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i’ve got an idea baking…


for the past couple of weeks i’ve been brainstorming up some ideas for a new project i’m working on, and i think some pretty rad stuff is finally starting to rise. we shall see…

photo cred: {spicy ice cream}

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I’m about ready to fall right outta my chair!!! My little vintage rental company scout. is making a its debut over on Apartment Therapy today!!! Woot! Woot!

Apartment Therapy is not only the raddest and most popular design blog out there, but one of those dreams I didn’t think I’d be checking off my list for many years to come. Floating on cloud 9 doesn’t even come close to expressing how excited I am! What a way to end my 1st year in business. SO PROUD!!!

Thank to Miss Andie Wurster of Assemble Gallery & Studio for spreading the word about scout. and the fab Trophy Cupcakes team for allowing us to use their gorgeous space! So elated to share our celebration over on Apartment Therapy!!!

photo cred: {mo hines photography via apartment therapy}


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seattle + blogshop … oh yeah!

I know I’ve said it many times before but I’m gonna say it again:


I’m not even kidding when I say it was my most favorite class I’ve EVER taken. For real. No joke. Yep.

When I 1st started my blog I went absolutely bananas trying to figure out how the darn thing worked. 1st: what even is a blog? 2nd: what do i blog about? 3rd: how do i actually blog? BUT 4th and probably most important: HOW DO I MAKE MY BLOG LOOK PRETTY? Well I’m gonna give you the simplest answer of all time…you go to BLOGSHOP. That’s what you do.

If you live in Seattle – this means YOU gal pals who have asked me about blogshop and whether or not it helped me and was worth it…the answer is YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

So get your tail on over here and sign up quick! Cause these seats go like hotcakes!

***AGAIN*** If you want to take your blog to a whole other level…go hang with Bri & Angela. They will take care of you. I promise.

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what a night.

It’s unbelievably amazing to think that a year ago I was sitting on a bench on Pont Louis Philippe in Paris gazing out across the glistening Seine and wondering what my life could be. I wondered if my life could be all the things I wanted it to be: real. honest. full of whimsy and colorful happiness. And despite the grey dreariness that completely engulfed me on that chilly fall day, I still felt a warm, completely comforting goodness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was a goodness I attempted to laso, one I gravitated towards, one which made me feel like there was something bigger out there for me. Something I just needed to believe in. I felt a feeling that made me feel like I could come home and really do something. Something BIG.

Last night that something big came to fruition. My launch party was the biggest thing I have probably ever tackled. Really. After hours and hours of prep, many all nighters, sore knees & ankles, buckets of love and support from my friends and my husband, my dream of owning my own business REALLY came true. Last night I shared my business ventures with my community and it felt all the things I wanted it to feel: real. honest. colorful. and every bit of the whimsy I could have ever imagined.

I can’t thank the team of Trophy Cupcakes and Jennifer Shea enough for their generosity. Allowing my launch party to take place in their gorgeous party room was such a delight. My vintage pieces felt so at home against the cool dark wood floors and stark white walls. I ended the night never wanting to leave their space and wished I could have opened up shop right then and there. It was such a pleasure to work with such an amazing company and I am so grateful for Trophy!

Thank you to everyone that came last night and shared in my joy of a dream come true. Thank you for showing love to my pieces and making them feel important and valued. Thank you to those of you whom I’ve been dying to meet and were generous enough with your time to stop in and say hello – it was such a privelage meeting you! Thank you to my friends (Heather, Kate, McKenzie, Hadley, Emma, Monica, Christa, Maggie, Steve & Jason) for spending many hours helping with prep, set-up and tear down. Thank you to my husband for always being my knight in shining armor and for believing in me – having you be proud of me is my greatest accomplishment. Thank you to my family who despite being far away were there in my corner – I felt your love and presence. And thank you to Paris for being that place that makes me feel like anything is possible.

Here’s to scout. … my newest business baby. I am so proud of what you are, what you’ve become and where you are going. I loved every last bit of last night and I have my charming vintage collection to thank for that.

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a seattle bloggers meet & greet.

