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defined: favor.


noun. small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception OR a chance to get creative and give ’em something they won’t chuck in the trash.

photo cred: {nutella via ruffled} {pencils by knot and bow} {succulents via austin wedding blog}

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s’more love.

Every since our beach bonfire over Labor Day weekend I can’t get s’mores outta my mind. They are so ooey & gooey & lovely & yummy! And I am officially claiming that I am now a s’more expert. That’s right folks…I make killer s’mores. I have this trick of melting the piece of chocolate next to the fire before it makes it between the graham and the mellow. Yep….AHHHHMAZING.

AND in my opinion s’mores make the most killer favor, dessert, or treat for your party or wedding guests, cause you’ve gotta be totally bananas not LOVE ’em!

Hmmmm. Speaking of s’mores and bananas…new dessert treat?!

photo cred: {design sponge} {jesi haack design} {just a taste} {annie’s eats} {elizabeth anne designs} {tennessee sugar}

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green wedding shoes feature!

I am officially calling today: green thursday! Why?

bow tie & bustle and some of my favorite wedding peeps were featured today! Our Montmartre Inspiration Shoot made its way onto the front page of Green Wedding Shoes!!! Green Wedding Shoes is only one of the most spectacularly awesome and popular wedding blogs out there, and the amazing Jen Campbell featured our shoot today on her blog! I’m incredibly honored to have my very first styled shoot posted on her site, and I am so thankful for all the amazing friends and industry pros that assisted me in making it happen!

Photography: Monica and Seth of MoHinesPhotography

Floral Design: Teressa of Cashmere Floral Design

Desserts: Judy of Tallant House

Makeup: Cris of Glamour Cris

Hair: Brittany of Bartlett Bridal

Dress: Pricilla of Boston courtesy of Calla Bridal

Vintage Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella

Studio: Chalk Studios

Event Design, Styling and Coordination: me as in bow tie & bustle

Hair accessories, veil and paper goods: bow tie & bustle


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montmartre inspiration shoot: part deux.

I’m over the moon excited to share the second batch of pictures (part one here) from the Montmartre inspiration shoot. These pics were shot by MoHinesPhotography and include some of my most favorite shots from the day, including the dessert table full of the most incredibly enticing French pastries one could wish for, and a vibrantly colorful graffiti wall – cause nothing says Montmartre like a little graffiti!

Thanks again to all of the amazing people who made this shoot possible! A total dream come true!

When I was dreaming up this shoot in Paris, THIS is exactly what I saw! So in LOVE! Gives me chills!

Another fab bouquet by Teressa. Stunning!

Too cute!

Gretchen is so fierce in this one!

If I had to choose a single pic from the shoot, the one above would be it. I’m obsessed!

The birdcage veil was made with netting I bought in Montmartre. I sewed together my most favorite vintage buttons to create the hairpiece.

I begged Mo to get one shot of just the wall for me…she didn’t disappoint. Thanks Mo!

Some of histories best known artists (Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas, Picasso) painted and lived in Montmartre during their day, and even now this amazing area of Paris bursts at seams with resounding art influence – putting art at the heart of my design. I wanted to make sure to pay tribute to Place du Tertre (a square beneath the watchful eye of the Basilique du Sacre Coeur) where artists set up their easels, canvases and umbrellas daily with the hopes of selling one of their masterpieces. Teressa suggested that we use the canvas as a guest book so I painted it with splashes of paint the night before and we all made our mark at the shoot : )

I used a distressed drop lead table, this adorable antique mirror and a rusty mailbox to create a “well wishes” table. The word “cartes” means letters in French. Each postcard had a different french poster on the front with many of them focusing on the infamous Moulin Rouge.

French bistro chairs…so in love with these gems.

The reception table was created using a distressed white picnic table, a picnic bench and adorable french bistro chairs I borrowed from a local cafe named Odd Fellows (if you’ve never been there…check it out…very yummy!). I used textured pillows in various patterns to give the table setting some depth and hung a yellow chandelier I found vintage over the top of the table.

