last minute.

What’s that saying? If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done? Um. Yeah. Nothing like leaving a whole boat load of stuff to complete before heading outta town tomorrow. On the agenda?

1. Finish up gift wrapping. 2. Start DIY recipe for family. 3. Finish chevron-ing floors for Trophy. 4. Start paper chandeliers 5. Get the last of my x-mas cards out the door. 6. Pack. 7. Load the car. 8. B-Bug bath & teeth brush. 9. Shower (hopefully). 10. Water dead Christmas tree. 11. Clean up house for landlord inspection the day we get back. 12. Stuff Adam’s stocking. 13. Oil change. 14. Blog posts x 5 for vaca. 15. Print labels for upcoming art show. 16. Find the time to get pedicure. 17. Schedule next PT appointment. 18. Remember why I love the holidays. 19. Nag Adam about last minute shopping for his parents. 20. Watch love,actually. 21. Sleep for at least 2 hours before we leave.

I hope you are getting all those last minute details completed for your own holiday celebrations. I love this time of year SO much, but it always seems to be overshadowed by all those last minute to do’s.

Whelp, they’ll all get done eventually, right?

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}

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