blissful exhaustion.

Today was just a wee bit of a whirlwind. After 2.35 hours of sleep last night I was awoken at 6am by my adoring husband who promised to read over my new website before my official launch. He read it, said he loved it and then it was official….scout. was here. For the second time this year I have taken a leap of faith, followed my heart, let go of all of my doubts, fears, and rational plea’s for sanity and launched a company. And not just any company, but a company I wholeheartedly believe in.

After hitting the “go live” button I watched my little rental company enter the big, bad world and amazingly enough the big, bad world smiled back. I was greeted with an outpouring of kind remarks, friendly hello’s and gasp!…potential renters…ALL on day 1. Pretty freaking bad ass if you ask me.

I can barely keep my eyes open at the moment as I continue to catch up on emails, follow up on loose ends for bow tie & bustle, and pack for tomorrow’s trip to San Francisco. But for now, despite my complete and utter exhaustion, I’m blissfully happy.

more to come about scout. soon….

photo cred: 1 {muku via papier mache} 2 {via papier mache original source unknown}


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2 responses to “blissful exhaustion.

  1. You inspire me… and for that I thank you!!

  2. Vanessa Cameron

    YOU are such a badass my BFF!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! So proud of you.

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