seattle = no summer.

Seattleites are being robbed.

Summertime weather in practically non-existent this year and everytime I see cloud coverage I hear myself talking directly to the sun and literally willing it to show its shameful self.

I knew the lack of adequate Vitamin D rays were reaching a new low when the sun peeked out for the first time in 2 days yesterday and I began frantically waving my arms and shouting “there you are you glorious beast! I love you!” I then proceeded to create an entire “sun” song on my drive home. Wow. Not good.

Honestly, where the heck is summer?

So to those of you sliding down your water slides, lathering on your SPF 75 and sipping your strawberry daiquiris: happy summer. To my fellow Seattlites: I feel your pain.

photo cred: {holly kiker}

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One response to “seattle = no summer.

  1. Finally someone else has the same thoughts as I do about PNW’s summer!

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