open house yummy.

I wanted to share some fun pics captured by Calima Portraits at the Twelve Baskets open house a couple weeks ago. Scout Vintage Rental Co. was there to show off some of our collection, and it was so much fun to meet a lot of peeps in the industry, and also get to know some of the brides & grooms attending! Twelve Baskets really knows their stuff – their food was outstanding (I couldn’t get enough of those little crab cakes!) & adorable Catherine was there to capture all the details! What a fun night!

Happy weekend friends! *JB

photo cred: {Calima Portraits}


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3 responses to “open house yummy.

  1. These photos are gorgeous! And I could just stare at all of your collection for hours – it’s incredible.

  2. Oh hey! Thanks so much for the link love, and for sharing these photos! I’m so happy to have met you there, and I can’t wait to run into you in town (accidentally or otherwise!) and and share some more laughs! xoxo.

  3. Kelley

    Those are Lady Yum cakes!

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