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sunday dreaming / 35.

dreaming of…

clean laundry.

photo cred: {from buenos aires to paris}

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storybook posters.

inspired by the creativity of these children’s book posters. clever, huh?

photo cred: {square inch design}

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happy happy 2012!

can you believe 2012 is already here? i feel like just yesterday i was launching BT&B and ringing in 2011…wow how the time flies!

i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about life (that’s kinda what the new year brings, right?!) and have decided to call this year: the year of HEALTH. i’m planning on focusing on my mental, emotional and DEFINITELY physical health this year since a lot of my self care has gone straight down the tube with the launch of two new businesses in 2011. my goal is to put “me” first a bit more this year and focus on the things that matter most: health and well being.

i have no doubt that scout. and BT&B will continue to run the show in my life, but i can’t wait to let my resolutions start working their magic on my new year.

did you set resolutions this year? what are your goals, dreams, plans for the coming 365 days?

i wish you all the best in the year to come and i can’t wait to see what the future holds! happy new year!

photo cred: {design sponge}


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last minute.

What’s that saying? If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done? Um. Yeah. Nothing like leaving a whole boat load of stuff to complete before heading outta town tomorrow. On the agenda?

1. Finish up gift wrapping. 2. Start DIY recipe for family. 3. Finish chevron-ing floors for Trophy. 4. Start paper chandeliers 5. Get the last of my x-mas cards out the door. 6. Pack. 7. Load the car. 8. B-Bug bath & teeth brush. 9. Shower (hopefully). 10. Water dead Christmas tree. 11. Clean up house for landlord inspection the day we get back. 12. Stuff Adam’s stocking. 13. Oil change. 14. Blog posts x 5 for vaca. 15. Print labels for upcoming art show. 16. Find the time to get pedicure. 17. Schedule next PT appointment. 18. Remember why I love the holidays. 19. Nag Adam about last minute shopping for his parents. 20. Watch love,actually. 21. Sleep for at least 2 hours before we leave.

I hope you are getting all those last minute details completed for your own holiday celebrations. I love this time of year SO much, but it always seems to be overshadowed by all those last minute to do’s.

Whelp, they’ll all get done eventually, right?

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}

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sunday dreaming / 32.

dreaming of…

a wintery stroll with my love.

Adam and I are packing up the car on Friday and driving the 20 hours back home to Colorado for Christmas. I’m crossing my fingers for good road weather (I hate driving in the snow!) and so looking forward to some chill days with my family. I’m also hoping to sneak in a snow stroll with Adam. There is nothing better than trekking through the snow in the evening when everything is super quite and serene and the snowflakes are brushing against your face. I can’t wait for Christmas!

photo cred: {paul sheaffer via society 6}

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under the weather.

I’m beginning to understand what the term “feeling under the weather” really means. For the past two days my head has felt as though its being pressed against by the dreariest rain cloud imaginable! Being sick is zero fun, especially when it prevents you from doing anything but curling up on the couch and willing your health back. Only bonus? I’m now addicted to that show Revenge (if you haven’t seen it…get on board!) and I finally feel like I’m catching up on some much needed sleep!

Any genius cold remedies I should know about?

photo cred: {street art utopia}

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bow tie wednesday / 27.

fashion icon + bow tie.

photo cred: {by sasha simone via house of paillon}

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i’ve got an idea baking…


for the past couple of weeks i’ve been brainstorming up some ideas for a new project i’m working on, and i think some pretty rad stuff is finally starting to rise. we shall see…

photo cred: {spicy ice cream}

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happy turkey day friends! i’m spending the day with loved ones and thinking of all the things i’m thankful for. topping the list? adam. my amazing friends + fam. travel. and definitely pie.

hope you’re having a wonderful day and filling your belly with loads of mashers & turkey!

photo cred: {fall in paris by jenn elliott blake}

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so simple. so genius.

There are times in life when you just have to simply scratch your head and ask: “why didn’t I think of that?” This rad dot art made me do just that.

The artist cut out hundreds and hundreds of dots, bullet points and full stops from newspapers then complied them onto a board. Um – GENIUS.

How rad would something like this look as a photo booth backdrop or as escort cards with the guests names stenciled on top? Rad. Rad. Rad.