Bonne Maman jelly is something you cannot miss in France. It’s everywhere. I used it here as a favor, tying a chalkboard tag around each jar with burlap. Chalkboard detailing was included in many aspects of the shoot, including the dessert table banner, various signage and the paper goods, since this form of marketing is used all over Paris in the floral and food markets. Teressa filled the table with pops of yellow, red and green flowers including ranunculus and parrot tulips. No two pieces of silverware on the table were alike giving the table an eclectic and whimsical touch. I couldn’t imagine the setting without a cup and saucer as cafe au lait and chocolate chaud are dining staples for Parisians. The black and white polkadot napkins were made with fabric I’d found at a local craft store and the setting was finished off with adorable red ranunculus by Teressa.

I used fabric and twine to create bunting across the wedding cake. This cake created by Judy Tallant of Tallant House is called “ruffled panties” – love it!

I used a vintage green hutch to create a dessert “table” which was layered with the most mouth-watering French pastries one could imagine and mini jars of French jelly to complement the almond croissants. The hutch was decorated with varying shades of fringed patterned fabric, more paper pinwheels, and a “bon appetite” banner. Judy from Tallant House masterfully created eclairs, french macaroons, tiny palimiers, teeny tarlets and the some of the most fantastic almond croissants I’ve ever tasted. I included mini Bonne Maman jellies on the table to complement the croissants. A wood window frame was used above the table with red ranunculus to create the effect of a french balcony.

I created the dessert stands by gluing antique silver platters to the bottom of glass drinking glasses. I then place the glasses over a pile of colorful buttons, labeling them with a chalk font.

The save the date listed out all the available pastries along with the phrase “Adore pasteries? Adore us? See you in Paris.”

I handcrafted the paper suite using red paper doilies as envelope liners, a red button and twine. I placed the words “I love you” in multiple languages in red, yellow, green and black across the top and bottom of the invitation, reply card and thank you note as a means to represent the “Love Wall” in Montmartre. I used a font that reminded me of chalk as a means to tie in the other chalkboard details throughout the design.

Event Design, Styling and Coordination: bow tie & bustle | Photography: MoHinesPhotography | Floral Design: Cashmere Floral Design | Desserts: Tallant House | Makeup: Glamour Cris | Hair: Bartlett Bridal | Dress: Pricilla of Boston courtesy of Calla Bridal | Vintage Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella | Studio: Chalk Studios | Hair accessories and veil: bow tie & bustle | Paper Goods: bow tie & bustle


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montmartre inspiration shoot: part un.

I’ve never felt more alive than I did when I was in Montmartre. Montmartre is about a 20 minute metro ride outside the center of Paris and is an area of the city that has this raw, dark, whimsical edge to it that just makes my heart sing. It may be the monstrous hills that make you question your choice of attire for the day; or the Basilique du Sacre Coeur which entices you to gaze up towards the heavens; or the graffiti soaked rooftops and store fronts that bring a certain juxtaposition and mystery to the all the gray; or the big red windmill that stands proudly above the Moulin Rouge almost forcefully enticing you to catch a glimpse of the most famous cabaret of all; or Place du Tertre which is overrun with artists and portraitures alike; or the rows and rows of cafe chairs that when occupied make you feel like you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones. It would be near impossible for me to pinpoint just one thing that’s most spectacular about Montmartre…put simply: it’s all fabulous, it’s all Parisian and it’s all inspiring!

For the past 5 months I have spent an immense amount of time looking inward and asking myself where my passions lie and what types of things truly fill my soul. One thing I’ve realized most is that details (and I mean every detail, down to chipped paint and busted door locks) make me truly happy – and I’m talking pure genuine, butterfly in your stomach, smiling to the point of exhaustion happy. And over the past five months I’ve realized that there was this intense need/desire/burning sense of urgency within me to create a styled inspiration shoot paying tribute to my favorite place in the world, while also celebrating all of the little details that make life fabulous!

