friday find : uh. yep!

Uh. Yep! I think I might have just nabbed the most jaw dropping vintage item I’ve ever gotten my hands on! I about screamed out loud when I saw this vintage rattan bucket seat on one of my scoutin’ adventures this morning. I can’t decide if I’m going to offer it as a rental item or selfishly keep it all to myself….it’s THAT awesome! I’m thinking it would look pretty fab in my office…

Yay for Friday right?!! What a week this has been! Lot’s going on on the scout/BT&B front, and getting super excited for all the fun/travel etc. that is to come this spring/summer! Does anyone else have any fun trips planned?? It always seems as tough everyone in Seattle is itching to get outta town this time of year…wonder why? Can we say : GREY?! Come on spring! Bring us some more of that sunshine!

I’ll be spending the weekend out in design/wedding land 1st at tonight’s Shilshole Bay Beach Club tasting (we’ve got some scout. goodies on display!), tomorrow morning I’ll be getting my brunch on with my Blog Brunch buddies (come hang with us! deets here!) and tomorrow night I’ll be sharing some estate sale/vintage tips at the Apartment Therapy Design meeting at Assemble Gallery & Studio. Sunday will include a very very exciting collaboration meeting with this gal and hopefully some time to continue planning my Europe trip!

Happy Weekend Friends!

xoxo! *JB

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