week in pins: 9.12 – 9.16.

There are just those weeks where you feel like there isn’t a ton to talk about. Your life is kinda…just life. But at the same time, I feel like there are a million & one things to talk about every single day. Life is ever changing, and there are many moments throughout the day where I wish I had a place to store it all. My memory is pretty darn awful these days. I could never tell you what year I graduated from nursing school at the drop of hat, or how many weeks ago I dyed my hair. So I do my very best to keep a record of my life happenings by taking lots of pictures, regardless of how annoying this might be for friends and family who are consistently told “stay right there! don’t move! i have to get a pic of that!!”

At the core of it all I really truly believe that the details of my life (the amazingly awesome tortilla soup we ate the other night for dinner, or the way the steps to our side door are getting that “oh so yummy” chippy paint look, or the how one of my favorite sounds in the world is my bulldog sighing) are the things to be cherished, acknowledged and appreciated. It’s the little moments and little details in the day that we often overlook and let pass by without even a hesitation or thought.

For quite sometime now I’ve had a strong desire to blog on a more consistent basis with regards to the little details in my life as well as the things that inspire my everyday living. I’ve never really felt like this blog was the right place to do that and I really want a place where I can feel free to REALLY just be me.

So…long story short there is no week in “pins” post this week, but rather a week in “life” post…chronically the little details that matter most to me. Like how my bulldog B-Bug sometimes likes to watch Ellen Degeneres when she’s bored with her basket of toys OR how some of my saddest days are a direct result of the wheat thins being all gone OR how my hubs just made me aware that he not only can do an Elvis impression but he’s stinking hilarious when he does it OR how my current toenail polish (corally-pink) is making me miss summer already. Ya know – the details…the one’s that make life worth living.

During the rest of September and probably much of October I’m planning on making some significant changes around here. Bow Tie & Bustle: the blog will stay where it is, but I’ll be focusing a heck of a lot more on…you guessed it! Weddings! The majority of the rest of my life will switch to a new blog (title a secret!) which is currently in the works. I’ll keep you updated when the new blog is up and running : )

photo cred: {my iPhone using Instagram}

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