inspired by : wall art.

Working from home is great, but one of the downsides definitely has to be the constant ability to stare at my surroundings ALL DAY LONG. I tend to get bored with my home decor pretty quickly & working from a home office for the past year has made this boredom reach an all time high.

I would LOVE to really mix things up with some pretty wallpaper – my living room could definitely use some pizazz and these wallpaper designs by Anthro would be a welcome substitute to the horrendous buttercup color that currently covers our walls. What do you think about wallpaper? Yay or nay?

photo cred: {anthropologie}


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6 responses to “inspired by : wall art.

  1. That colorful floral on the top row is AMAZING!

  2. LOVE IT! I wish I had a million walls, I would put a different pattern on each one!

  3. I love it. I actually just got a big stack of wallpaper samples in the mail from Anthro the other day (completely free to get some swatches and test ’em out). I am using them for DIY projects. Love the colors and patterns.

  4. Jenny

    I love the idea of these great wallpapers for rooms but I especially like the idea of using them in smaller spaces, like a walk-in closet, or even just a smaller closet or storage room… It can create a sort of backstage dressing room feeling, that I love… closets aren’t given enough love sometimes. 😉

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