the headscarf.

I’m currently beyond obsessed with scarves. I think they are one of the cutest ways to jazz up an outfit and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect scarf…a new vintage one would be ideal : ) There are so many ways to tie a headscarf…it’s so hard to choose my favorite!

What’s your favorite way to wear one?

photo cred: 1 {black and white by b jones style} 2 {keiko lynn} 3 {top knot by karla’s closet} 4 {charlotte linton via pessimiss} 5 { signature scarf} 6 {via lover of light original source unknown} 7 {hearty magazine}


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7 responses to “the headscarf.

  1. glasmetwater

    My favourite ways are 1, 2 and 7

  2. Jenny @ Hank + Hunt

    I really want to wear one, but with short hair would that be wierd? They are soooo cute though!

    • Jenny!!! Yes! You soooo can pull it off! Just find one that is “shorter” in length just like your adorable hair and tie it from the back to the front like #2. When you pull the scarf from the front to back create a simple knot (cross over and loop once, then once again)…if the scarf is short enough when you tie it off this way it create what appears to be a little tiny bow tie because there will just be the teeny ends sticking out vs. gobs of extra fabric. Rock it out girl!

  3. Hi I love the scarves, but I find keeping them tied on your head is the problem, cotton obviously stay put longer that silk, but silk looks more chique. I guess I will keep trying!
    Jenny short hair looks just as fab, give it a go. My hair is in a bob shorter at the back and only chin length at the front. You could also try wearing a sun hat with the scarf underneath, tied at the side, very vintage hollywood!

    • Geraldine…try bobby pins…they work wonders! They are super tiny one’s now that are less visible. Also try tying the scarf off more on your forehead than the top of your head…tends to hold a bit better : ) Happy scarf tying!

  4. I love the look of 2,5, and 7. But I haven’t actually tried wearing a scarf in my hair since early college. May have to remedy that very soon!

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