week in pins / 6.27 – 7.1

monday: marriage for all. it’s about darn time! so in love with these gorgeous photos of jose villa + joel serrato captured by elizabeth messina.

tuesday: i spent all day monday and tuesday at coordinator confab learning how to be an awesome coordinator and eating some super duper yummy grub at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

wednesday: i had been dying to try pinkberry ever since i became obsessed with red mango here in seattle. well…i finally got my chance at LAX and although i hate to admit it…pinkberry might have the edge!

thursday: i remember it like it was yesterday. the way he held my hand as we walked home in the dark. the way i snuck looks at him from across the table. i remember thinking that this guy could be “the guy.” 6 years ago today i met my best friend. he’s the person i look to for advice, humor, peace of mind, affection and most of all comfort. i love him more today than i did then, and i know i’ll love him more tomorrow.

friday: i’m super excited today! i’ll be helping my dear friend teressa set up her floral designs at a wedding today and tomorrow in woodinville. i’m so thrilled to support a friend, but also to learn more about working with florals…as it’s one of the areas of design i’m interested in learning more about. i’m so crazy fortunate to have art play such a major part of my daily life now and these paintings made me smile happy.

photo cred: m {love by elizabeth messina via style me pretty} t {be awesome poster via etsy} w {yogurt yumminess by mrsmcporkchop} th {me and adam by sarah rhoads} f {art by james gulliver hancock via decor 8 photo by decor 8}


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4 responses to “week in pins / 6.27 – 7.1

  1. I have never had Pinkberry but I love Red Mango!!! We don’t have any Fro Yo spots up here in Northern MIchigan so I always look for it when we travel 😉

  2. Goosebumps! Six years goes by fast!

  3. Ever since I had red mango in San Diego in 2008 when I was there for a work conference, I have been wanting it. Arizona needs a red mango!

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