Totally inspired by simplicity on this gloomy Monday day.

Hope you all are having a great start to your week!

photo cred: {photographed by will sadovski via behance}

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bow tie wednesday / 22.

um, how cute is this little guy with his navy bow tie and crazy cool glasses?! come on! and the balloons? what a perfect reminder to enjoy and celebrate during tonights scout. party. what a year this has been.

photo cred: {auburn soul photography via a few of my favorites}


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my apologies…

my apologies for being a bit absent from blogging lately. this week has been super duper crazy banana nuts with all the prep for our scout. launch party tomorrow night. i’ve been shredding fabric, scoutin’ for last minute rad pieces, and party planning up a storm. all of this has left zero time for my dear old blog. BUT i promise that all will be back to normal soon.

photo cred: {michelle rubin}

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a sunday outing.

1 Adam + 1 Steve + 1 Jenn + 1 onion, potato & cheese piroshky + 1 large beechers mac & cheese + 1 baked pork hombow + 1 steamed pork hombow + 1 crab cheese wonton + 1 macaroon brownie + 1 salmon sample + 1 mini pumpkin cheescake + 1 onion, potato & mushroom piroshsky + 1 chocolate croissant + 1 bunch of asparagus, an arm full of flowers & 1 baguette for dinner at home = 3 FULL bellies and empty pockets.

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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a seattle bloggers meet & greet.

Blogging can feel pretty lonely at times especially if you don’t have a gigantic readership and lots of daily comments. You begin to wonder if anyone actually even reads your blog posts or views your images & chitter chatter. I end up asking myself at least once a week “what’s really the point of blogging?” And then within seconds I’m smacked across the head with the realization that 1. I really LOVE blogging and 2. It’s MY place where I can get all creative and such. Free from any limitations.

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and despite finding some blogging buddies via twitter, very very very few of the people I know in Seattle actually have a blog and even fewer blog on a consistent basis. Again, it can be pretty lonely in bloggers land if you don’t actively pursue bloggy friends.

So, I was all too excited when I received the most adorable email invite a couple months back. Jenny of hank & hunt and Lyndsey of the stationary place had both recently moved to Seattle and thought it a great idea to connect with other Seattle area bloggers. So what did they do? They threw a little shindig and invited people….uh genius, right?! Good grief, why didn’t anyone else do this sooner!? I’ll never know, but I was so glad that Jenny and Lyndsey made it happen.

The meet and greet came on the heels of one of my summer weddings. After getting home at nearly 3am the night before I had zero energy (make that negative zero) to attend the party. And as much as I hate admitting it, I was REALLY REALLY REALLY not in the mood to put my party shoes on. I was in other words…being a t0tal sourpuss, BUT thanks to my unwavering cheerleader of a husband I was egged to go with the words “just do it” and “you never know who your gonna meet”. So, I went. AND I didn’t regret it. AT ALL.

Jenny and Lyndsey had decorated the Trophy Cupcake party room in the most adorable way (streamers! tissue pom poms! and triangle garland! YES!) making it easy to smile and be thankful for the day. I met some of the most amazing bloggin’ ladies and even caught up with my dear friend Miss Maggie. It was so inspiring to be in a room with a bunch of women who like me, see value and take pride in being bloggers. I was all to eager to get to know the gals at the party and Jenny and Lyndsey are now 2 of my fav bloggers in Seattle. I adore them to pieces!

So guess what? The hubs was right. Again. Ya never know who your gonna meet. This case? 2 new close pals. Yippppeeeee!

It also was impossible to be sleepy when you’re munching on Trophy cupcakes, High5Pie pie pops, Molly Moon icecream and Dry Soda fizzy yumminess! Can you say sugar high? Yes! Let’s just say I wasn’t so tired anymore : )

Thank you Jenny and Lyndsey for inviting me! I had such a blast!

photo cred: {adele from abigail resse photography}


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the cupcake misfortune.

Last night Adam made me cupcakes. Chocolate cake and buttercream icing wrapped in red gingham cups.

This morning my cupcake fell face first onto the countertop. I was reminded…there is beauty in that which is flawed.

Happy Monday my friends.

photo cred: {moi iPhone via instagram}

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