rue mag.

The night before any new issue of Rue Magazine I end up feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I get these little flutters of excitement bustling around in my belly and I wake up with an energy only explained by a longing for inspiration.

Every time I flip through the pages of Rue I feel every cell in my body clinging to every last drop of color that spills off the pages. When I launched my design companies (BT&B + scout) last year, I dreamed of the day I’d have the opportunity to be involved in a magazine like Rue. This month? I got my chance.

It was such a pleasure to work alongside the creative talents of Kira, Shannon & Sara (the gals behind the Hens & Chicks Collective), the fantabulous lady behind the camera Sarah and adorable Miss Cassandra. The day was such a blast and I’m so honored to have my scout. furniture & decor grace the pages of Rue!

photo cred: {rue magazine and we are the rhoads}


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2 responses to “rue mag.

  1. oh so flash

    Love the colours!

  2. Awesome feature! You know that with all my neon obsession lately that this is right up my alley, great job!

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