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bow tie wednesday / 38.

Okay call me ridiculous if you’d like, but I love me some reality t.v.

There is nothing better than ending a super draining day by zoning out to some reality trashy goodness. One of my fav new shows is It’s A Brad Brad World. Yep – you can judge…cause I don’t care. I love Brad Goreski even if he caused drama-RAMA-RAMA with one of my other fashion favs Miss Rachel Zoe.

Okay in a nutshell this is how the story goes…Brad used to be Rachel’s assistant. Brad leaves Rachel. Rachel doesn’t like it. Brad starts his own styling biz. Rachel doesn’t like it. Brad doesn’t care. Brad starts his own show. Jenn loves it.

So long story short, I think Brad is adorable and the fact that he is often strutting around while wearing a vintage bow tie makes him that much more lovable. Oh, AND the finale of the show this season made me cry my eyes out. Gary’s 10 year anniversary gift to Brad was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. Their love for each other is absolutely inspiring!

photo cred: {mike rosenthal via refinery 29}


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defined : adore.


verb. to love and respect deeply OR to love something so much it hurts.

photo cred: {clayton austin via loveolio}

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pic me a palette : the love cake.

I’m all about the love on the blog today! For whatever reason I’m totally pumped about this year’s Valentine’s Day! I guess I look at it not only as a time to celebrate the love of an SO (significant other) but all the love in your life – friends, long lost acquaintances, pets, family, passion for fashion…etc. etc.!

I about fell out of my chair this morning when I spotted this ombre xoxo love cake over on Ruffled. You’ll have to definitely check out the rest of the fab shoot by Couture Events by Lottie here for more lovely inspiration! Yay for LOVE!

photo cred: {sara & rocky photography}

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valentine love.

Why is it that I always wait until the last minute to figure out something to wear for Valentine’s Day? Red? Pink? Just a little pop of color? Hmm. What to wear this year…what. to. wear?!

I’ve rounded up a few must have accessories and gift ideas for this year’s LOVEfest. How are you celebrating the day of love? Dinner? Low-key movie? Trip away? Night out with friends? The possibilities are endless!

photo cred: lips {via i heart makeup art} bag {marc by marc jacobs via net-a-porter} valentine accordion {the craft dept martha stewart} lace plunge {mimi holliday by damaris via net-a-porter} sequin hearts {} pink bamboo utensils {core bamboo via} xo earrings {cocodot} cupcake {georgetown cupcake} greeting card {rifle paper co.} off pitcher + cup {branch home}

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week in pins / 6.27 – 7.1

monday: marriage for all. it’s about darn time! so in love with these gorgeous photos of jose villa + joel serrato captured by elizabeth messina.

tuesday: i spent all day monday and tuesday at coordinator confab learning how to be an awesome coordinator and eating some super duper yummy grub at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

wednesday: i had been dying to try pinkberry ever since i became obsessed with red mango here in seattle. well…i finally got my chance at LAX and although i hate to admit it…pinkberry might have the edge!

thursday: i remember it like it was yesterday. the way he held my hand as we walked home in the dark. the way i snuck looks at him from across the table. i remember thinking that this guy could be “the guy.” 6 years ago today i met my best friend. he’s the person i look to for advice, humor, peace of mind, affection and most of all comfort. i love him more today than i did then, and i know i’ll love him more tomorrow.

friday: i’m super excited today! i’ll be helping my dear friend teressa set up her floral designs at a wedding today and tomorrow in woodinville. i’m so thrilled to support a friend, but also to learn more about working with florals…as it’s one of the areas of design i’m interested in learning more about. i’m so crazy fortunate to have art play such a major part of my daily life now and these paintings made me smile happy.

photo cred: m {love by elizabeth messina via style me pretty} t {be awesome poster via etsy} w {yogurt yumminess by mrsmcporkchop} th {me and adam by sarah rhoads} f {art by james gulliver hancock via decor 8 photo by decor 8}


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friday find: the $5000 globe.

