happy happy 2012!

can you believe 2012 is already here? i feel like just yesterday i was launching BT&B and ringing in 2011…wow how the time flies!

i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about life (that’s kinda what the new year brings, right?!) and have decided to call this year: the year of HEALTH. i’m planning on focusing on my mental, emotional and DEFINITELY physical health this year since a lot of my self care has gone straight down the tube with the launch of two new businesses in 2011. my goal is to put “me” first a bit more this year and focus on the things that matter most: health and well being.

i have no doubt that scout. and BT&B will continue to run the show in my life, but i can’t wait to let my resolutions start working their magic on my new year.

did you set resolutions this year? what are your goals, dreams, plans for the coming 365 days?

i wish you all the best in the year to come and i can’t wait to see what the future holds! happy new year!

photo cred: {design sponge}


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2 responses to “happy happy 2012!

  1. My New Year’s Resolution? Have more parties, throw more confetti, bake more cupcakes, drink more Champagne, dance! and live like everyday is my birthday!

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