Many of my intentions as a wedding designer and coordinator is to encourage other’s to see the beauty in life’s details and to encourage brides and grooms to intertwine these details into their wedding day. I encourage them to pinpoint the things that feed their own souls, that reflect their own personalities and relationship and to make these things known and present on their big day.

I’m absolutely giddy to finally be sharing the neverending stream of details of the design with you…can you say: french macaroons, vintage umbrellas, a big black tulle bow, antique green gloves, a red bike, a pinwheel backdrop, vintage furniture, chalk, miniature bonne maman jellies, buttons, stunning flowers, dominos, a tree-branch umbrella, mouth-watering pastries, graffiti, a yellow chandelier, and red lips?!

Along with the support of some amazing wedding creatives my little slice of Montmartre came to life, and I couldn’t be prouder! But before I let the oogling begin, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to: Monica, Teressa, Cris, Brittany, Judy, Jodell, Yachi, Gretchen, Seth, Adam and Erik – this shoot would not have come to fruition with out your amazing contributions and talent!

Oh and these photographs….compliments of the AMAZING duo of Monica and Seth Hines – you two are beyond.

My stunningly beautiful friend Gretchen. She was the absolute best person to be our model for the day as she is achingly gorgeous and was just a bride herself this past fall! Also, what is a Parisian photo shoot without a little Eiffel Tower??!

Gretchen’s makeup was flawless. Cris did such an amazing job giving Gretchen those fantastic bright red lips!

We were privileged with the most amazing lighting in Chalk Studios.

Red, green, yellow and black instantly took front stage in the design, as these colors are key players in this area of Paris. I handcrafted this paper pinwheel backdrop using brightly colored and patterned card stock…my fingers were sore for days, but it was SOOOO worth it – I loved how it turned out. The pinwheel concept was meant to pay tribute to the many beautiful windmills throughout the hills of Montmartre.

Brittany of Bartlett Bridal did an amazing job on Gretchen’s hair creating a low messy bun with just the right amount of loose pieces….so adorable!

A french shutter was an absolute MUST. And isn’t that bouquet to DIE for! Teressa from Cashmere Floral Design has some serious talent!

I’m soooo in love with this distressed turquoise green french bistro chair I found in the rain in a “junk” yard. It reminded me of all the exquisitely distressed chairs in Paris.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Calla Bridal generously loaned this adorable Priscilla of Boston gown which I chose because the silhouette reminded me of the many carousels throughout Montmartre. I added a petticoat underneath to give it even more flair.

The black bow! OOOHHHH! I couldn’t imagine this shoot without a humongous bow on top of Gretchen’s head. I used black tulle to create a “headband” sort of piece with the tulle singing loud and proud atop her head. I wanna wear this thing around town!

Nothing says “french” more to me than a gigantic baguette! The adorable wicker basket is actually a purchase from Paris.

AND the umbrellas. Aren’t they just fantastic?!! All the umbrellas are vintage and were provided by Bella Umbrella in Seattle. I wanted to incorporate the umbrellas because they reminded me of the intricately decorated carousels in Montmartre. I’m so head over heels for the yellow one above!

This “umbrella” on the other hand was a fantastic piece found by Erik who owns Chalk Studios where the shoot took place. Us Seattleites couldn’t imagine not using it in the shoot….so cool!

I was so excited about these green gloves. I found them at an antique store and just had to incorporate them. The number 13 in dominos represents the “wedding day” which took place on February 13th.

Judy from Tallant House was able to craft the most adorable French macaroons…yummy!

There was no way I could design a Parisian shoot without incorporating a bicycle! This one an old vintage Schwinn that I had painted red.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the details including a graffiti wall, desserts and more!

Event Design, Styling and Coordination: bow tie & bustle | Photography: MoHinesPhotography | Floral Design: Cashmere Floral Design | Desserts: Tallant House | Makeup: Glamour Cris | Hair: Bartlett Bridal | Dress: Pricilla of Boston courtesy of Calla Bridal | Vintage Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella | Studio: Chalk Studios | Hair accessories and veil: bow tie & bustle | Paper Goods: bow tie & bustle


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board number 2: winter

It snowed in Seattle yesterday, and as I took my afternoon run through the largest snowflakes I’ve seen in quite some time, I couldn’t help reminiscing about my childhood as a kid back in Colorado…winter blizzards that kept us home from school; turning our flat driveway into a make believe ice skating rink, while using my Keds as skates; snow angels and bright red noses; big, BIG winter coats, sledding down the big hill behind my grammie and grandpa’s house; and snow clumps clinging to our doggies fur coats.