Blogging can feel pretty lonely at times especially if you don’t have a gigantic readership and lots of daily comments. You begin to wonder if anyone actually even reads your blog posts or views your images & chitter chatter. I end up asking myself at least once a week “what’s really the point of blogging?” And then within seconds I’m smacked across the head with the realization that 1. I really LOVE blogging and 2. It’s MY place where I can get all creative and such. Free from any limitations.

I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now, and despite finding some blogging buddies via twitter, very very very few of the people I know in Seattle actually have a blog and even fewer blog on a consistent basis. Again, it can be pretty lonely in bloggers land if you don’t actively pursue bloggy friends.

So, I was all too excited when I received the most adorable email invite a couple months back. Jenny of hank & hunt and Lyndsey of the stationary place had both recently moved to Seattle and thought it a great idea to connect with other Seattle area bloggers. So what did they do? They threw a little shindig and invited people….uh genius, right?! Good grief, why didn’t anyone else do this sooner!? I’ll never know, but I was so glad that Jenny and Lyndsey made it happen.

The meet and greet came on the heels of one of my summer weddings. After getting home at nearly 3am the night before I had zero energy (make that negative zero) to attend the party. And as much as I hate admitting it, I was REALLY REALLY REALLY not in the mood to put my party shoes on. I was in other words…being a t0tal sourpuss, BUT thanks to my unwavering cheerleader of a husband I was egged to go with the words “just do it” and “you never know who your gonna meet”. So, I went. AND I didn’t regret it. AT ALL.

Jenny and Lyndsey had decorated the Trophy Cupcake party room in the most adorable way (streamers! tissue pom poms! and triangle garland! YES!) making it easy to smile and be thankful for the day. I met some of the most amazing bloggin’ ladies and even caught up with my dear friend Miss Maggie. It was so inspiring to be in a room with a bunch of women who like me, see value and take pride in being bloggers. I was all to eager to get to know the gals at the party and Jenny and Lyndsey are now 2 of my fav bloggers in Seattle. I adore them to pieces!

So guess what? The hubs was right. Again. Ya never know who your gonna meet. This case? 2 new close pals. Yippppeeeee!

It also was impossible to be sleepy when you’re munching on Trophy cupcakes, High5Pie pie pops, Molly Moon icecream and Dry Soda fizzy yumminess! Can you say sugar high? Yes! Let’s just say I wasn’t so tired anymore : )

Thank you Jenny and Lyndsey for inviting me! I had such a blast!

photo cred: {adele from abigail resse photography}


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when i grow up.

A couple month’s ago I received the most amazing email.

Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up is a career coach for creatives…in other words: she’s this super kind, caring and hilariously funny gal who supports, guides and inspires others to pursue their own creative dreams. My dear friend Maggie referred me to Michelle for her “grown-up gig” series and I was flabbergasted when Michelle said she was interested in featuring my journey.

I feel so crazy honored to be sharing my story on Michelle’s blog today, and was even more excited to see my vintage pieces gettin’ some blogging love. Thanks so much for the feature Michelle!

photo cred: {screen shot via when i grow up}

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a year gone by.

I cried when I realized it this morning.

I cried from exhaustion. Joy. Remorse. Excitement. Relief. Complete astonishment.

Today marks a year. 365 days ago today I said goodbye to the only career I had ever known. I spent 6 years in school to become a registered nurse and a year ago today I walked away. The decision has not been an easy one, and there isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not really scared and frightened by that decision. I left stability. Colleagues. Security. A routine. But for a really really long time I knew that nursing, although incredibly rewarding, was just not where I wanted to exist. Was I happy? Kind of. Was I satisfied on more days than not. Sure. Was I comfortable. Pretty much. But was I the real, true me? Absolutely not. And THAT didn’t sit well with me.

On the day I left nursing I honestly had no idea what the future held for me. I knew I needed something different, but I didn’t really know what that might look like. I knew that my creative ambitions were screaming from my insides but translating that into something successful and just as rewarding seemed like the impossible. 2 weeks after I made the decision to not settle until I found that certain something that fed my soul in an honest and truthful way I took a trip. I packed up a crazy large backpack, said goodbye to my husband and puppy dog and left for 7 weeks. At the time the decision felt really selfish, greedy…maybe even wrong. But my intention was simple: find me. Find what really makes me happy. Find out why for so many years I’d felt hopeless, sad and lost. I set out to open my ears and my eyes to all the things my heart had been saying for so long, to really listen. To really see. And this I felt was a selfless decision, because in my gut I knew it would make me a better person not only for myself but for those who loved me.

