alt summit!

Phew! What a last 24 hours this has been! I woke up yesterday morning with plans to leisurely pack for my upcoming trip to ALT, blog a bunch of posts for the week (yesterday included!), clean house, eat healthy meals and actually go to the gym (woah!).

And then….DUN DUN DUN! I looked at the weather report. And then Southwest Airlines sent me a text message.  And then the twitter messages started flying and before I knew it I was hopping on a flight a whole day sooner than expected.

Uh yeah… Can you say total and utter madness?! Yes – I turned into the crazy packing lady with clothes flying everywhere, my house in total chaos (so much for that clean house goal), my poor husband being barked orders about which pair of tights should go and which ones should stay and my poor puppy dog crouching in the corner, ears down, wondering if the world was actually coming to an end.

BUT after what felt like absolute travel insanity, I made it to Salt Lake City late last night in one piece and revved up for what is sure to be one super AMAZING week! I’m so excited to actually be attending ALT (a super fantabulous blogging conference!) and so pumped to finally meet some of my fav design bloggers in person!!! I can’t wait to see what the next few days hold and I’m crossing my fingers for those buddies who are stuck in Seattle with delayed or cancelled flights….get here soon ladies! xoxo!

photo cred: {murray mitchell}


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5 responses to “alt summit!

  1. Have a blast lady! So bummed I wont get to see you…Sent you an email and a few messages but guessing you are just swamped lately. 🙂

  2. Have soooooo much fun and think of us poor slobs at home while you’re at blogger “summer camp” having fun. Haha, just kidding (except the have fun part!).

  3. yay! so glad you made it!! hoping i’ll get to see you later today!

  4. yay! so glad you made it! see you tomorrow. xo

  5. I hate the stress before a trip! Especially for such a fashion forward crowd like the ladies at ALT. I would be freaking out too!

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