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a winter bride.

As I stood in the longer than life post office line this week (ick!), one thing was glaringly apparent: the holidays are here! Oh yeah, that holiday buzz was definitely in the air as I felt the immense pressure to already stock up on those hot commodity holiday stamps…would 5 books cut it this year?!? Enter me biting my nails and shaking a bit knowing I’m already behind on the holiday card prep. Oh the stress!

AND with the holidays comes the thought of that winter bride. The one that isn’t afraid to go coatless for those magnificent ethereal snow shots…below freezing temperatures and all. Winter weddings are some of my favs for sure. There is such a beauty and nearly eery quiet to those winter months that just gives a unique romance and warmth to the day…ahhhh.

I about fell over when I saw these “winter bride” wears from BHLDN. There’s nothing better than a little sparkle and snow to compliment the holiday season and to bring the wintery wedding festivities to a whole n-other level.

photo cred: {BHLDN}

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creepy cool.

i hope you are having a spook-tacular day filled with face paint, pumpkin seeds and trick-or-treaters!

spending the night in with a dressed up pup and comfy fire.

photo cred: {peter gray shot by takahiro ogawa}

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bow tie wednesday / 20.

The second I spotted this art by alister mackie I couldn’t help but wish it was hanging smack dab in the middle of my office. Alister collected the bow ties from London and Paris markets over many years and the end result is just totally GORGEOUS!

art cred: {alister mackie via show studio}


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bow tie wednesday / 19.

How stinkin’ cute are these jeffrey campbell bow pumps and booties?!?! Spotted ’em while shopping the other day and couldn’t help but wish I was walking outta the store with them!

Too bad purchases during this time of year need to be directed towards others and not myself. Hmmm….there’s gotta be a way to rationalize these!

Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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sunday dreaming / 26.

dreaming of…

the perfect comfy grey sweater for every moment of the week.

photo cred: {isabel marant} {helmut lang} {thakoon} {doo.ri} {les prairies de paris}


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bow tie wednesday / 17.

As I transition my dear blog into something new and rather exciting, I couldn’t help but make this week’s bow tie wednesday extra special.

One of my intentions in immersing myself into the wedding industry was not only to follow a passion, but to shake things up a bit. In my previous life (that’s what I’m calling it these days) I worked as a nurse supporting couples through the major life transition of becoming new parents. One of the intentions of the program I worked for was to acknowledge the importance of father’s in the lives of their children, as well as the importance of them and their perspective in the couple relationship and those major life transitions. Let’s just say the intention of the program rocked me to my core and opened my eyes to a lot of the things I was often overlooking in my own wedding planning process…i.e. Adam.

I ended up very much wanting to bring a similar theory/perspective to the wedding industry. Like nursing, one of my favorite things about my role in the wedding industry is that I am still supporting couple’s through a significant life transition…this time? Marriage. AND like pregnancy, the bride (female) is often the primary focus of most every discussion leading up to the wedding day and even during the day itself. What does SHE want the wedding day to look like? How is SHE dealing with the stressors of wedding planning? What color suit does SHE want him to wear? Has SHE sent out the invites yet? What colors did SHE choose?

Now don’t get me wrong. My husband had ZERO desire to interject his opinion in which shade of yellow we chose for our day…he really didn’t care. He also didn’t care about a lot of the other decisions regarding the details of our day. BUT what I do know is that he did care about whether or not our day represented us as a couple and the journey we were about to embark on. He was also the guy that spent every night for an entire month cutting cardstock with me on the floor as we handcrafted our wedding invitations from scratch. Who got the glory? Me. Even though his hands were just as blistered and bloody as my own. I also know that in retrospect the guy knows a heck of a lot more about weddings and the pressures/stressors of marriage than I ever gave him credit for. AND his perspective is pretty darn hilarious and quite insightful most the time! So as an antithesis to all of those strictly bride focused blogs/websites out there….bow tie and bustle is gonna do things a bit differently.

Hopefully once a week, (if not more!) I intend to incorporate the male perspective into this blog…hence the new tag line “ideas for him. details for her. wedding inspiration for the creative pair.” Cause guess what folks! It is a “pair” of people who commit their lives to one another on that very special day. I really believe in my heart of hearts that there is an importance in having the perspective of the groom in the wedding planning process and my goal is to make that perspective heard and represented in an industry that consistently focuses on the “her” perspective only. I will also be incorporating that groom perspective in more of my inspiration posts (style boards etc.) as well as the real weddings that I post. It’s gonna be fun!