I slept in. I watched French music videos to the point of verbal and choreographic memorization. I ate an amazing amount of pastries. I stared at art. I walked and walked and walked. I teared up at the beauty that is Europe. I sang. I grocery shopped. I rode trains. I drank yummy wine. I explored. I laughed with friends and family who visited me. I spent money. I wrote a travel blog. I practiced my French. But mostly I took pictures and wrote. I used my camera to open my eyes to all the things that really inspired me. The things that made me feel alive. And I wrote to hear what my own voice had to say.

Writing and photography never were as important as they were during those 7 weeks. I honestly and miraculously found myself while looking through my camera lens and while writing til’ the wee hours of the morning. I had found the answer I’d always been searching for for so long, and although it scared the crap out of me, I came home and pursued that answer. I started my own business and leapt into the craziness of being an entrepreneur. For the first time in my ENTIRE life, I listened to what MY heart was telling me. Not what anyone or anything else was telling me. And today, I celebrate that. I celebrate being me and for the first time really living.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, pushed, and loved me during this past year. Thank you for not calling me crazy to my face, or telling me to run back to a career that seemed a lot more logical. Thank you for loving me enough to wish the very best for me and for my future. Thank you for cheering me on and for hugging me during those moments when I was really scared. Thank you for being proud of me – this life alteration would not have happened without your support. Thanks for celebrating with me today!

P.S. How crazy fitting is it to have Vanessa & Tony’s wedding featured on SMP today to mark the occasion?!?! So proud of where this past year has led me!

P.S.S. If you’re interested in following the travels the helped me find my way start by clicking here.

year gone by photo captions:

september: moonlighting with paper. realizing that i was suffocating without a creative outlet. jb papier was born.

october: my trip to europe began. i snapped pictures of everything i could. big ben was one of my fav shots.

november: being alive in paris.

december: when i really started carving out my new business. took the leap of faith and admitted that i was ready to start a new journey.

january: bow tie & bustle was born. participated in my very first styled shoot. bun in the oven concept.

february: gathered an amazing team of wedding creatives for montmartre shoot i dreamed up while in france.

march: very first big time feature for my lil’ business on green wedding shoes.

april: vanessa & tony’s wedding in cabo san lucas. my first BIG design and first international destination wedding all wrapped in one.

may: drove a farm table from denver to seattle. started thinking about launching a vintage rental company. scout. was officially launched on august 6th.

june: headed to beverly hills to get my learn on at coordinator confab.

july: felt like a full fledged blogger after attending blogshop in the bay area.

august: one of MANY projects in august: ann & jon’s wedding day.

photo cred: {personal pics and mo hines photography}


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featured on SMP!

Today is a good day. A REALLY good day.

When I first started my event design & styling biz I only had dreams of one day making it to a feature on Style Me Pretty. Style Me Pretty is major. REALLY major. It’s the most popular wedding blog out there, dripping with only the most gorgeously detailed weddings imaginable. It’s the place where every wedding creative I’ve ever met dreams of having their work featured. And it was a BIG dream for me when I started this new business.

Vanessa & Tony’s wedding was quite simply amazing. Not only did I get to create a design and coordinate the day from start to finish, but I got to witness two of the most important people in my life commit their lives to one another. The entire wedding was one of those “out of the body” experiences and today feels much of the same. Today Vanessa & Tony’s wedding is being featured on Style Me Pretty and I could NOT be prouder.

I also am SO SO SO stinkin’ grateful for the photography brilliance of my dear friend Mo. Monica captured Vanessa & Tony’s wedding in the most genuine way…she really captured the beauty that is Vanessa & Tony and I’m so grateful for it!

Head over to SMP today and check out the feature here! Don’t forget to view the entire gallery here to get all the little details!

photo cred: {screen shot from style me pretty}

Event Design, Styling, Floral Concept + Coordination: {bow tie & bustle event design + styling} Wedding Photography: {Mo Hines Photography} Flowers: {Mazarte Florals} Calligraphy: Letters By Ellen / Venue, Catering + Make-up: Cabo Surf Hotel / Paper Goods + Invitations: bow tie & bustle event design + styling / Bride’s Hair: Mandi Rhodes / Wedding Dress: Jim Hjelm / Wedding Cake + Desserts: Cabo Surf Hotel

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pic me a palette: deliver me a sandwich.

