are you happy?

I saw this poster and its simplicity astonished me, because when I really think about it, happiness really can be quite simple.

Change is extremely hard (believe me, take it from a gal who knows) yet, change is totally awesome ALL at the same time. I’ve actually officially titled this year: the year of change with every intention to create more happiness in my life. So far?

It’s working.

And thanks to this poster, and a crazy inspiring weekend (gobs of details from my portland adventure coming soon!), I for the first time in weeks actually leapt out of bed on this Monday morning eager to create more change.

What about you? Are you happy? Do you need a change in your life? Ask yourself what that change might look like? What is the 1st step in creating that change?

Happy Monday friends!

photo cred: {happy poster by alex koplin & david meiklejohn}

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