week in pins: 8.29 – 9.2

monday: college seemed liked a decade ago. oh wait. it practically was! i spent monday gazing nostalgically at my old campus. it’s amazing how many memories come rushing back when you spend a little time around your old stomping ground. made me realize how much i really miss my years in fort collins.

tuesday: adam and i celebrated year #2 today and we couldn’t be happier. the past 2 years have been some of the most rewarding and life altering thus far, and i could not have survived the many, MANY transitions without adam. so grateful for him. also was stoked to find some of our wedding pics while pinning…pleasant surprise!

wednesday: my sweet tooth has been off the charts this week! this donut cake (for real??!??!) doesn’t help.

thursday: as things start to wind down from the wedding season i’m beginning to evaluate how this 1st year of biz went. lots of things are swirling around in my mind…”how would i have done things differently?”….”what things need/must change?”….”what things went well?”…but mostly “am i doing what i really WANT to be doing?”. after leaving a nursing career to pursue a passion, i’m doing my very best to be honest with myself, and evaluate if my biz is where i really want it to be. more and more i feel this draw towards full event design/prop styling etc. and more and more florals keep poking at me. i love flowers and had the time of my life doing the full event design and florals at my sisters shower last saturday. contemplating whether florals should make more of a mainstay in my design efforts….LOTS to think about.

friday: coli is coming into town today!!!! yahoooooo! coli is my rad 19 year young lil’ sis and i’m so stoked to have her in town for a few days. i have a full weekend planned for us…beach…scouting…yummy eats…and DAVE! i’ve waited for 4 years to see dave matthews at the gorge and the time is finally here!!! dave. coli. sunday. gonna be bananas!

p.s. WEEK IN PINS UPDATE! last friday i was contemplating whether or not to go red or ombre…well…i went RED! still adjusting to the color shift and planning to share pics soon! happy weekend friends!

photo cred: m {sarah b. via flickr} t {becky young via style me pretty} w {sweet and saucy shop & gabriel ryan photographers via camille styles} th {zinnia floral designs} f {patrick smith}

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