friday find: the wire shade.

My favorite days scouting are when I drag poor Adam along and in the midst of finding a new treasure I turn to him for an opinion and find that puzzled look on his face as if he’s saying: “why the heck are you buying that?!”

Interestingly enough that puzzled face entices me to pull out my moolah that much faster. I LOVE LOVE LOVE purchasing old and tattered objects that appear to have a singular use and that of which is usually far expired.

Take for example these kick ass lamp shades I found while rushing around town on a random Saturday. I usually avoid garage sales at all costs – in my opinion people are WAYYYYYY to insanely attached to their junk and often find bartering an insult rather than part of the game of buying and selling old shit – sorry folks…this gal likes to barter!

So when I abruptly (and maybe a wee bit aggressively) whipped our car to the curb after spotting some possible treasures at a garage sale in Phinney Rigde a couple weeks ago, I had secretly hoped that the fantastically mute puzzled look that I adore so much would quickly ensue on my hubby’s face. The lampshades which I HAD TO HAVE were rusted (like crazy!) and the only remnants of the shades themselves, was a wickedly adorable grandma looking pattern, which was shredded in more than a few places on one of the wire frames.

After some pro-like bartering, I snagged ’em both for 8 buckaroos. Yeah, yeah, I know…probably even a tad much to spend on some rusted bent outta shape frames, but once you see what I have in mind for these little babies, you might think again!

Happy weekend ya’ll! *JB

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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