week in pins: 8.8 – 8.12

monday: still attempting to get over the worst cold ever i spent monday craving the perfect cup of soup. if i’d had the energy i would have attempted to make my lunch presentation as gorgeous as this. unfortunately, soup out of a can was the best i could do.

tuesday: i morphed into what i like to call: “a crafting maniac”…my favorite thing to be! i spent the day cutting, stringing, folding, evaluating, brainstorming, and trying and retrying things for the design details i’m handcrafting for jon and ann’s wedding next week. at the heart of it all is that innate desire to craft something new from scratch. i always love seeing my idea come to life : )

wednesday: for the first time in weeks it actually feels like summer is REALLY here. the sun has been shining for a few days consistently and i couldn’t be more happy about it. these cherries reminded me of seattle summertime. love them!

thursday: i love those days where you have a moment to sit back and really evaluate where your life is and what you are most grateful for. being on orcas island this weekend (honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been) i’ve had more than one opportunity to really soak in all the beauty that surrounds me in my life, and smile, thanking my lucky stars. adam and i ate the most scrumptious lunch today at Mia’s, we drove through winding roads lined with humongous trees, we listened to sheep “baahhhh” outside our inn, we watched a deer snack on grass right outside our window, i met my bride and grooms family and friends who are awesomely kind and welcoming, and i’m enjoying those precious moments with my hubby. i was super thankful for lots of things on thursday.

friday: today is “lounge” day a.k.a. the calm before the storm. tomorrow i’ll be coordinating a wedding for 16+ hours, so i’m intending to spend as much time as possible today relaxing. if there was a hammock available i’d be in it, but the nap i took midday today with the breeze coming in through the window of our room was pretty awesome too.

photo cred: m {via creature comforts} t {oh hello friend} w {shannon blue} th {laura george via running on happiness} f {via a cup of jo}


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3 responses to “week in pins: 8.8 – 8.12

  1. Beautiful things!

    So neat that you mentioned being on Orcas island…my husband’s Great Aunt travels back and forth from their place on Orcas to our hometown of Houston, TX several times a year. She just glows when she talks about Orcas! I would love to visit! Were you guys just visiting?

    Love your blog! 🙂

    Kirbi Knop

    • Hi Kirbi!! Thanks for you kind comments in relation to my blog 🙂 We were just on Orcas this past weekend for a wedding I was coordinating…it was so gorgeous!!! I loved the small town feel…awesome place!

  2. Kirstin SMITH!

    Yay Orcas!!! We are thrilled and flattered that you were part of it. You are welcome back anytime!

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