I about died when I found this adorable gal who delivers handmade sandwiches and cakes from a vintage suitcase on the back of her pink bicycle.

Brilliant. Business. Woman.

photo cred: {francois coquerel for tifamade}

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drumroll please…

scout. vintage rental company is here!

After many long weeks, countless sleepless nights, an extensive and super fun photo shoot (minus the two gals who tried to get us kicked out of discovery park), multiple trips to fleas, antique shops and corner yard sales my dream vintage rental company is finally here! Last week, with an incredible amount of love, support and encouragement from friends & family, I launched my second business: scout. vintage rental company. scout. is now sister to bow tie & bustle and they are planning to take Seattle by storm : )

scout. was derived from the belief that vintage details offer a certain “something, something” to our lives and each unique piece has a story of its own to tell. My intention is to provide local photographers, event designers/planners, stylists, couples and individuals a seamless way to incorporate vintage details, props and decor into their special events and photo shoots. I’ve wanted to share my love of antiques and vintage pieces with the event and design world for sometime now, and I am so thrilled to finally open my doors. scout. was a TOTAL labor of love and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for my boutique rental company.

Sooooooo what are you waiting for?! Check out scout. here! Oh, and thank you to everyone for your generous comments and words of encouragement since scout’s launch last week. I’ve most certainly felt the love!

photo cred: {mo hines photography and my personal inventory pictures}


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blissful exhaustion.

Today was just a wee bit of a whirlwind. After 2.35 hours of sleep last night I was awoken at 6am by my adoring husband who promised to read over my new website before my official launch. He read it, said he loved it and then it was official….scout. was here. For the second time this year I have taken a leap of faith, followed my heart, let go of all of my doubts, fears, and rational plea’s for sanity and launched a company. And not just any company, but a company I wholeheartedly believe in.

After hitting the “go live” button I watched my little rental company enter the big, bad world and amazingly enough the big, bad world smiled back. I was greeted with an outpouring of kind remarks, friendly hello’s and gasp!…potential renters…ALL on day 1. Pretty freaking bad ass if you ask me.

I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment as I continue to catch up on emails, follow up on loose ends for bow tie & bustle, and pack for tomorrow’s trip to San Francisco. But for now, despite my complete and utter exhaustion, I’m blissfully happy.

more to come about scout. soon….

photo cred: 1 {muku via papier mache} 2 {via papier mache original source unknown}


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coordinator confab.

This road has been far different than any I’ve ever traveled before. There is no instruction pamphlet. No schooling. No classmates. No grades. Or even a diploma. There are no hard and fast rules, or perfect formulas.  There are no colleagues to your immediate left or right to engage in water cooler conversations with, and your office is whatever you make of it. Formal training is practically non existent, and high marks and rewards of achievement are far from the traditional form.

Wedding coordination is something you just do and hope you are doing well. The only true marker of success and a job well done is a happy bride and groom up to 12+ months down the line. Wow. 12 months before you know if you’ve done it all right? Ummmm, just a wee bit of pressure, no?

So where does 0ne turn for support and guidance?


Jeannie of Details Details is one of the kindest women I have ever met. From the moment I arrived at Coordinator Confab this past week, Jeannie was warm, inviting and eager to share her wisdom. She was immensely generous in sharing every last detail of all that she’s learned over her years of coordination, and her fabulous team (Alicia, Carrie, Nicole & Chelsea) made the 2 day conference more than I could have ever hoped for. I learned crazy amounts of tips and tricks and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. I left CA wishing there had been a day 3, 4 and 5…I had such a blast!

It didn’t hurt that the conference was held at the immaculate SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and everything from the food, to the room decor, to the perfect sunny weather made the entire experience totally mind boggling. I literally had to pinch myself a few times over, as the entire trip felt too good to be true! I was also fortunate enough to find a roommate for the conference (hi Stacie!) and we stayed at the Thompson on Wilshire, just a few blocks down from the conference. The rooftop views from the Thompson were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and our stroll down Rodeo Drive the afternoon of our arrival was just what this Vitamin D deficient girl was in need of!

