not your everyday bridesmaid.

Cookie cutter bridesmaids: OUT.

Eclectic, adorably unique bridesmaids: IN.

As someone who scrolls blogs, flips mags and clicks websites about weddings at least 12 bagillion times a day, I get crazy excited when I come upon a wedding where the bridesmaids are dressed in a unique and creative manner. No longer are the days of feeling the pressure to pick out a dress that ALL of your maids will love (most stressful task, EVER! and let’s be real here…what two women are exactly alike?!).

The trend has shifted to picking bridesmaids dresses that compliment each gal’s body type and/or personal style. My favorite aspect to this is that this lends to creating an eclectic & whimsical touch to the day….yay!

So if you’re a bride contemplating what to adorn your besties in…do them a favor: let ’em pick a style of dress that represents their unique personality. They will thank you for it later. I promise.

Oh! And hair & accessories too! Let ’em be them.

photo cred: 1 {arrow and apple via style me pretty} 2 {michele waite via ruffled} 3 {hawes photography via style me pretty} 4 {our labor of love via 100 Layer Cake}5 {tyler branch photo via forget me knot weddings}

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