I married a man who loves globes.

On one of our very 1st dates I remember him telling me how much he wanted one of those really big globes – you know the one’s that are like 5000 buckaroos and take up half the living room? Yeah, one of those ones.

I also vividly remember him once telling me on a shopping trip in Vegas (our 1st vacation together) that he wanted one of those marbled globes – you know the tiny, but SUPER heavy ones that appear to hold ZERO purpose except to sit on your desk and take up space? Yeah, one of those too.

Clearly globe investments are not something I particularly value.

In reflecting on his many globe “requests,” I find my lack of interest in globes particularly peculiar for a number of reasons:

1. World traveling is something I breath for. If I could live out of my suitcase 24/7 I would. Gross and unimaginable to most….fantastically scrumptious to me.

2. Globes are pretty (or at least most of them are). I like pretty things.

3. I suck at geography. Therefore wouldn’t I want something around that could help me become more geographically sound than I actually am?

4. I love my husband (this should probably have been #1 on the list, so I italizied it to award it for its importance). Shouldn’t I at least try to love the things he loves too?

5. I’m classic for having random junk (in my eyes UBER amazing antique knicknacks that others classify as “junk”) around my home. Why wouldn’t I want a pretty globe to add to my gorgeous array of junk?

6. Globes spin. That’s cool.

7. I’m obsessed with details. What could be more detailed than a round ball with dots and cities plastered all over it?

8. Globes remind me of all my nerdy science professors. I like nerds.

9. I love spending money on stuff. I’m really good at it actually, so why not buy a globe?

10. Globes are really, really rad (clearly this is something I’ve come to realize after our 1st year together).

Well lucky for him: his parents loved him enough to buy him one of those really heavy globes because his wife was too clueless to realize how awesome they really are. What’s NOT so lucky for him? He dropped the increadibly heavy, minimally purposeful globe on the way to work. He intended for it to sit on his desk. It never made it. Instead? It cracked. Bad. He tried not to cry. He said he didn’t. But I knew he must have wanted to. He loved that globe. A lot.

A few months ago, I was on one of my usual antique scouting trips and I spotted it. I knew I had to have it. Selfishly, I wanted it because it was one of those antiques that just made my heart flutter. Lovingly, I knew how much it would mean to him. To have a globe again. In our home. Globe for him. Pretty for me. Something that we could both love.

It didn’t cost me 5000 buckaroos and it’s not heavy. But it’s a globe. A really pretty one at that. And it lives at our house.


Happy LONG weekend friends!


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friday find: “dice” a dozen.

One of the things I love most about my husband AND least about my husband is his passion for playing board games. It is the most endearing thing in the world to watch how excited he becomes when a Scrabble board, or a deck of cards is pulled from its dusty hiding place…he does this little happy dance with his eyes, as he frolic’s around like a young kiddo restlessly anticipating Christimas morning…it’s adorable. Really it is. But on the flip side of that, it’s totally awful. Why? Well I kind of, maybe, sort of hate board games.

I know! I know! Who in their right mind would even admit to such a horrific thing?! Well, I’m admitting it, right here and right now: I HATE board games. I hate them, not because they’re not an entertaining thing to do on a cold, blustery raining Wednesday evening here in Seattle, but because I HATE to lose. I’m ridiculous! I pout until the cows come home after losing in a “friendly” match of Scattegories or Monopoly. My competitive edge is a tad too competitive, and out it comes in a ferocious fury when that die is rolled and I don’t walk away fist pumping the air in victory.

So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement a couple weeks ago…I was out on one of my random scouting trips, at one of my favorite vintage spots, and there it was. A big humongous jar of dice. Okay. I know. How excited can one really become over a jar of dice? Well, let’s just say I did my own little happy dance right then and there in the middle of the shop, not even caring that some dear sweet old gal was judging my dance from across the way.

The jar full of dice for me was that perfect combo of Adam and I put together. His love of games. My love of antiques. And our love for each other – right there in that jar.

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