sunday dreaming / 31.

dreaming of…

the real deal.

When I was little we had a fake tree. No bristles, no hastle, no yearly expense is kinda how I felt my parents thought about a real one. But I’ve always felt a little bit of sadness every time we pulled our tree from the box and manipulated its metal arms. And although I loved our Christmas celebrations, and hold them near & dear to my heart, they always left me wanting that fresh pine smell of a real tree.

When Adam and I moved to Seattle 4 years ago I was completely ecstatic when I realized that most people in the PNW buy their Christmas trees fresh. I remember getting teary eyed when we bought our 1st real tree together and had similar emotions when we bought our tree today. There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon inching your way amoungst the branches and picking the perfect one out with your love.

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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