I also couldn’t imagine a better way to introduce the transition of the blog, than to make my dear sweet hubby and new guest blogger this weeks bow tie wednesday.

Is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! I sure think so!

Look for lot’s of changes around here in the coming week’s as bow tie & bustle shifts directions a bit.

Also, what do ya think of bow tie and bustle’s new mini face lift??! More on that soon!

photo cred: {sears circa 1984}

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bow tie wednesday / 15.

As fall rounds the corner, I’m starting to look towards spoofing up my incredibly lacking fall wardrobe. Last year I stumbled across the adorableness that is emmadime knitted and I’m still in complete awe of the knitted loveliness that emma masterfully creates. With a few Emmadime pieces already under my belt, I’m looking to snag a few more for this fall. It doesn’t hurt that her signature knit is the….BOW TIE!

I’m currently swooning over the bow scarf and big bow hair clip…which one is your fav??

P.S. If you’re lookin’ to be inspired check out Emma’s blog: emmadime. Super cute stuff on a daily basis! I absolutely adore her blog!

photo cred: {emmadime knitted}


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bow tie wednesday / 14.

if i did it all over again…this would be the dress. dying.

photo cred: {vogue via casilda se casa}

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bow tie wednesday / 13.

bow tie shoe clips by

photo cred: {}

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the short of it.

I don’t know if all brides have this experience, but every once in a while I get that feeling. The one where I wonder what it might have been like to wear another dress…one far different than the one I walked down the aisle in.

Not a ton of people know this, but I actually owned 2 wedding dresses on my wedding day. The 1st a short vintage flapper style dress that I worked a wicked bargain on leading to a pressured feeling that it was the “one”. And the 2nd, a long tiered lacy number which I lost sleep over and eventually wore down the aisle. The 1st still hangs in my closet – untouched and unloved. The 2nd makes a lasting impression in our wedding pictures that line the hallway in our home.

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVED my wedding dress, and have reminisced about it quite a bit this week as Adam and I celebrated year 2, but I’ve wondered what it might have been like to wear a short wedding dress…maybe even the one tucked away in the cave I call a closet?

Short dresses make legs look fantabulous, and allow you to wear a shoe that can be seen! Yep. LOVE them!

Some of the “shorts” I’ve been swooning over…

What do you think about short wedding dresses? Yay! or Nay?

photo cred: 1 {kris atomic} 2 {melissa sweet by our labor of love via once wed} 3 {julie chidichimo by love me do via ruffled} 4 {jose villa} 5 {anne robert photography via style me pretty} 6 {aiden mattox by melissa diep via style me pretty}

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bow tie wednesday / 11.

photo cred: {peter lindbergh for vogue italia via DIAPHANE, ADIAPHANE}

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the headscarf.

I’m currently beyond obsessed with scarves. I think they are one of the cutest ways to jazz up an outfit and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect scarf…a new vintage one would be ideal : ) There are so many ways to tie a headscarf…it’s so hard to choose my favorite!

What’s your favorite way to wear one?

photo cred: 1 {black and white by b jones style} 2 {keiko lynn} 3 {top knot by karla’s closet} 4 {charlotte linton via pessimiss} 5 { signature scarf} 6 {via lover of light original source unknown} 7 {hearty magazine}


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defined: tulle.


noun. a soft, fine silk, cotton, or nylon material like net, used for making veils and dresses OR a classic way to add some whimsy to your wedding day.

photo cred: {bride and groom by Vanity Fair Italy July ’11 via} {lace cap by twigs and honey} {tulle by tec petaja} {tulle separate by BHLDN} {fashion tulle via this is glamorous original source unknown} {aisle tulle little projects in style}

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defined: gown.


noun. a long dress, typically having a close fitting bodice and a flared or flowing skirt, worn on formal occasions OR something that brides seek until they find “the one” they will wear on their wedding day.

photo cred: {we are the parsons via ruffled}

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bow tie wednesday / 07.

how fabulous are these ladies?! loving me some vintage bow ties!

photo cred: {via vintage vogue tumblr & my vintage vogue}

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