mount si and my nifty 50.

Last week, me and the hubs decided to spend the afternoon of the 4th of July hiking Mount Si. I’ll admit it wasn’t a well thought out plan, but rather something that popped into my mind, and immediately sent me babbling into excitement all the while frantically loading a paper bag full of snacks, water and sunscreen.

Despite our bag full of hiking necessities never making it into the car, and that I spent the majority of the descent down the mountain whining about how those cheese-its would have been the perfect addition to the hike, we had a great time!

The one thing that I didn’t forget to pack was my new “nifty 50” lens. Every flower, leaf and fallen tree took immediate surrender to my camera as I merrily snapped away. My need to capture every detail, turned what would have been a relatively short hike, into a VERY lengthly one. Poor Adam was left to ponder if we’d ever actually make it back to Seattle in time for hot dogs and fireworks.

I continually ignored his ginourmous sighs, instead frolicking to and fro, soaking in every last drop of inspiration I could get my eyes on. It’s truly astonishing how many different shades of green actually exist out in nature when you take a moment to acknowledge them…moss, ferns, canopies, leaves, weeds, blooming flowers…the inspiration is never ending!

Oh and of course we couldn’t resist ending our “healthy” hike with some less than healthy bites. Onion rings, a chocolate shake and an ice cream cone from twede’s cafe – yum!

photo cred: {jenn elliott blake}


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3 responses to “mount si and my nifty 50.

  1. Super Fun!! I love how you are using what we learned from Bri! This post is so beautiful, it makes me want to jump up and go on a hike right now! If only it weren’t 11:30! 😉

  2. Oh wow these are beautiful pictures of the hike. I went till the 3.5 mile mark, didn’t go to the haystack.

    Here are some of my own pics of Mount Si in case you’re interested. I went till the meadows below the haystack.

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