week in pins: 8.22 – 8.26

monday: ugh. monday’s are awful aren’t they?! i just despise them…i really, really do. and i think everyone else does too! this monday i did EVERYTHING to try to get motivated for the week and i failed pretty miserably….can you say “still in pajamas at the 6pm hour?” ouch.

tuesday: on tuesday while i was procrastinating i got to thinking about how many half read books i own…i can count 6 off the top of my head right now and that’s just the first stack! it’s a total shame that i have such little time for reading and an even bigger shame that i don’t MAKE time for reading. i have many goals for september and one of them is to read more books (okay maybe i should say: “finish more books”). does anyone else have this problem?

wednesday: sometimes (okay more often then not) my creative juices don’t start flowing until pretty late into a project. i’m usually wide awake ’til the wee hours of the morning the night before an event/party/wedding finishing last minute design details because for whatever reason my best ideas usually come just hours before i’m ready to get the party rolling. unfortunately a bright neon pink horse never came to mind this go round…although i wish it had!!!

thursday: hopping on a jet plan for the big CO today. i haven’t been home in months and i miss it ALOT. i’m pumped to host my sister’s baby shower this weekend although wish i’d had even more time to add details…details and MORE details!

friday: it’s time for a hair change & i wanna do something a little crazy. i have had my hair practically the same for the last 3 years and i’m b-o-r-e-d. i’m really tempted to go red or ombre, hoping i don’t just end up settling for the same ol’ same o’l thing. luckily i have a sis who’s a rocking hairstylist so if i wanna take a risk she’ll be able to bust out whatever i request…yay!

photo cred: m {heather pauline} t {vintage books by samantha lamb} w {pink horse via etsy} th {colorful colorado via words and eggs} f {drew via fashion fame and last look blog}

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