Winter is something that is not absent from the streets of Seattle, just, less “wintery” on most days I guess. This is my 4th winter in Seattle and although we get glimpses of snow and temperatures low enough to see your breath, I still find myself missing Colorado winters…big blustery winters.

So as I peer outside this morning, clinging to the last patches of snow on the grass of my neighbors lawn, I cant help but imagine wintery nuptials. So, as a means to keep my winter daydreaming at bay, I created an inspiration board of my ideal winter wedding wonderland.

Happy Wednesday!


photo credits:

row one: Laura Murray Photography Cori Cook Floral Design | Our Labor of Love | W + K Studio | Joshua Mullock Photography | Andrea Dozier Boutique Photography

row two: Ruffled | B & G Photography | West Elm | bow tie & bustle | Float Away Studios

row three: Carly Mitchell | Design Sponge | Sakura Photo


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The Knot

While planning our wedding last year, I spent hours and hours (actually days and days) on being inspired by the dresses, flowers, colors, cakes, venues and more available on their website. Along with my online endeavors, I poured through multiple magazines, immersing myself in all things weddings – I just couldn’t get enough, and to this day I still spend many of my mornings looking at the latest wedding blogs to see what is up and coming in the world of weddings. One of my most favorite parts of a wedding are (of course) the paper details. Whether it be the invitations, save-the-dates, menus, escort cords, table numbers or programs, I LOVE seeing all the beautiful ways that brides and grooms use paper to enhance the beauty of their weddings.

A few weeks after our wedding last August, my wedding photographer Becky Young and I sent in some photographs to The Knot. Throughout the planning process, I had dreamed of my wedding one day appearing on a wedding blog, or in a bridal magazine, or even if I was very lucky on To my surprise and total excitement, I got all 3 of my wishes! One by one I got messages from Becky and my amazing floral designer Cori Cook telling me a few of the places our wedding was being featured including Style Me Pretty. The biggest surprise of all came when I received an email from the editor of The Knot Magazine stating that they wanted to use our wedding in the “Just Married” section of an upcoming issue! My excitement continued as I read further along in the email and realized that we would also be making it onto their website….that same website I had spent all of those many hours scanning through. I was practically jumping up and down as I screamed to Adam to come and read the email to double check that I wasn’t daydreaming.

Well, it wasn’t a dream and I am so excited to share that Adam and I’s little wedding is being featured in the Fall/Winter 2010 edition of The Knot Colorado Magazine (pg. 39), as well as on The! I can’t believe the day has finally arrived, and even when I received our copy on our doorstep a few weeks ago I had to literally pinch myself!

Included in this post are some of my favorite photographs from our day. I’ve included some of the “paper” details from our wedding as well; which, by the way, would not have come to fruition without the help of my amazing mom – thanks mom!

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I said “I do” to my very best friend and the best guy I have ever met. I consider myself amazingly lucky everyday to have found a man that supports me in every way that a person deserves to be supported – I love you Adam!

My mom and I created the escort cards incorporating vintage buttons that belonged to my grandmother. We also included her antique wooden spools by wrapping them in lace and placing the assortment on distressed (by my mom) spool racks. We finished the look by adding pearls.

I just had to have vintage blue mason jars in our wedding and through the help of my loving friends and family, and hours and hours of antique shopping, I was able to have various sizes of these beautiful jars throughout the ceremony and reception sites.

The ceremony programs also included hand painted doves and our initials on the back.

I wanted to include some pictures from our amazing engagement photo shoot with Becky into the wedding day details. I found an adorable journal of recycled paper with a stamp of the Eiffel Tower on the front, which we used  as our guest book. I tied gorgeous blue and light green ribbon around the seam and attached 3×5 photos on various pages throughout the journal leaving blank pages for our guests to sign.

