a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the day.

7. Hair dancing. Yep, hair dancing. Thanks to the bit of light peeking in through the window I can see my hair gently moving to the song of the heater across from the bed.

6. Laundry. A detail, that although NEVER really goes unnoticed, rarely gets tended to these days. The 3 tops hanging from the side of my closet door definitely have zero chance of finding their place INSIDE my closet tomorrow, or anytime soon, for that matter. My apologies dearest clothes.

And even as I lie here, noticing the details of my life in the dark, I am transported back to my time in Paris. I go there in my mind. Remembering. Reminsicing. Feeling. Really letting in what it was that made me feel so alive. So full. So content. So genuinely happy.

Again and again, I find myself noticing, appreciating, absorbing, cherishing and grasping for the details. I continue to listen to the dark. I continue to really feel, letting the details wash over me until the only details that really matter are my own: eye lids closing, breath slowing, muscles relaxing…ah, finally. Sleep.

Jardin des Tuileries on my most favorite and last night in Paris.

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Candy Cane Greetings

All I want for Christmas is…a NEW printer! Wow. If there isn’t one thing to put me in a “Grinch-like” mood this holiday season, it’s a printer that doesn’t want to cooperate! Bah humbug!

Christmas cards this year have been anything less than, well…easy. After coming home from a long trip in Europe and being incredibly crunched for time, my hope was to create a “card” that was simple in design, but cute and quirky.  I wanted to include one of the photographs from our anniversary shoot taken this August with the amazing photography duo: Monica and Seth (love you guys!) of MoHines Photography, and also wanted to incorporate candy canes somehow…I think they are the most adorable thing this side of the North Pole!

After a bit of hair pulling, and some not so kind words shouted from the top of my lungs towards my printer including a lot of angry button pushing, I was able to convince my printer to half-crookedly (hmph!) print Christmas cards. I’d had the goal to make the cards very much greeting like (you know the open and close kind), but had to settle (one thing I am definitely NOT good at) for flat cards instead. I added candy cane liners to bright spruce colored envelopes and…voila! Our Christmas cards are officially in the mail! Happy Holidays everyone!

Front of card includes snippets from some of mine and Adam’s favorite holiday jingles…

Under the photograph on the back I added a holiday greeting, as well as the answers to the Holiday Tune quiz : )

P.S. Bailie Bug wants to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!


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Mom's Day

Celebrating Moms just seems like a no brainer. Moms are fantastic. They may drive us bonkers many times throughout our lives, but when I reflect back on all of my fondest moments spent with my Mom all I can do is smile.

My Mom  has been one of my biggest supporters and someone I strive to make proud. My Mom has been there through all of the ups and downs in my life and had such a tremendous part in creating who I am today. She is probably the most creative person I know and I am aware that any ounce of “craftiness” that I possess,  is a direct reflection of her. I miss my Mom all the time (she lives in Albuquerque – hopefully soon back in CO) and the distance seems to get even farther apart the longer I spend away from “home.”  I always know, though, that my Ma is just a phone call away…phew!

In the past year I have also gained a new Mom as well. My mother-in-law, Linda, is an amazing woman and I am so blessed to have her in my life. She did a BEYOND FANTASTIC job of raising the man I married, and I am so lucky to have such a kind, thoughtful, and supportive mom-in-law.

I wanted to make some Mother’s Day cards for the two moms in my life, and I wanted to personalize them in a way that included pictures from mine and Adam’s childhoods. The card I made for my mom includes a photograph taken by my Uncle Mike when I was only a toddler. It is one of my all time favorites and is one that makes me giggle every time I see it. The card I made for Linda includes a photo of Adam wearing Mickey Mouse ears during a family vacation to Disney Land. The look on his face is so mischievous and a look I’m sure he gave Linda many times before and after the picture was taken.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Linda. I am so grateful for the both of you and I love you so much! Thanks for all that you do!

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