a saturday in portland.

Where do I even begin?! This past weekend I had a total blast and half attending bri and joy‘s workshops at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland. I’d been waiting weeks and weeks to attend and *boy oh boy* (or shall I say joy!) did these gals NOT disappoint. Bri and Joy are two of the most kick ass business women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…I left the full day of fun, feeling incredibly inspired and refreshed in continuing on my own path of discovery…wherever that may lead.

I learned gobs and GOBS of invaluable information about blogging and photoshop, so much that I couldn’t help but sign up for the extended version of blogshop this July in berkeley…can’t wait! I also ate some of the yummiest food I’ve ever tasted, and met some fabulous new gal pals.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pics from my Saturday in Portland…I can’t wait to go back! Oh and check out my last few blog posts for my very first attempts at using photoshop to spiffy up my blog…yip yip yippeee!

my portland rundown:

1. hello portland! love all the pretty bridges.

2. stumptown coffee. yum. yum. yum.

3. kenny and zuke’s delicatessen. ok. let’s just say i have NEVER experienced breakfast potatoes that tasted quite this good. i was practically moaning over my breakfast plate as i inhaled every last crumb….too darn yummy!

4. the ace hotel. um. wowza. this place has a serious case of “attention to detail” and i was oh so happy to see it. everything from ceiling to floor is absolutely gorgeous and well thought out – so in love with this place!

5. blogshop with bri! 3 hours of photoshop yumminess and i left feeling crazy confident and WAY less intimidated by Ps. can’t wait for more in july!

6. flatbread at zeus cafe.this picture does not do the taste justice. despite having to scarf this meal (ate this puppy in 5 mins!) i was in complete heaven. the flavor was unreal!

7. building beauty. one of the things i find most endearing about the city of portland is the gorgeous industrial and distressed advertising on the sides of the buildings. obsessed!

8. powell’s books. just go. you won’t regret it! crazy, amazing book store. oh and i couldn’t help but snag a shot of some umbrellas…it was raining…surprise! gotta love that PNW weather.

9. bye bye gorgeous PDX! until we meet again!

p.s. a super duper big thank you to brendan, steph, eamon & kellan for allowing me to crash on your couch friday night. i had such a blast spending time with you! love you guys!

photo cred: {moi iPhone}

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  1. Reading this makes me so excited for when they come to NYC!

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