week in pins: 7.18 – 7.22

monday: one of the most exciting things about pursuing my dreams in event design & styling is the daily ability to create details from scratch and build on an idea that was inspired by something. i spent the majority of monday handcrafting paper details for my photo shoot this week and was on cloud 9 the entire day.

tuesday: i don’t think you can ever say “thank you” enough to someone who has taken the time away from their own lives to support you in obtaining or accomplishing something that is important to you. on tuesday i had the utmost gratitude and appreciation for adam, mo and lee. tuesday’s photoshoot would not have happened without them…so thank you dear ones. thank you for loving me enough to support me on tuesday.

wednesday: it’s crazy how fast the wedding season is flying by! it’s nearly the end of july and august is looming in the not too distant future. i’m getting excited for the weddings i have in august and can’t wait to see the days play out!

thursday: i learned this week that working like a crazy obsessed workaholic is not healthy and yes: surprise surprise! burnout is possible. it took my 19 year old sister warning me to remember to “take breaks” and feeling incredibly ill yesterday (fever, wicked headache and blurry vision) to figure out that sleep, water and self care are NOT something to take for granted or live without.

friday: someone came out to play today…mr. sun! yip yip yippedy deeee! finally! after a week of less than stellar weather it was the most amazing feeling in the world to play in the sun with my nieces today. looks like it’s going to be an amazing weekend!

photo cred: m {la boom} t {sarah abbott} w {michael + anna costa photography via style me pretty} th {twig hutchinson via very loveleigh} f {triangulation}

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