week in pins: 9.5 – 9.9

monday: woke up on monday morning and hauled ass out of a campground we snuck into the night before. okay…i know “sneaking” is not good. but come on! what in the heck am i supposed to do at 11:3opm when there is no one at the entrance to take my $40? leave? drive the 2 1/2 hours back to seattle after an AMAZING concert at the gorge?

heck no. you stay. you park. you camp. and then you wake up SUPER early to avoid trouble.

p.s. i TOTALLY would have paid up if we’d been asked : ) 

tuesday: i try not to think about it. but sometimes i have to. tuesday was one of those days when i have to think about it: my little sister coli lives far away from me and it hurts my heart. i used to think hugging her goodbye would get easier. now i’m realizing it will never be easy, but that hugging her goodbye ensures that i will cherish every second of our time together the next time i see her. missing you coli!

wednesday: i need glasses. never mind that i have a pair that sit unused in the kitchen most days outta the month (okay ALL days outta the month) but i really need to start wearing them. i used to have perfect vision and over the last couple of years my 20/20 peepers have gone down the tubes. i’m dying for some new glasses though…ones that make me look smart, chic and gorg all at the same time…

thursday: i wanted to do something BIG. i mean you only turn 30 once right?! sooooo i decided to take adam on a surprise trip to vegas for his 30th birthday this weekend and although the “surprise” was blown by none other than myself, he still has no idea which friends are joining in on the fun! it should be a great time! so excited to celebrate my best bud. 

friday: vegas. sun. gigantic margaritas. pool. great friends. adam. booyah.

photo cred: m {desire to inspire via apartment therapy} t {via house talk n original source unknown} w {peut etre magazine} th {via etsy} f {via aubrey road original source unknown}

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