a new profile.

It’s been over a year since I launched BT&B/Scout. and I have never really taken the time to get professional profile shots taken. Like most of us, I absolutely dread having my picture taken for these sorts of things, as I always feel like I look kinda weird! It’s also quite intimidating to have a camera pointed straight at you with all hopes riding on a decent shot.

My dear buddy Julie was kind enough to snap some pics of me a couple weeks ago for biz purposes. I was so relieved to actually get my picture taken when I wasn’t a hot sweaty mess after an event/wedding/shoot etc. etc. She also captured me in one of my favorite vintage finds…isn’t that blue sequined top just fab?! Thanks Jules!

photo cred: {julie harmsen photography}


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6 responses to “a new profile.

  1. strataflora

    you are beautiful Jenn!! great photos (awesome work, Julie!) LOVE that top…find one for me pleeeeease!! 🙂

    • It’s funny you say that! I actually saw one similar the other day, but it was SUPER small. I could barely get my arms in and out of it!!! The search continues ; )

  2. Steph Murphy

    You look amazing, friend!!! XO! 🙂

  3. These pics are SO YOU, and I love that top. I’ll have to contact Julie for a lil project Lyndsey and I are hoping to put together for the Seattle Bloggers FB group!

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