things are a’ changing…

The past couple of weeks have been a complete and utter whirlwind. I had no idea what it might feel like to be completely immersed in the wedding season, and I am surely receiving a big fat dose of wedding reality madness….and it feels….GOOD. I’m busy, REALLY busy, and it’s all exciting, and all new and all challenging. The most challenging thing of all is finding the time to do one of my most favorite things…blogging. I’ve been slightly frustrated over the past couple of days because I’ve had little time to actually pump my soul into my blog. I have BIG dreams for this little blog of mine, and if they come true, I’d be OH SO HAPPY! I’m hopeful that September will lend more time to make these things really happen.

For now, I wanted to introduce a new series that I’m pretty excited about.  Over the many years of being wedding obsessed, and the many months of being fully engulfed in the event design process, it has become glaringly clear that one of the very first things to think about as a designer, engaged couple or party planner is color choice. 1 color? 2 color? 3 color or 4? Color is one of the things that sets that initial tone for the party, event, wedding, invitation suite etc. etc., and color palettes are certainly one of my most favorite things to dream up!

So for the first change to the blog…I’m introducing “pic me a palette”. I’ll post a picture (“pic”) that inspires me and offer a color palette that is reflective of the picture itself. I might choose just one picture that sparks my interest, or a few pic’s from one wedding that create multiple palettes. All with the intention to inspire your next party palette. So get inspired by color!!! And get excited for some BIG blog changes!

Happy Tuesday friends!

And first up…this gorgeous Newfoundland wedding captured by W. Scott Chester Photography…crazy stunning right?!?! 1 wedding…3 palettes.

photo cred: 1 -3 {w. scott chester photography}


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