week in pins / 7.11 – 7.14

monday: i was so fortuante to spend the day with my sis who is expecting her first baby in october! i spent the whole day rubbing her belly, asking her all sorts of pregnancy related questions and wondering what my little nephew emryk will look like : )

tuesday: there is nothing like having guests to make you question whether your current decor status is a-ok. it always seems that i analyze my home the most when i have visitors and I wondered this week if my living space is toppling over the fine line of too much color…the answer? uh. heck no. color rocks.

wednesday: was this me in bikram yoga this week? um, no. i was the chick next to this chick panting like a dog and praying i would survive the 90 minutes of torture. my first attempt at hot yoga in nearly 2 years was borderline: failure. my body resisted with all its might against 24 of the 26 yoga poses and the heat made me wonder why i chronically don’t drink enough water. goal for next week? find the courage to return to class.

thursday: with plans to launch a new venture in the next week or so, it’s becoming quite clear that my ducks need (actually, must) be in a row. i’m dying for a chalkboard wall to add all my to-do’s on, cause the list is NEVER ENDING!

friday: so pumped to assist carna with her wedding today at the edgewater hotel! can’t wait to see all the lovely details and the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle…it’s my FAVORITE part – get’s me every single time! i’m just hoping this pesky rain stays away for the day.

photo cred: all photos found via pinterest m {be in the moment photo} t {isabella van reeuwijk for hk living via decor 8} w {james w vinner} th {bash, please workspace by laure joliet via rue mag} f {vesic photography via shimmer and silk}

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