Couldn’t resist showing another pic…my most favorite detail of the day.

One of my bridesmaids, Ellen, and I hand painted my table numbers. I wanted french details to be included throughout the day, so I decided to include the french wording of each corresponding table number.

Thanks to the help of my Mom and sisters, these adorable jars came to life and were given to our guests as favors.

Our gorgeous venue.

I placed vintage frames, passed down from family members, on our cocktail tables, including more of our engagement photos in them. My mom created the square table cloths using an amazing navy and white damask print I found. Each of the 5 cocktail tables had a different yellow vase and flower.

Using tiny clothespins and yellow ribbon we strung various baby pictures of both Adam and myself in the cocktail area. I attached navy and canary yellow cardstock to the backs of the photos to carry along our color scheme.

One of the two types of centerpieces created by Cori. She is so stellar at what she does! I told her what I was envisioning and without hesitation she created the floral arrangements of my dreams.

Thanks for taking a look at our special day!


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Girls Night In

I love any night when I can just sit and relax with girlfriends, veg out, and talk until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer.  It just never seems to happen enough, and when it does there are always stinky boys around to ruin all the fun!

So, I decided a few months ago that I wanted to have a great group of gals over for a night of just girl time. I kicked Adam out of the house (not really, he went to hang out with Kadi’s husband Bryan for a poker night) and invited my best buddies in Seattle to come over for a “Girls Night In” sleepover at my house last night. It was so much fun! We drank cosmos, flipped through tabloid magazines, listened to 80’s classics, and watched “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with Sarah Jessica Parker – total 80’s teen movie that I had never seen before….so good! It all brought me right back to those years of slumber parties as a kid, minus the cosmopolitans of course! I’ve included some pictures of the goodie bags I sent the girls home with this morning, because what’s a slumber party with out goodie bags, right?!

After plopping myself down on the couch this morning after the girls left, I thought about when Adam and I first moved to Seattle. I didn’t know anyone except Rachel (my buddy from nursing school and the maid of honor in my wedding last August) and now I have an AMAZING group of girls whom I’ve become so close with. Over the years I’ve met them through either work, mutual friends, or Adam’s best buddy Lars.  I am so lucky to have Kadi, Esther, Emma, Rachel, Alison, Alexis and Hadley in my life and I want to thank you girls so much for spending a night at my place, and giving me that reminder of how truly lucky I am to know each one of you! I love you girls!

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Pepperoni and Olives

If you don’t like pizza raise your hand….what??!!! No seriously, I have NEVER met a soul who doesn’t love a good old slice of pizza or wouldn’t at least eat a slice if it was offered to them.

Pizza is amazing. Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. When Adam and I were on our honeymoon in Italy last summer we got to indulge in some of the most fantastic pizza I have ever tasted, while in Venice. One slice of this scrumptious, gooey, yummy smelling (and tasting) delight was as large as a whole pizza here in the states….it was HUGE!!! And did I mention…AWESOME?!!!

Lucky for me I’m married to man who cannot get enough pizza, EVER. He is nearly begging me every night to have nothing other than “pizza for dinner”. This man is also obsessed with playing games…ya know, board games. So I decided what better way to spend time with great friends and also make my hubby REALLY, REALLY happy than to have a good ol’ pizza party/game night!

We did just that last night. We invited the Anderson clan over and had a blast playing games and eating…you guessed it…pizza!! The Andersons have truly become our family away from home and we love them so much. Bill and Krista actually took Adam in like a stray puppy during his time studying for the bar and he couldn’t have been more grateful. Lars was the best man in our wedding and his sister Kadi has become one of my most favorite people in Seattle.

I wanted our “pizza party” to feel like one of those fun parties I went to as a kid, so I ended the night with “goodie bags”/party favors complete with a pizza gift tag!  Here’s a few pics of the favors I created for our guests and a snapshot of the amazing pizza we ate in Italy…yummy!

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