I found myself daydreaming of life in the 90210 zip code, soaking in every last drop of the glitz and glam. The only hiccup of the entire experience was a bathtub drainage problem that resulted in Stacie and I being forced to take our morning showers in a room other than our own (WEIRD, RIGHT?!). We decided at the end of the trip that the entire bathroom experience was a direct result of us staying somewhere other than the SLS and we vowed never to make that mistake again : )

Upon arrival for the first day of the conference, Stacie and I were greeted by smiling faces and one of the most scrumptious breakfasts I’ve EVER had. NO JOKE. You’ve got to know that when you have 12 women swooning over the taste of the greek yogurt you must be in the presence of one mighty fine breakfast. After chowing down, we were escorted to the Cornelius Room for the day where I learned everything from legal strategies, to social media tips to linen & table sizes. By the end of day 1 my brain felt immensely heavy but in that “oh boy did I learn a lot of rad stuff!” kind of way.

Oh, and feel free to call me a total dweeb, but I practically did a happy dance when I realized I had a desk of my own – name tag, clipboard and all! Jeannie and her team clearly put tons of effort into making each one of us feel super welcome and I totally felt the love. We even got to take home the adorable arrangements placed on each of our desks – how freaking awesome is that?!

One thing I absolutely could not go without mentioning was the flowers….OH. MY. WORD. There were gobs of gorgeous arrangements and thoughtful floral touches over the span of the 2 day conference and when I finally met the mastermind behind these gorgeous spectacles I about fell over. Sunny of White Lilac has to be one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She is this far from ordinary, totally adorable woman who has clearly followed her passions with incredible intention and drive. The way she spoke about event design totally blew my mind and left me pondering what my own future might evolve into. I felt so incredibly fortunate to meet her, and it was a total honor to hear her story.

What I found most beneficial about the entire experience was being surrounded by others who are in the same life transition as my own. Amazing women and men (hi Sam!) who are striving just like me, to have successful and thriving businesses of their own. The process of starting your own venture is a winding one, and at times a touch lonely, so being being able to share my own experience and hear the experiences of others was SOOOO rewarding. Just as I have, many of the attendees have left behind degrees and years of experience in other industries to follow their dreams and passions – this realization was exactly what I needed…uber inspiring stuff! I felt super fortunate to meet so many amazingly talented new friends and I can’t wait to see how everyone evolves over time!

Overall, I was probably most impressed by was the multitude of fabulous speakers Jeannie lined up. There’s nothing better than sitting in a room with some of the biggest, most respected industry leaders…people you’ve only dreamed of meeting in person. Michelle Rahn was kind enough to share some tips with us around tying bow ties, fixing broken zippers and sewing up holes in veils…ALL info that coordinators clearly need in their bag of tricks, right?! Also, Becker was hands down one of my most favorite speakers of the event. He was incredibly generous in sharing his personal story and even sat with me for a few minutes while I bombarded him with endless questions…the guy just rocks!

And to Jeannie, Troy, Libby, Peter, Katy, Kelly, Jamie, Christopher, ElaineMichelle, Summer, Becker, Sunny, Jeff and Jessica thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents! It was such a pleasure to meet you all!

On the last day of the conference we were lucky enough to see a full fledged styled shoot take place and boy was I BLOWN A WAY. Sunny and Alicia did an amazing job with the concept/design and everything from the antler chandliers to the custom designed table, to the vintage touches and jewelry pieces were spot on…gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! It was also incredibly insightful to get first hand tips from Jessica Claire as we watched her (pregant belly and all!) work her photography magic at the shoot. I’m so excited to see the pictures AND video from Elysium Productions…by the way Libby from Elysium was a total rockstar and one of the nicest most genuine people I’ve met in the industry thus far.

