a winter bride.

As I stood in the longer than life post office line this week (ick!), one thing was glaringly apparent: the holidays are here! Oh yeah, that holiday buzz was definitely in the air as I felt the immense pressure to already stock up on those hot commodity holiday stamps…would 5 books cut it this year?!? Enter me biting my nails and shaking a bit knowing I’m already behind on the holiday card prep. Oh the stress!

AND with the holidays comes the thought of that winter bride. The one that isn’t afraid to go coatless for those magnificent ethereal snow shots…below freezing temperatures and all. Winter weddings are some of my favs for sure. There is such a beauty and nearly eery quiet to those winter months that just gives a unique romance and warmth to the day…ahhhh.

I about fell over when I saw these “winter bride” wears from BHLDN. There’s nothing better than a little sparkle and snow to compliment the holiday season and to bring the wintery wedding festivities to a whole n-other level.

photo cred: {BHLDN}

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  1. Amazingly beautiful pictures

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