friday find: 3 buck art.

I’ve been dreaming for months and months and months of creating a gallery wall full of framed photos, cherished ephemera, pretty paintings & fun antique finds in our living room, but I’m way too scared to do it. This darn old house has those crazy thick walls that make scary demolition noises when you drill into them, and one misstep and you end up creating a hole the size of texas…tragic.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but snag this quirky little masterpiece from an antique shop in my neighborhood this week with the hopes it might someday make its way to the wall. I loved how the painting is directly on wood paneling and is distressed in multiple places. The colors also make me super happy : )

Oh and total bonus! This puppy only cost me 3 bones! Cute right?!

Happy weekend friends!


photo cred: {moi iPhone} art cred: {marg king}


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2 responses to “friday find: 3 buck art.

  1. anna wassenaar

    Here’s an idea that works great for me for all but the heaviest pieces: use a straight pin, not a nail. I wish I could tell you what sort of straight pin, but look for the thickest ones you can find on the notions wall. All you need is a hammer, hold the pin in place with your non-dominant hand at a slight upward angle, & then hammer away. Works well with plaster & dry wall. Best of all: teeny tiny hole in the wall!

  2. Anna! Thank you so much for the advice! Super helpful and something I’m gonna try pronto!!! Awesome!

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