Some of my most favorite parts of the trip? Breakfast potatoes. The SLS. Jeannie. The super kind people. The attention to detail by the Details Details team. The weather. My roommate. Yummy cocktails on the Thompson rooftop. Palm trees. Meeting people in the same boat as me. Dessert yogurt. Meeting Sunny. Watching Jessica Claire in action. Our hotel room shower issues (i can laugh about them now!). The flowers. A full belly 3+ times/day. Finally learning how to tie a bow tie. The advice. Dinner at Villa Blanca with Katy Carrier. Strolling Rodeo Drive with Stacie. Early morning workouts. Watching Christopher Aldama fan out table linens. And coming home with more information than I ever dreamed of receiving.

Long story short: the experience was incredibly eye opening. I learned some of the most amazing tips from Jeannie and I am incredibly grateful for everything I learned. I’m so excited to see where this new knowledge leads me and if there is ever Coordinator Confab round 2…sign me up!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}


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starting anew + risk.

I read a post last week by the amazingly fabulous Jasmine Star and was rocked to my core by a comment she made on her blog. She was talking about her choice to leave law school to pursue her dream of becoming a wedding photographer and the “risk” she took to do so:

“People often assume the risk I took to start my business was not returning to law school. But that’s far from the truth. I would have taken a larger risk staying in law school knowing just how unhappy I was. Sometimes we risk our dreams for safety and comfort, but I was ready to risk safety and comfort for my dreams.”

Wow. Is that what I was doing? Risking happiness for safety and comfort? It sure felt like it at the time…

As I sit here day after day engulfed by the hypnotizing light of my computer screen, I contemplate this risk over and over in my mind. I contemplate it most on the days when I reach for answers to what I have yet to know or learn. But I, like Jasmine, believe there is something to be said for happiness and seeking the fulfillment of your dreams, regardless of how frightening, anxiety provoking or uncomfortable this quest may be. Even when it means obtaining this happiness on a winding road that withholds guarantee, promise or certainty.

Starting anew has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting tasks I’ve ever taken on, and without a doubt full of some type of risk. This risk has actually become my ally as it is what propels me on those days when my rational mind attempts to catapult me back to more familiar days of comfort and safety.

Next week I will embark on my next challenge. My next big risk. My very first full design destination wedding, and as of now I am channeling that girl…

Which girl you ask? The girl in the picture you see below. The one who isn’t afraid of anything, and certainly is not afraid to start anew, follow her dreams and laugh confidently in the face of risk. That girl was the same girl who came home from Paris last year to leave a life of safety and comfort for happiness and dreams…I want to be that girl…now and always.


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Yes. It’s 4am and here I am. I’ve once again managed to stay up all night.

I have this horrific (yet, totally pleasurable) habit of following rabbit trails (i.e. committing to only opening one blog, then clicking here, and there, and there too! until I’ve clicked on 30 different blogs and been inspired by 100 different images). At the end of these excursions I’m usually fighting a serious tummy ache and have morphed into what I am now calling the “design zombie”…aYYYYYhhhhh…yes, believe me, the sight is quite frightening!

Seriously, it’s ridiculous to be up this incredibly late (or I guess now, this “early”) designing away, but there are just certain nights where my brain cannot be shut off and design ideas are bursting through my fingertips. Yes sir-ee! This is just one of those nights.


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sneak peek: montmartre shoot

After 6 weeks of making new friends in the wedding industry, hours and hours of scouting for antiques and fresh ideas, crafting to the point of blistered fingers, an array of restless nights, and a house that continually looks like a bomb of craft supplies exploded inside it, the time is almost here! 4 days to go!

Yep, this Sunday I’m putting my heart and soul into a bridal inspiration shoot. The intention of a “styled shoot” is to showcase the work of the various businesses that contribute their talents and services to the shoot itself. I’ve coordinated an amazing team of women (9 to be exact) and I’m so excited to be jumping feet first into the industry!

I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to design a shoot that is wholeheartedly inspired by my time in Europe and my love for Montmartre. I’m excited to share something that is quirky, colorful, eclectic, whimsical and a spin on the traditional “Parisian” look. Montmartre is hands down one of my favorite places in the world and is the place where I built the confidence to start Bow Tie & Bustle. It only seemed fitting that my first inspiration shoot was all about the land of Montmartre.

Here’s a “sneak peek” of what’s to come (I’m squealing inside!) and of course a pic of my dedicated assistant and sidekick B-Bug Blake.


My inspiration wall…


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